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Educational Non Educational Certificate Attestation Making a living abroad with better career prospects and living conditions is a dream of many. Most people migrate abroad for getting admission in foreign universities and searching for employment opportunities. To travel abroad you are required to do a lot of documentation like visa passport identification cards educational certificates experience certificates personal documents etc depending on the purpose of the visit. Most of the foreign countries require you to do attestation on documents especially educational and non-educational documents. Attestation is the process of formally certifying the documents to prove its authenticity. It is mainly done for all types of educational personal and commercial documents to use abroad. Attestation is done from the country where the certificate was issued. Attestation is mainly done to avoid fraud forgery and misrepresentation of documents. Educational certificates are attested for getting admission in foreign universities and schools. It is also required for getting employment opportunities abroad. Educational certificates are attested from the state where you completed your education. Non-educational documents are attested for getting job opportunities permanent residency spouse visa commercial purposes social benefits etc in foreign countries. Non-educational documents include birth certificate marriage certificate affidavit will commercial license death certificate divorce certificate PCC experience certificate etc.

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The main process for attesting educational documents include • HRD Attestation • MEA Attestation • Embassy Attestation For Attesting non-educational documents you need to do the • Notary Attestation for personal documents • Chamber of Commerce attestation for commercial documents • MEA Attestation • Embassy Attestation Need for Educational Non-Educational Certificate Attestation Educational and non-educational certificates are attested for • Getting admission in foreign universities and schools • Migrating to foreign countries • Getting better employment opportunities abroad • Starting a new business venture abroad • Opening a new branch of business abroad • Getting permanent residency • For spouse visa To know more about educational and non-educational certificate attestation visit

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