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Being a second semester French student, you can see a lot of differences between Spanish and French. Even though the two are in the same language family. This video shows you major differences between this two languages. You can also find the best Spanish and French Language classes in your locality or through Online medium at:


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Differences Between Spanish and French Languages:

Differences Between Spanish and French Languages

To Be:

To Be Spanish I am Elica = Yo soy Elica (verb ser ) I am happy = Yo estoy feliz (verb estar ) French I am Elica = Je suis Elica I am happy = Je suis heureuse .

Speaking and Writing:

Speaking and Writing Written is different from how it’s pronounced. Writing and speaking are separate experience. French has more “accent marks” than Spanish.

Past Tense:

Past Tense

Masculine and Feminine:

Masculine and Feminine


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