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This guide helps you to get started with authorPOINT, an eLearning presentation capturing tool which allows you to capture and sync your slideshow with live OR prerecorded audio/video files.


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Welcome to authorPOINT training: 

Welcome to authorPOINT training

Installing authorPOINT: 

Install authorPOINT from the CD or from the Internet onto your computer Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint. You can see authorPOINT menu and toolbar If you cannot see authorPOINT toolbar and menu, just right click in the tool bar region and check against authorGEN

Open MS PowerPoint: 

Open the PowerPoint presentation, you intend to capture through authorPOINT.

Launching authorPOINT: 

Launch authorPOINT

Launch authorPOINT window: 

Launch authorPOINT window

PowerPoint Slide Presentation View: 

PowerPoint Slide Presentation View

Recording Presentation: 

Recording Presentation

Annotating on Slides: 

Annotating on Slides

Using Pointer: 

Using Pointer

Concluding Recording: 

Concluding Recording

Compiling Presentation: 

Compiling Presentation

Open Content Manager: 

Open Content Manager A Server; CD/DVD; Flash Drives; Portable Hard Drives; or Zip the presentation. Package to SCORM Ability to distribute your presentation to

Build your Presentation in: 

Windows Media format Flash format Flash format for Pocket PC Real media format All presentations have to be built to be viewed. Build your Presentation in

Building Presentation: 

Building Presentation

Edit Presentation Details window: 

Edit Presentation Details window

Processing Presentation: 

Processing Presentation

Generating Presentation: 

Generating Presentation

View the final output: 

View the final output


Support We at authorGEN are determined to deliver tools that are elegantly easy to learn and use. authorPOINT provides detailed Help and Tutorials to assist you. You can check out support and training material at our website too.

Thank you: 

Thank you We thank you for taking the time with us and authorGEN. You can explore authorPOINT further to make your presentations more and more enriching.

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