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Certificate Attestation Verification Certificate attestation and verification are one of the most important things that one needs to complete before migrating to a foreign country. People migrate to foreign countries in search of employment higher studies or to join their spouses. You are required to submit various personal educational and commercial documents for migration purpose. The type of documents varies with the purpose of your visit. Certificate Verification Certificate verification or university verification is required mainly for educational documents. It is issued from the country where you completed your education. You need to verify your documents from the university where you completed your education. It is needed to prove that educational documents you submitted is authentic and you completed your education from that particular university. Certificate verification is mainly required while doing WES evaluation for WES Canada or WES US process and also before attesting the educational documents from state HRDs. Certificate Attestation Certificate attestation is mandatory to authenticate your personal educational and commercial documents to use abroad. You are required to attest documents like birth certificate marriage certificate educational documents commercial documents affidavit will etc for attestation. The main certificate attestation processes include: HRD attestation: Educational documents are attested from the respective state HRDs. HRD attestation is done only for govt. Recognized educational documents. Home Attestation: Home attestation is done for personal documents. There are also various other attestation processes like SDM attestation GAD attestation and it depends on the state where you are doing the attestation. Chamber of Commerce Attestation: Chamber of commerce attestation is done for commercial documents. It is done by the respective state chamber of commerce. MEA Attestation: After state attestation documents are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs MEA attestation . For travelling to Hague convention member countries you are required to do MEA Apostille Attestation.

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Embassy Attestation: Embassy attestation is the final process of certificate attestation that you need to complete from your home country. It is done by the embassy of the country that you are intending to travel. MOFA Attestation: MOFA attestation is done on your documents once you reach your destination country. To know more about certificate attestation and verification services for travelling to foreign countries please visit: https://www.urogulf.com/

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