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Unwanted Tattoos we use Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser tattoo removal offering a safe, fast and effective solution to your tattoo reduction or permanent removal.


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Remove body tattoo without pain Go painless to remove body tattoo → If you now regret having a tattoo and would like to remove it then help is at hand. The good news is that patients have more alternative now than ever before when it comes to removing tattoos. New techniques in lasers have enhanced results reduced the risks and broadened the spectrum of patients who can benefit from this technology. Selecting a dermatologist to remove a tattoo is a tough decision. Patients should go for a specialist with experience and equipment specific for laser tattoo removal. This will result in lessen your tattoo removing pain. Before After How to remove tattoo with the help of Laser treatment → The most common tattoo removal technique now the equipment is widespread it uses focused laser light to encourage the decomposition of the ink of the tattoo which is then cleared by the bodys immune system. → Different inks respond to different wavelengths of laser light. The ease to remove pigments are blue black and brown whereas red yellow green white and orange are bit difficult. Professionally applied tattoos are usually deeper in the skin and contain more colours making them harder to remove and requiring more treatments. → On an average it takes around 7-12 treatments to remove a tattoo depending on how your skin reacts and on the particular tattoo. It is usual to have a break of 4-8 weeks between treatment sessions to allow the skin to respond and the body to clear some of the pigment. In some cases people have an allergic reaction to the decomposing ink so if youre having a laser treatment make sure you report any changes in how you feel to your doctor.

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→ Although bloodless yet the treatment is not pain-free and feels like being hit by a stretched elastic band or a mild burning depending on your reaction. Most treatments will be taken under a mild anaesthetic so they are not too painful but the area will be sore and will need careful cleaning and covering for at least a week after each treatment. → Make sure lasers used are Q-switched producing very short and very intense pulses of light these are currently the best for targeting the pigment and causing the least harm to surrounding tissue. As the bursts are very short it can take between 10 minutes and half an hour to treat the whole tattoo. → As it is the most successful and least painful procedure of the removal techniques laser removal has become the most popular way to get rid of a tattoo. About us:- → Unwanted Tattoos we use Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser tattoo removal offering a safe fast and effective solution to your tattoo reduction or permanent removal. → We have 2 treatment rooms with 2 different lasers in each room to treat different colours our lasers are regularly serviced to give you the best treatment every time. → As we are very successful with our clients and strive to help as many people as we can we offer a FREE consultation competitive pricing and individual advice. A free test patch will also be given before treatment so you can see what it feels like and decide whether you want to go ahead with the treatment. Visit Our Website:- Contact us:- Unwanted Tattoos 1170 Warwick Rd Acocks green Birmingham B27 6BS Tel: 0121 708 0914 Call direct on : 0784 632 4617 Opening times:- Monday Closed Tuesday 10am - 5pm Wednesday 10am - 8pm Thursday 10am - 5pm Friday 10am - 4:30pm Saturday 10am - 3pm

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