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1 IOC Presentation to Asia - Pacific Broadcasting Union 33rd Sports Group Conference Istanbul, 4 October 2003 Photo : ©Allsport Michael Payne, IOC Marketing Director

Presentation Overview : 

Presentation Overview Olympic Games – General Update IOC Broadcast Policy Long-term Broadcast Partnership The Olympic Brand Marketing Support Future Broadcast Policy


XIX Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake City 2002 Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, Athens 2004 XX Olympic Winter Games, Torino 2006 Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008


XXI Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010 Games of the XXX Olympiad, 2012

Candidate Cities - 2012 : 

Candidate Cities - 2012 Havana, Cuba Istanbul, Turkey Leipzig, Germany London, Great Britain Madrid, Spain Moscow, Russia New York,USA Paris, France Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IOC Broadcast Policy : 

IOC Broadcast Policy Maintain Olympic Games as world's no. 1 event Maintain free-to-air principle for primary coverage Expand coverage Maintain highest possible technical production standards Manage Commercial agenda Promote Olympic Brand Protect Olympic values

Long-Term Broadcast Partnership : 

Long-Term Broadcast Partnership Agreements through 2008 Commitment of partnership-security Investment in building property Increased promotional opportunities “The Olympic Network”

IOC Broadcast Policy : 

IOC Broadcast Policy Rights Fees: 51% to: IOC International Federations (28 Summer – 7 Winter) 203 National Olympic Committees/Olympic Solidarity Other organisations - Paralympics 49% to OCOG

Olympic Brand Management : 

Olympic Brand Management

Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Movement: 

Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Movement Olympism is a philosophy of life Sport at the service of the harmonious development of man Peace through sport Universal, non-discriminatory

The Olympic Image: 

The Olympic Image The Olympic Games is the world’s premiere sporting and cultural event The Olympic Rings are the most recognised symbol in the world The image of the Olympics is one based on fundamental principles and ideals, as such, Olympism is associated with values - not just about sport Worldwide Partners and broadcasters align themselves with the Olympic Movement mostly to associate with the Olympic Image Olympic Image is visually presented at the Olympic Games - “Look” strengthens our image

Understanding the Olympic Image Global ‘Brand’ Tracking: 

Understanding the Olympic Image Global ‘Brand’ Tracking IOC commissioned a global ‘brand’/image assessment to: understand how people feel about the Olympic image to assume that any strategy to promote the Olympic image protects, builds and leverages the Olympic Movement and its image to ensure that the Olympic image would be marketed consistently around the world provide sponsors with much-needed brand information provide NOCs/OCOGs with supportive evidence to use in selling to national sponsors provide Broadcasters with information on the appeal and power of the Olympic image provides partners, broadcasts and OCOGs with the foundation for building their Games-time image and Olympic-associated activities

Brand Management Principles: 

Key aspirational values of the Olympic Movement Equities of the Olympic brand Financial stability of the Olympic Movement Protects Greater access to the Olympic Movement Closer associations with non-commercial programmes Stronger brand equities Builds Collective brand power to sustain the financial independence of the Movement Leverages Brand Management Principles

Consumer Association with the Olympic Games: 

High Importance Low Importance High Association Low Association 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 Pure Eternal Unbiased Integrity Equality Commercialized Showy Political Exploitative Self-centered Escapist Distant & aloof Selfish Arrogant American Consumer Association with the Olympic Games

The Power of Brand Olympic: 

The Power of Brand Olympic Being the best Dynamic Friendship Eternal Participation Respectful Striving Trustworthy Eight attributes most closely associated with the Olympic Games and most important to creating positive regard for the Games:

Four Brand Positions: 

HOPE The Olympics offers hope for a better world and life through sport competition for all without discrimination BRAND PROMISE FRIENDSHIP & FAIR PLAY The Olympics demonstrates global friendship and fair play through sport competition for all -- without discrimination DREAMS & INSPIRATION The Olympics provides the people of the world with the inspiration to achieve their personal dreams in sport and in life JOY IN EFFORT The Olympics celebrates the universal joy in effort through sport competition that is always intense, friendly and fair Four Brand Positions

IOC Market Support for Broadcasters : 

IOC Market Support for Broadcasters Athena – Marketing Extranet Sponsor workshops Promotional tools Marketing case studies

Marketing Extranet Athena : 

Marketing Extranet Athena

The Olympic Broadcast : 

The Olympic Broadcast 220 Countries 3,800 hours  Host Broadcast Coverage 4 billion global TV audience Average 10 hours viewing per consumer

The Olympic Broadcast : 

The Olympic Broadcast US - 18 hours per viewer Europe - 15-40 hours per viewer Australia - 35 hours per viewer Japan - 32 hours per viewer

Current Broadcast Challenges : 

Current Broadcast Challenges Protection of Olympic Brand Promotion of Olympic Brand Manage New Media opportunities Engage Partners Youth marketing Control growth

Future Broadcast Challenges: 

Future Broadcast Challenges Promotion of Olympic Movement On-going actions versus 17 day event Evolution of technology New media, Internet, Telecom Consumer choice Audience reach

IOC Rights Negotiation  Broadcast Policy : 

IOC Rights Negotiation  Broadcast Policy Maximise audience Maximise promotion Maximise sense of partnership

IOC Rights Negotiation Policy : 

IOC Rights Negotiation Policy IOC TV and Internet Rights Commission: Chairman Jacques Rogge, IOC President Members Dr Thomas Bach, Chairman – IOC Juridical Commission Richard L. Carrión, Chairman – IOC Finance Commission Ottavio Cinquanta, President – International Skating Union Gerhard Heiberg, Chairman - IOC Marketing Commission Un Yong Kim, Chairman – IOC Radio and Television Commission Director Michael Payne, IOC Marketing Director

IOC Rights Negotiation Policy : 

IOC Rights Negotiation Policy Fact finding for each region Open transparent bidding process Time-lines

What is IOC looking for from its Broadcast Partners: 

What is IOC looking for from its Broadcast Partners Expanded coverage Increased promotion Respect for Olympic Brand Market value rights fee

Celebrate Humanity: 

Celebrate Humanity Global public service promotional campaign New programme – January 2004 Promotion of Olympic values Greater flexibility – local market adaptation

Asian Broadcast Region: 

Asian Broadcast Region Largest single broadcast market Beijing 2008 impact Greatest opportunity for potential partnerships

How Can the IOC Help ?: 

How Can the IOC Help ?

Thank you: 

Thank you

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