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Why the cold rolled steel fits the best for our CNC Tool Carts Uratech always picks the best materials to shape their ideas. Each and every cart in our website is made with extra care when it comes to raw material Uratech always prefer it to be highly durable. They understand their audience requirement and stand by quality ensuring the life time of the product. Uratech gives you 100 quality product which can withstand at extreme environmental condition. Why Cold rolled Steel Cold rolled steel is the base of our products mostly. Why we chose this as our raw material has some unique reasons. Hot rolled steel is also available in the market but the cold rolled steel has more advantages. Let we see some comparison between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel.

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A comparison on the Properties: Mechanical properties Hot Rolled Cold Rolled Tensile Strength 67000 psi 85000 psi Yield Strength 45000 psi 70000 psi Reduction of Area 58 55 Elongation in 2" 36 28 Brinell Hardness 137 167

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Hot-Rolled Steel You may think hot rolled and cold rolled what would be the major difference between them they both have different manufacturing process. While manufacturing hot rolled steel the steel is rolled at a temperature above its recrystallization temperature that would be more than 1000° F. When it is heated more than this temperature the steel becomes more malleable to give a proper shape and form. The metal is cooled under the room temperature which avoids lot of stress in the material.

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The structure of the product manufactured using this hot rolled steel slightly losses it control over shape when the metal cools down and slightly shrinks from its original shape. The surface finish of the product would be scaly hence the end product should be moved for pickling grinding or sand-blasting to have a better finish look. Due to its property and nature it is suitable for structural components and in the places where there is less importance for its look and tolerances. Typical uses hot-rolled steel: • Railroad tracks • I-beams • Agricultural equipment • Sheet metal • Automotive frames Cold-rolled steel The manufacturing of cold rolled steel is slightly different from hot rolled steel. Despite the name this process refers to steel that is pressed with the pressure of a roller at room temperature. Due to the manufacturing process this type of steel has more than 20 strength than the hot rolled steel. It’s through a series of breakdown semi-finishing sizing semi-roughing roughing and finishing that cold-rolled steel shapes can be created.

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Cold rolled steel gives a better shape for your products as the whole manufacture takes places in the room temperature and there is no way that the metal is going to shrink from its shape. When it comes to perfect shape good look style and finish cold rolled steel is the most desirable one to use. Typical uses for cold-rolled steel: • Strips • Bars • Rods • Home appliances • Roof and wall systems • Metal furniture • Tool Cart Manufacturers • Aerospace structural members

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The foremost reason for choosing the cold rolled steel is to get a smooth finish for our end product when it is forward for final stage of coating this is needed for the product to be perfectly moulded. Metal board on Our CNC Tool Cart hyperlink CNC Tool Cart to our cnc tool carts page Cold rolled steel is easily transformable into different shapes and styles they have a good exterior look and have more strength than the hot rolled steel. So Uratech uses the best raw material cold rolled steel to design their tool carts.

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Floor Model Floor model cart has two rows with nylon inserts to place your tool safely the below row is used for consumables. All these part of the carts are made of cold rolled steel. Step Model The outer body of the cart is made up of cold rolled steel and it has some inclined row of steel pieces with nylon inserts to withhold the tools. Ladder Model Ladder model is of the same model as of steps but it is slightly increase in its size they too have their body and inclined rows made of cold rolled steel to withstand at extreme conditions. Secured Model Secured Model is the highly needed product in the market. It has some locker space to store your essentials safely in the work place. It is highly durable compared to all the products in the market. It has smooth finish due to the usage of cold rolled steel. Bench Model Bench model is very low in height and has a slightly inclined top row with nylon inserts for storing your tool and the bottom row is to store your essentials. The whole part of the particular model is made of the raw material cold rolled steel. Shelf Model This model has five rows 2 for consumable and another 3 rows with inserts for storing your tools these were movable too. Cold rolled steel is used for its long

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run capacity and tall structure avoid damage in its structure in the toughest industrial environment. Best fit with high durable for our products: Uratech Tool Carts withstands at extremely very hard environment. It is used for longer run due to its quality and stability withstands high level of wear and tear capacity. These products were easily portable from one place to other using castors and these castors have breaks too which helps to control the movement of the cart. Conclusion: When you look for the best product and which can be used for years years with high quality and strength-Uratech products were the best to choose from. We have wide collection of Tool carts in our store which were made from the cold rolled steel and there is no compromise in the quality of our products. You can make a purchase online through our cart store and we are easily assessable at www.uratechusa.com. Choose wisely for more details and queries to your customised products Contact Uratech

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