What is social media marketing and why is it important to business?

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Social media marketing is a simple way to attract your customers and keep them interested in your business. If you want to know more about Social media marketing then this document may be more helpful for you.


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What is social media marketing and why is it important to business Social Media Marketing SMM is a strategy used to keep your company fresh and in the minds of internet users. It is a way to advertise what you offer to customers and clients or keep them interested in your business with exciting helpful information. Social media can include Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Digg Google+ Pinterest Tumblr Flickr Vine Ask.fm and many more. Each SMM source has various functions and services but all play a big role in marketing. For instance Facebook is a social sharing site that allows comments images videos shares likes etc. while Instagram offers image sharing with comments. Ask.fm is a questions site that allows users to ask questions in general or to specific people or companies. In relation to this discussion these SMM pipelines can be used to create company exposure that provides exciting or beneficial information to viewers. This opens the doorway to more exposure and more interest.

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Aside from company pages on SMM sites a company can utilize paid advertising. This provides the company a way to target specific audiences with specific purposes such as a new product or service a special promotion or sale or as a way to get the name out there. Advertising can be filtered to specific locations audiences or subjects. Big corporations like Nike Wendy’s Apple Microsoft etc. all utilize SMM advertising to promote their business. They may provide a small clickable ad for a new shoe new device coupons for food or anything else and target them to specific locations interests or subject areas. They may also provide an ad about the latest news cool products or other topics that would get the user to respond and view an external page. Aside from paid ads big companies create their own social media pages to gain an audience promote the company and build relationships. Their pages may provide the latest news exciting sales new products discounts and coupons or even free giveaways. In addition they create a follower base that builds their reputation and increases word of mouth traffic as well.

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Overall SMM is a key element in any marketing strategy especially in a technological world. And of course it is much cheaper than television and radio spots although big corporations and some local companies utilize those and get great results. But for companies with limited budgets or starting to grow SMM techniques can give the push they need. Presented By

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