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Contents Something About SAT . Test Contents And Question Types. Time Specification. Fees Documents Required. Score Range and Test Validity. Top universities

Something about SAT :

Something about SAT The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States.  It was started in the year 1926. The test is conducted seven times every year in the month of October, November, December, January, March (or April alternating), May and June at worldwide level.  The SAT is 3 hours and 45 minutes long. It is broken into 10 sections: 3 writing 3 critical reading 3 mathematics 1 Optional essay

Test contents and question types:

Test contents and question types Writing The SAT writing has three sections: Essay section of 25 min, Multiple choice sections lasting 25 minutes and 10 minutes. The SAT writing sections will assess your ability to improve writing samples, identify writing errors, and produce your own clear, coherent essay.

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Critical Reading The SAT I contains three critical reading sections: Reading comprehension of 25 min Sentence completions of 25 min and Paragraph-length critical reading 20 min. Reading comprehension test consists of a lot of passages followed by questions to be answered using the information given in the passages. Sentence completion problems will require filling in the blanks with appropriate word.

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Mathematics The SAT contains three Math sections: Algebra and functions of 25 min Geometry Statistics of 20 min Probability and Data analysis of 20 min There will be 54 questions in all. 44 of them are multiple-choice. For the remaining ten questions, you will have to find answers on your own.

Time Specification:

Time Specification SAT Exam Pattern takes Three Hours 45 Minutes. This time periods consists of 10 separately timed sections. SECTION TIME Three sections test writing 35-minute Language and Writing Three sections of test critical reading 65-minute Reading. Three sections test mathematics 55-minute section with calculator. 25-minute section without  1 Essay Section (optional)  50 minutes total


Fees Registration Fees SAT $ 51 Basic registration fee $24.50 Other Subject Tests $13 Change test date or test centre $27.50 Waitlist fee $45

Documents required:

Documents required Following documents are required during the preliminary short listing of students - 1. Past academic performance (Transcripts) 2. Essay / Statement of Purpose (SOP) 3. Letters of Recommendation (LOR) 4. Financial guarantee letter 5. Bank statement 6. Extra-curricular interests and achievements 7. Any other awards / commendations one may have received 8. SAT Reasoning test and SAT Subject test (if required) score 9. TOEFL / ILETS score Based on the above scrutiny, the university members reject, wait list or recommend the student for admission

Score range and test validity:

Score range and test validity The range of score varies 200 to 800 on each of the three sections, i.e., you can get minimum score 600 and maximum score 2400. SAT Reasoning Test / SAT Subject Test / LSAT The scores are valid for 5 years.

Top 25 universities :

Top 25 universities


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