Romania. Its food and main ingredients.

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Typical food from Romania and where the ingredients are from


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Romania Typical dishes


Where does its gastronomy come from? As with many other Eastern European countries, Romanian gastronomy is influenced by the immigration currents as well as by the styles of its neighboring countries . This is how, they have excelled in Balkan cuisine.


What do they usually eat? Romanian dishes usually have three main ingredients , usually rich in protein, fiber and potassium:


Ciorbă A more consistent soup that can carry chicken, veal, fish, vegetables. The most popular are the ciorbă de burtă (which is guts), perişoare (which is meatballs), legume (vegetables), ştevie (romaza, which is a kind of spinach), văcuță (which is a beef soup) and pui (which is a chicken soup ). Carrot : O riginating in Asia, although already known by Romans and Greeks. Potatoes : cultivated for the first time in a region that would comprise what is now the southern Andes, Peru and northwestern Bolivia. Onion : The exact origin is unknown, although ancient texts reveal that it was first cultivated in areas of Asia . Parsley : It originates from the island of Sardinia. Ground Pepper : Originating in India. Pepper : It is said that they arrived in the trip that Christopher Columbus made to America in the year of 1943. Except for the main ingredient of these soups there are some ingredients normally present in all:

Sarmale :

Sarmale They consist of wrapped little packets of meat seasoned with spices, on a leaf of cabbage, vine or even spinach. Main Ingredients Cabbage : Cultivated by the Egyptians from 2500 BC. Minced pork mixed with veal : The origin of the relationship of these species with the human being comes from the Neolithic. Rice : Comes from the south of China. Olive oil : The olive tree was cultivated for the first time in Egypt. Slice of bread : The bread originated in Egypt but was perfected by the Romans. O nion , pepper and tomato .

Mitetei or Mici:

Mitetei or Mici It is one of the most consumed in Romania, since it is usually sold in bars and restaurants and are easy to prepare. It basically consists of a kind of small sausage of minced meat on the grill (hence the name mici which means "small"). The meat is usually lamb and veal or pork and veal. Ingredients: Minced veal. Minced pork or minced lamb. Garlic : It is believed that it originated in the Southwest of Siberia and was very appreciated by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans Thyme : It originated in Egypt Ground pepper. Bicarbonate : Its origins had in 1846 , when two pastry chefs from New York, John Dwight and Austin Church, discovered that the sodium carbonate associated with milk gave rise to a carbon dioxide, with the same effect as yeast, which gave rise to bicarbonate.

Papanasi :

Papanasi It is a typical dessert of the Romanian gastronomy that consists of a fried or boiled dough in the form of a donut filled with fresh cheese. Its texture is like a mixture of donut and sponge cake, tender on the inside and toasted on the outside. It is eaten hot and is accompanied by sour cream, and cherry jam or other red fruit. Ingredients : Fresh cow cheese. Sugar: Sugarcane originates in New Guinea, but it was the Hindus, who processed sugarcane and sugar beet to obtain sugar. Flour : The discoverers of the flour were the Romans when one day they realized that if they crushed the wheat, this fine white powder would come out of it . Eggs . Sour cream. Bicarbonate. Cherry Jam.

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