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Welcome to the 2nd Enquire Libraries Advisory Meeting 3rd November 2005 Peterborough: 

Welcome to the 2nd Enquire Libraries Advisory Meeting 3rd November 2005 Peterborough Speakers: Co-East: Linda Berube and Joanne John OCLC PICA: Simon Day


Housekeeping THANKS to our hosts for this great venue… Surprise request Fire Exits Facilities Programme for the day: Tea & Coffee on arrival, no mid-morning break, only lunch Lunch at 12.30-1.00 (workshops if required) Depart around 3.30 We are hoping we can stay to time…


Agenda…or Minutes/Actions of the first Libraries Advisory: Leeds 22nd March October Launch Feedback & Issues Issues from Service Service Evaluation and Operation Statistical Analysis Out of Hours questions and staffing Rota Training (software, manual, guides) Virtual Reference Overview ~~~lunch~~~ Service Quality Peer Review Session Peer Review Panel AWARDS AOB Next Meeting

Actions of the last meeting: 

Actions of the last meeting Marketing (see agenda) toolkit & service branding Promotional starter kit Service Name Regional Agencies Manual (see agenda) Rota (Bank Holidays etc) / procedure (see agenda) Software (Flash Chat) (see agenda) Discussion List Overview Session (see agenda)

October Launch: 

October Launch What you have told us… The Good The Bad Now…from our perspective From Co-East’s perspective From MLA’s perspective

Service Evaluation & Operation: 

Service Evaluation & Operation Statistical analysis Out of hours questions & staffing Rota QuestionPoint & People’s Network Website Virtual Reference Overview Policy Pages


Stats Total Questions answered: By English librarians : 4825 (65%) By 24/7Ref librarians: 1713 (35%) Average number of questions per day: 39 No Surveys filled out: 316 (6%) Around 20% are repeat users (Harry Coates & Lionel Sion) An increase in those who received sufficient information to meet their needs A decrease of 2% overall in those who thought the information they received was better than they could have found.

Survey Responses since 19th Oct: 

Survey Responses since 19th Oct Great service, will definitely use again Finished by librarian before I got answers and before I was able to add comments that may have focussed research Thank you whoever created this website, it has saved me hours of research Brilliant! Thank you – service invaluable for English speakers in non-English speaking countries As I live in Australia, this kind of information is v.helpful & I appreciate being able to use it. I wanted to ask another question and respond to information given, but the session ended before I had a chance to type anything else Service was a fantastic help to me Excellent, fast, impressive Whoever designed this site and came up with the idea deserves the highest praise. Extremely helpful, functional and easy to use Great idea – much quicker than I expected, I like the personal touch Your details were passed on to me by the National Archives! Really Excellent

Out of hours Questions & Staffing: 

Out of hours Questions & Staffing Fantastic response to service Projected out of hours traffic Leeds Librarian Advisory: Questions discussion Options for future out of hours staffing Feedback from librarians that may form part of meeting discussion later in month


Rota Shift times What to do when on shift See who partners are Know how to send/receive Instant Messages Be aware that not everyone there is staffing the rota Staff should be aware who Linda & I are, and that we are not staffing rota

QuestionPoint & Peoples Network website: 

QuestionPoint & Peoples Network website New QP software Flash Chat Training Birmingham Administrator training Peer training In-house training Virtual Reference Manual Help Guides Policy pages Peoples Network Website

Virtual Reference Overview: 

Virtual Reference Overview Service Framework Management Staffing and Service Integration Training Review and Evaluation Technical Support Marketing and Promotion Policies 24/7  Virtual Reference Service Reference in a Virtual Environment Core Competencies                                                        Virtual Etiquette


LUNCH Possibilities for Workshop suggestions: How to respond to a question offline via the QP software Referring a question to another library I.e. local question Picking up multiple questions and use of scripts to manage these Waiting time and use of scripts How to find rota guides, Virtual Reference Manual & help guides Multiple Questions Instant Messages ~~ Time for this 30 mins max ~~

Service Quality: 

Service Quality

Service Quality: 

Service Quality Customer etiquette Reference interview Searching Taking offline and follow up Referrals

Service Quality – Peer Review Session: 

Service Quality – Peer Review Session Present sample transcripts Librarians to record comments on page 3 of review document Split into groups for feedback – prior discussion. Nominate a spokesperson to feedback for the group Feedback on each transcript


Question: Is it possible to order books using the online facility? If so, could you please tell me the path as I seem to be able to do everything else bar this. Thank you. Patron: Is it possible to order books using the online facility? If so, could you please tell me the path as I seem to be able to do everything else bar this. Thank you. Patron: 11:25 2005/10/25 Is it possible to order books using the online facility? If so, could you please tell me the path as I seem to be able to do everything else bar this. Thank you. Librarian 1: 11:26 2005/10/25 Hi Irene, Thanks for your enquiry, could you be more specific about what online facility you are talking about Patron: 11:27 2005/10/25 I am after some books that are currently on loan. I want to put them on order but am not sure how to do this online Librarian 1: 11:28 2005/10/25 Thnks for clarifying this, i,ll get back to you as soon as possible Patron: 11:29 2005/10/25 thanks Librarian 1: 11:30 2005/10/25 Hi Irene Would it be OK for me to send you the web link that explains the reserves procedure Patron: 11:31 2005/10/25 yes please, that would be fine. Do you have my email address there or shall I send it? Librarian 1: 11:32 2005/10/25 Hi Irene, I can just send the link to you directly without having you email address. The link is http://www.islington.gov.uk/Education/Libraries/453.asp Patron: 11:33 2005/10/25 Oh the miracles of modern technology. Thanks very much. Goodbye. Librarian 1: 11:34 2005/10/25 Librarian ended chat session.


Survey comments: Although the librarian was helpful, the information they sent was on reserving books from a in London. As I am in Newcastle-upon-Tyne however, the information didn't really help me.


Patron:: my cat is always killing live birds i am concerened he will get bird flu. could you tell me how to prevent it please. Librarian 1: You are through to Enquire which Good afternoon thank you for your question, please bear with me whilst I search for the answer Librarian 1: Sorry to keep you waiting but i'm still checking for you Patron: Thank-you very much it is very kind of you. you see my cat's vet is off at the moment with bird flu. Librarian 1: Since there have been no reported cases of bird flu in humans in this country at present I am afraid I cannot continue with this question Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session.


Patron: 12:12 2005/10/13 Chat Transcript: Hi there - I've got an old plastic barrel that had brake fluid in it. I'd like to use it as a water butt in my garden but don't know if that's safe or not. How would I clean it out thoroughly? Librarian 1: 12:14 2005/10/13 Hello, XXX. Thank you for your interesting enquiry. Please bear with me while I find some information. Patron: 12:15 2005/10/13 ok Librarian 1: 12:18 2005/10/13 This is a tricky enquiry. I am still looking for you. Patron: 12:20 2005/10/13 Ok - I thought maybe hot soapy water to degrease it but don't want to risk it & poison my plants without being sure it was safe. Would it be easier for you to email me with an answer as I've got to go to lunch soon? Librarian 1: 12:21 2005/10/13 I have found something about the dangers of brake fluid which I will send as a weblink. Librarian 1: 12:21 2005/10/13 http://www.epa.state.oh.us/pic/facts/hhwauto.html Librarian 1: 12:22 2005/10/13 I hope you can see it. I am still looking for more info. Patron: 12:23 2005/10/13 Thanks for that but i already knew it was dangerous - it's how i clean a container that i need to know... Librarian 1: 12:24 2005/10/13 I am still looking for some cleaning advice. Please bear with me. Patron: 12:29 2005/10/13 Sorry - i've got to go now - please email me a response. Thanks Patron: 12:29 2005/10/13 Patron ended chat session. Librarian 1: 15:04 2005/10/13 I am sorry not to have completed your enquiry about water butts and brake fluid this morning. The enquiry was a difficult one which I could not answer quickly online. I have since made a few enquiries. Athough I have not come up with a definitive answer to your enquiry I hope the following suggestions will help. I found reference to using paraffin or alcohol to clean car parts covered in brake fluid, so you could try this, and then washing well with water. The most useful information I got was by contacting the Environment Agency, who suggested having the water (stored in the container)tested by your local Council Environmental Health Officer to see if any traces of brake fluid remain. If there were none found you could assume it was safe. You could also send your enquiry to the following website: http://www.gardenadvice.co.uk/advisor/freeadvice/index.html They offer free advice on gardening matters. I am afraid I cannot give you any more information. (I also phoned DEFRA, who were unable to help.) I hope this has been of some help, and again thank you for using the Enquire service.


Patron: 16:58 2005/10/13 Chat Transcript: Why is it thought that opening an umbrella indoors is unlucky? Patron: 17:00 2005/10/13 Hi there! Librarian 1: 17:00 2005/10/13 Hello XXX, welcome to Enquire. I will have a look for you, is it raining where you are?! Patron: 17:01 2005/10/13 It has been, but its quite hot in the studio so I've kinda been enjoying the rain - for a change. Librarian 1: 17:02 2005/10/13 I am having a look at superstitions for you Librarian 1: 17:04 2005/10/13 I don't know whether this link will transfer, but it is from Oxford Dictionary of Superstitions, you will need to turn off any pop-up blockers: http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?entry=t72.e1480&srn=3&ssid=973510425#FIRSTHIT Librarian 1: 17:06 2005/10/13 It seems to be a symbol of death if held over the head indoors. Patron: 17:07 2005/10/13 Thanks. It seems I have to subscribe. Is there any way around this - don't want to keep you waiting. Librarian 1: 17:08 2005/10/13 I will try and cut and paste Patron: 17:08 2005/10/13 Ok Librarian 1: 17:09 2005/10/13 UMBRELLA opened indoors 1883 BURNE Shropshire 280. It is unlucky to open an umbrella in the house, especially if it is held over the head, when it becomes a sign of death. 1909 Folklore 345 [Hartlebury, Worcs., 1900] If you open an umbrella in the house and hold it over your head, there will be a death in the house before the year is out. Two of the main regional folklore entries. Does this answer your question? Patron: 17:10 2005/10/13 Kind of. Just wondered why? Seems quite a modern contraption to be treated in such a superstitious way. Librarian 1: 17:12 2005/10/13 If you like I could do a more in-depth search and contact you by email, don't think I will find anything more detailed straightaway. Patron: 17:13 2005/10/13 That would be great. No rush. Thanks! and don't go walking under ladders. Librarian 1: 17:14 2005/10/13 I won't and you watch out for those cracks in the pavement. Will be in touch. Patron: 17:15 2005/10/13 Patron ended chat session. Librarian 1: 15:40 2005/10/14 Message: Dear Chris All the books I have found on superstitions seem unsure as to why these superstitions have come about, particularly in Britain which was a latecomer to the umbrella. In the East it was a symbol of majesty and was held over the head of rulers on ceremonial occasions. Only Royalty, and those given leave by Royalty had the right to use them. Other things relating to umbrellas: unlucky to lay one on a bed in North Yorkshire, don't pick one up if you drop it (particularly if you are a woman as this means you will remain a spinster for life), if you open an umbrella rather than a parasol in good weather you risk bringing on rain. Apparently they are associated with the sun due to their shape. This hasn't really answered your enquiry, but what more could you want to know about umbrellas? Hope this helps. Julian for Enquire


Patron: 11:19 2005/10/14 Chat Transcript: Do you hold copies of the parish reg for Birkin Librarian 1: 11:20 2005/10/14 Hi XXX, Welcome to Enquire Librarian 1: 11:20 2005/10/14 Which county is Birkin in? Librarian 1: 11:21 2005/10/14 This is a national service so I will need to check the local library service holdings Librarian 1: 11:30 2005/10/14 Hi XXX, Your session just ended while I was waiting for your answer about which county Birkin was in, possibly due to a technical problem. Therefore I am following up by email. I have found a village called Birkin in North Yorkshire which I hope is the one you were referring to. On the website for the North Yorkshire County Record Office in Northallerton it says they have parish registers for that area but does not list the individual villages. You can find out by contacting Joe Bloggs, North Yorkshire County Record Office on tel no given. Thanks. Patron: 11:33 2005/10/14 Hi. Actually it's the parish of Birkin, villages of Brayton and Birkin in West Yorkshire but seems to be covered by York? Hope this makes sense. I'm hoping York Library hold the Parish Registrars or copies. Librarian 1: 16:31 2005/10/14 Hi, The parish registers in the york region are held at the Borthwick Institute for Historical Research in York. They have a list of their holdings on their website which includes Brayton and also Birkin with Haddlesey - is this the right Birkin? You can view the list at http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/bihr/guideleaflets/angliparreg.pdf To arrange to see the registers, you can contact the Borthwick Institute by phone on (01904) 321166. It looks from their website (http://www.york.ac.uk/inst/bihr/) as if you need to book a visit in advance. Please let me know if you need any further information.


Patron: 14:38 2005/10/03 In portraits of Nelson he is seen wearing his hat sideways, whereas many other naval portraits show the comnmanders wearing their hats forwards. Is there any reason for this? What is the correct way? Patron: 14:42 2005/10/03 Hello. Chat Transcript: In portraits of Nelson he is seen wearing his hat sideways, whereas many other naval portraits show the comnmanders wearing their hats forwards. Is there any reason for this? What is the correct way? Librarian 1: 14:42 2005/10/03 Hello I'm going to have a look for the answer to your question. I'll be back to you asap. Patron: 14:42 2005/10/03 Thank you. E-mail will be fine if that helps. Librarian 1: 14:57 2005/10/03 I haven't forgotten you. I'm still looking. Patron:15:15 2005/10/03 Just in case, our e-mail is xyz@123.com. (But I'm sure you knew that) Patron: 15:15 2005/10/03 Patron ended chat session.

Peer Review Panel Outline Terms: 

Peer Review Panel Outline Terms Terms of reference Recruit for Peer Review Panel Preparing for the Peer Review Session You will need a room where 8-10 people can sit comfortably and have a discussion. The meeting will last about 2 hours. Arranging the Meeting: Choose a facilitator Choose an external facilitator who knows about reference work. This could be a librarian from another institution, a retired librarian, or a faculty member from a nearby library and information science school. Documents: One copy per participant and facilitator. Agenda Reference Criteria & Questions 10 Transcripts Remove identifying patron and librarian information. Select reference transactions/transcripts completed by staff members who will be participating in the peer review session. Reference transcripts to be selected either at random, or as exemplars. Feedback Form Number of sessions throughout the year


Awarded to: Authority: ~ Awarded for excellent customer service ~ “you pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that transcript!!”


Awarded to: DANIELA VUOLO Authority: BEDFORDSHIRE ~ Awarded for excellent customer service ~ “you pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that transcript!!”


Patron: 14:52 2005/09/06 Chat Transcript: Please provide me with cost of living index for each year from 1January 1998 to Jan 2005. Also please name the source as it is required for a legal case. Aslo it is extremely urgent legal case outcome pending. Thankyou Librarian 1: 14:54 2005/09/06 Welcome to the People's Network 'Enquire' service and thank you for your question. Patron: 14:55 2005/09/06 I require cost of living index for each year 1.1.1998 to 1.1.05 for legal case Librarian 1: 14:55 2005/09/06 I will have a look for you. Would you like to wait while I check? Patron: 14:55 2005/09/06 Thankyou Librarian 1: 14:56 2005/09/06 The official source is at the National Statistics web site. I am giong to send you a web address for a page on that site. It will open in a new browser. Librarian 1: 14:58 2005/09/06 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nugget.asp?ID=19 Librarian 1: 14:58 2005/09/06 That is an introductory page. We'll need to look a bit further to find exactly what you need. Patron: 14:59 2005/09/06 Can you please and also I am not sure if the Retail Index is different to cost of living but I do need a figure for each year Thankyou Librarian 1: 15:00 2005/09/06 I am looking for you Librarian 2: 15:02 2005/09/06 Sorry my session has come to an end.I will pass this to a colleague Patron: 15:03 2005/09/06 Thanks do I hold on or end session Librarian 1: 15:03 2005/09/06 Please hold on Librarian 1: 15:04 2005/09/06 The message about a session ending came from a different librarian. Librarian 1: 15:04 2005/09/06 The phrase 'cost of living index' is not the official phrase. Here is a web page on the issue. Patron: 15:04 2005/09/06 I think it must be RPI index Librarian 1: 15:04 2005/09/06 http://www.projects.ex.ac.uk/trol/dictunit/notecol.htm Librarian 1: 15:07 2005/09/06 Here is a link to the Consumer Prices Index back figures. I'll send the Retail Prices Index link after my next message.


Librarian 1: 15:07 2005/09/06 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/STATBASE/tsdataset.asp?vlnk=7174 Librarian 1: 15:08 2005/09/06 Here is the Retail Price Index link Librarian 1: 15:08 2005/09/06 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/STATBASE/tsdataset.asp?vlnk=7172 Patron: 15:09 2005/09/06 Ok I will have a look at the website Also are you able to find it in FT apparently they publish it each year Librarian 3: 15:11 2005/09/06 Good afternoon! My name is XXX. Welcome to Enquire. That's an interesting question, can you remember any of them Librarian 1: 15:12 2005/09/06 I'll have a look at the online FT site. If you need to leave the session, please let me know and I'll email you any further information. In particular, do you need the Jan 1005 figure itself, as that is not in the table I sent you? Librarian 3: 15:12 2005/09/06 Good afternoon! My name is xxx. Welcome to Enquire That's an interesting one, do you remember any of them Librarian 1: 15:13 2005/09/06 Another message crept in there from another librarian - pelase ignore it Patron: 15:13 2005/09/06 Yes I nedd each January including this year. Thankyou Librarian 1: 15:14 2005/09/06 OK Librarian 1: 15:16 2005/09/06 Does the information for the other years look alright? That is for each whole year. Or do you need me to send you the figure for Jan each year? Patron: 15:17 2005/09/06 Jan for each year will be great as that is what is required by the court. Thankyou for the brilliant source of info that you have sent so far Librarian 1: 15:18 2005/09/06 I am sending you an url for the monthly figures Librarian 1: 15:18 2005/09/06 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/STATBASE/tsdataset.asp?vlnk=229&More=N&All=Y Librarian 1: 15:19 2005/09/06 I think that is what you need. Is that alright for you? Patron: 15:19 2005/09/06 Just seen it thankyou so much. Can I take your name and which library Librarian 1: 15:22 2005/09/06 Is that for court? The People's Network Online Enquiry Service is the 'online library' in this case. Patron: 15:23 2005/09/06 No it not for the court that I require yuor name but for personal reasons to thankyou with your name Librarian 1: 15:24 2005/09/06 In that case my name is Daniela and I am from Bedfordshire Library Service! Patron: 15:26 2005/09/06 Thankyou so much Daniela for a brilliant job Librarian 1: 15:26 2005/09/06 I am glad we found what you want. Thanks for using the service! Patron: 15:27 2005/09/06 Goodbye


We liked it because: In constant touch with the patron, doesn’t keep her waiting Example of a search for a lawyer – not daunted by the immediacy of the patron – keeps her nerve Continues professionally despite another librarian also on the call. She is in total control of the interaction despite these technical problems As dealing with a lawyer she is careful about giving out her name. Survey comments:II have found the service very user friendly and the librarian on duty was quick in dealing with my query and replies to links were extremely useful which allowed me to explore further. Will use the service again


Awarded to: LEISA GRAY Authority: KIRKLEES ~ Awarded for excellent customer service ~ “you pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that transcript!!”


Patron: 11:51 2005/09/12 Chat Transcript: Does anyone have a copy of the 'eden report' or 'eden committe', it is a government report dating from the 1980's. Or any suggestions on where I can obtain a copy. I have spoken to the National Weights and Measures Laboratory who do not have a copy. Librarian 1: 11:53 2005/09/12 Hi xxx and thanks for your question. I'll just see what I can find out for you. I'll be back asap. Patron: 11:53 2005/09/12 thank you - any help is greatly appreciated Librarian 1: 11:55 2005/09/12 Are you able to give me any futher information about the report itself? In terms of more specific date/subject matter etc? Patron: 11:56 2005/09/12 It concerns metrology (study of weights and measures). The report basically is the government saying that the trade (ie manufacturers) should have the power to do things for themselves. I think it was 1986. Librarian 1: 11:57 2005/09/12 OK thanks, I'm just trying to find more details and track it down. Librarian 1: 11:59 2005/09/12 Have a look at this record, from a UK official publication website. I'm assuming this must be it. It should make a new window pop up in your browser when I send you a link. Patron: 11:59 2005/09/12 I did call NWML - and a man called xxx yyy who used to be the chief Weights and Measures inspector at a council in the area recommended Birmingham Library reference section. I think that there is a reference number somewhere. I just dont seem able to find it Librarian 1: 11:59 2005/09/12 http://www.ukop.co.uk/members/advancedsearch_boolean.aspx Librarian 1: 12:01 2005/09/12 I was thinking that Birmingham library Reference section might have it too. Did you get that link, because that should give you the details that they would need to track it down. Patron: 12:03 2005/09/12 yes thankyou for the link - will try and navigate round it. Im quickly trying to look through O'keefe law of weights and measures to see if i can find a reference number for you Patron: 12:05 2005/09/12 could you try 'hodgson report for me too? … Librarian 1: 12:14 2005/09/12 The other thing that you can do is request an inter-library loan, either through your local public library, or your university library. Do you know about the inter-library loan scheme? Patron: 12:14 2005/09/12 Im afraid I dont. Patron: 12:15 2005/09/12 Is this where i can order it thorugh my local library and the library that has the book sends it there? Librarian 1: 12:16 2005/09/12 OK. It is something that operates in all libraries in the UK, whereby your local library can request to borrow a book on your behalf from the British Library. Librarian 1: 12:17 2005/09/12 Sometimes there is a charge for the service, usually just a couple of pounds, although your uni library might be more likely to do it for free. Librarian 1: 12:18 2005/09/12 They will ask you to fill in a form, with details of the publication, and then it will take a while to get the book for you. Patron: 12:19 2005/09/12 Would that be useful - its not very well known although does exist! Would I just ask my local librarian to get me the eden report? or is it slightly more complicated as i dont know any referencenumbers etc... …


Librarian 1: 12:21 2005/09/12 You could just print out the link page and take that to the library with you, it has all the details th elibrarian will need. I'm just trying to get you similar details for the Hodson report. Patron: 12:21 2005/09/12 The link asks me for a password and login. Librarian 1: 12:23 2005/09/12 Oh sorry about that I wondered if that would happen. I can paste the information into a word document and send it by e-mail. Would that help? Patron: 12:24 2005/09/12 yes please - that would be brilliant. so i fill in a form at my local library using the reference numbers - and cross my fingers Patron: 12:25 2005/09/12 who would the author be - government report? … Librarian 1: 12:26 2005/09/12 The author depends, for example Eden report was issued by the DTI. I'll make sure all of that information is on the word document too. Patron: 12:27 2005/09/12 Thank you very much for your help - its very appreciated Librarian 1: 12:28 2005/09/12 It should be the same in any library you go into. They'll just get you to fill in the form and send it off to someone centrally who should contact the British Library and get it sent to your local library for you. Patron: 12:29 2005/09/12 so if i go in and ask for a inter library loan - they will know what i mean? … Patron: 12:38 2005/09/12 I thought this was a west midlands thing. Thank you. My boyfriend lives in Yorkshire - aaa. Please send any details you've been able to find. Thank you again. You've been really helpful. Librarian 1: 12:40 2005/09/12 Glad to be of help xxx. Funnily enough I visited aaa yesterday. Small world. I shall send you details about those publications by e-mail. Please come back and use the Enquire service again soon and tell all of your friends about it! Thanks, Patron: 12:41 2005/09/12 very small world!!! I will spread the word! Thanks Librarian 1: 12:42 2005/09/12 You're welcome. Bye. … Librarian 1: 15:28 2005/09/12 Message: Dear xxx, Further to our chat session this morning, please find attached a Word file containing details for the Eden Report (1986) and the Hodgson Report (1951). The command paper number for the Hodgson report is not the same as the one you provided, but I have checked it in a couple of other places and the one given here seems to be correct. I got the details from the British Library catalogue. As I explained, if you now print out the information I have sent you and take it to your local library then they will be able to put a request in to the British Library for you to be able to borrow both publications, through the inter-library loan scheme. Hope this is helpful and thanks again for using Enquire. Best wishes, Leisa Gray Senior Reference Librarian Huddersfield Library on behalf of the Enquire service Librarian 1: 11:11 2005/10/24 Closed by Librarian #109551.


We liked it because: In constant touch with the patron, doesn’t keep her waiting In constant control Refers to another library, with explanation of process Puts information in an attachment advising person how to ask for information required. How the process will take place Also phoned the library in question whilst in the transaction Chatty / friendly manner


Awarded to: Authority: ~ Awarded for excellent customer service ~ “you pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that transcript!!” ~ Best 24/7 Transaction ~


If the queen is the head of state for Australia, does she have to give royal assent to the legislation passed by their parliament? … Patron: Yes, reading it now. You’ve certainly answered my query. It’s a nice little get-out for the Queen - she has someone out there representing the authority of the Crown. I’m in Manchester, England. It’s late and I’m about to go to bed. Librarian 1: Sounds good~ have a nice night! Patron: Grapefruit all gone. No, I’m not in Oz. Where are you? Librarian 1: I’m actually in California, U.S…Newport Beach Librarian 1: So I still have a few hours before I get to saw logs Librarian 1: I was in London 2 years ago, visting friends in Hampstead, and thought London was a wonderful city! Patron: Ah, I can see it on my map. I did a PhD on US politics and I still have a huge map on my wall of the US. You’re at the seaside! I bet the weather’s good. Librarian 1: Oh good for you~ yes I grew up here; it’s beautiful Patron: I have an extended family based in Maryland. They’ve all become republicans so I’ve been having some great arguments with them recently. Can you find Hulme on Google? That’s where I am. M15 6DT if you need the postcode. Librarian 1: Is it horse country? Cheadle Hulme? Patron: Horse country?? LOL. No, I’m in an apartment block right by the city centre. It’s very urban. No, not Cheadle Hulme, Hulme Hulme. Librarian 1: Well ha! just thought I’d ask; I do own a horse, and of course I always think of the English with horses....hee he Patron: A horse-owning librarian, eh? And you saw logs in your spare time... interesting. Patron: Yes, I’ll let you go and get on with your job. I’m going to be tired in the morning and I’ve got a really busy day tomorrow. You sound like a member of the female gender. Correct? Librarian 1: Yes, xxx Librarian 1: Nice chatting…I don’t usually have time online we’re so busy these days! Patron: I must say, this "Ask a Librarian" service is marvellous, xxx. Thanks so much. Say hi to your horse from me. Patron: Nighty night x


We liked it because: In constant touch with the patron, doesn’t keep him waiting In constant control highlights the cultural differences, but to the good of the transcript friendly and good rapport with patron Chatty / friendly manner

AOB & Next Meeting: 

WE’LL PAY FOR THE FOOD! AOB & Next Meeting Open to the floor for questions Next meeting for the Spring.

And finally remember, short can be sweet…: 

And finally remember, short can be sweet… Question: I want to know what love is. Librarian 1: "just a four letter word" ( Bob Dylan ) Patron: ha ha! fantastic

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