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Colin Menzies Accessible Census useful – easy – affordable

Knowledge you can afford … and can’t afford to be without: 

Knowledge you can afford … and can’t afford to be without Turning Census numbers into community knowledge is time-consuming. As planners, we need Census analysis that is quick, affordable and useable. Our Community Planning Products save planners time by doing basic analysis. Built in Excel™, they are easy to use.

Different products, to suit your needs: 

Different products, to suit your needs The ABS produces six Community Profiles from the Census. Good data here, if you have time to dig. Most people use just the Basic Community Profile (BCP) for their demographic data. But for most localities, the ABS produces more profiles – (warning: initials ahead!) the URP, IPP, WPP, XCP and TSP.

Key Features: 

Key Features Designed for use, not filing An emphasis on words and pictures Customised charts Traceable tables with key results highlighted Easy cut-and-paste, reformat, publishing

Community Portraits : 

Community Portraits your basic demographic profile for any area compares two Censuses (now 1996/2001; coming 2001/2006) compares your area with a chosen broader area, to give meaning to data 35 topics covering age, households, incomes, skills, employment, travel, housing and culture. 5,000 words of text and 50 charts.

Other Portraits: 

Other Portraits The Residents Portrait turns the URP into a 15-page profile of your permanent residents. The Indigenous Portrait uses the IPP and the BCP to compare the living standards of indigenous people with others in a community. The Workers Portrait uses the WPP and URP to examine your local economy, looking at your workforce, industries and occupations.

Community Analyst: 

Community Analyst Compares up to 20 localities across two Censuses (now 1996/2001 soon 2001/2006). The Basic Analyst has 28 topics covering population, employment, culture, language etc Each topic has a text overview with charts and highlighted tables giving key social indicators. Includes a 2-page SnapShot of each locality. The Advanced Analyst has another 18 topics covering children, youth and older people.

Interactive products: 

Interactive products Designed so you can explore data depths Pop-up menus allow you to set the topics, targets and parameters. Dozens of reports are possible. Just print out the reports you want.

Community Explorer – taming the TSP: 

Community Explorer – taming the TSP Identify significant features and trends in your place, 1991–1996–2001. Pick from 80 topics – population, culture, education, employment and ethnicity. Pick a topic, a gender and a period – get an instant 3-page illustrated analysis. Hundreds of reports are possible. Example: see which occupations are larger and growing; project these trends to a future year.

Bubble charts for 3-D views: 

Bubble charts for 3-D views

Age Profiler – adding XCPs to BSPs : 

Age Profiler – adding XCPs to BSPs Examine and compare 29 key characteristics across age groups. Or focus on cohorts for youth or aged studies. Pick an age group, gender and topic from drop-down menus … The Age Profiler instantly writes a 4-page report with charts and data tables Study, edit, print or cut-and-paste as you go.

The PopuLater – 20-year projections: 

The PopuLater – 20-year projections Instant analysis of the 20-year population projections for any LGA. Look at changes in absolute, percentage or relative terms. Pop-up menu lets you focus on age groups, sexes or time periods. Compare with other areas’ projections.

Watch the Age Tree grow: 

Watch the Age Tree grow

Community Projector – blending data sets: 

Community Projector – blending data sets Develop consistent dwelling and population forecasts across your suburbs/districts. Menu-driven so you can develop scenarios with projections to any year. An accurate tool for developer contributions. Takes in occupancy trends, vacancies, non-private dwellings. Comes loaded with 1996-2001 Census data, recent building and population data, and 20-year population forecasts.


Pricing PopuLater $300 All Portraits $800 Explorer, Age Profiler (single area) $950 Analyst $1,950 Explorer, Age Profiler (multi-area) $2,950 Projector $2,950


Availability Products sent by email within days. All products being upgraded for 2006 Census, available as data is released. 2006 upgrades provided for all products at 50% of purchase price. Inspect & order

New products and upgrades: 

New products and upgrades All products blend data sets though Excel to produce instant reports Lastest is our Crime Profile using crime and Census statistics. Let us develop a product just for you.

Isn’t it time you knew your Place: 

Isn’t it time you knew your Place

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