Email Marketing effective method of internet marketing.

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At Upside Digital, we offer lead generation via email, display, co-registration and post transaction marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing and help to realize how it can give you a big advantage as you grow your business.


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Slide1: Email Marketing - The Best Possible Solution To Broadcast Your Brand Message.

Slide2: Email Marketing is a process of marketing a brand through the use of emails which includes both direct and indirect marketing. Email Marketing helps us to target your customers and send the right message to the right person.

Slide3: Purpose Of Email Marketing 1) SING UP 2) Follow you on social networking sites 3) Make a Purchase 4) Check Out for something new 5) Give Feedback


Slide5: Do'S Capture emails subscriber. Offer at least one option. Personalize promotions Advertise By Template or Banners. Build Promotional landing Page. Send Out User friendly emails. Clean Up your Lists as per required .

Slide6: DON'TS Don't send emails with poor content. Don't send too much pages in emails. Don't spam your emails. Don't send bad coupons.

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