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Who’s that in the director’s chair?: 

For Junior 1 Who’s that in the director’s chair? 南京育英第二外国语学校 朱永红


Pre-reading Do you like watching movies? Do you want to be a famous director like Zhang Yimou? Zhang Yimou is a famous director.


Who is the director of The Secret that Cannot be Told ? Jay Chou directed this movie. He plays the lead role, too. He and Guey Lun-mei play a high school couple in the movie. It's the first movie Jay Chou has directed.

While reading: 

While reading According to the Guinness Book of Records, Kishan Shrikant is the youngest director in the world. Do you know anything about him?


★ His film got three awards at the 18th Cairo International Film Festival for Children.

While reading: 

While reading 1. How old is Kishan Shrikant? 2. What is his film about? 12 years old. Street children in India.

True or false: 

True or false 1. Footpath got three awards at the Mumbai Film Festival. 2. Some Indian children sell newspapers because they have no parents. 3. Kishan Shrikant wrote a story about the lives of street children in India. 4. Kishan Shrikant is a director and an actor . F T T T


Post-reading What kind of person do you think Kishan Shrikant is? What can we learn from him? Suppose you had a chance to interview him, what would you ask him? To watch a video of an interview with Kishan: http://living.oneindia.in/celebrity/celebrity-interviews/kishanyoungestdirector.html Was his film any help to street kids?


What are street children’s lives like? Why did Kishan Shrikant decide to write a story about their lives?


What do street children need? How do you feel about their lives? Can we help?


★ Education Project for Street Children in New Delhi, India http://www.gotoread.com/vo/2277/page236536.html

Children in poor areas: 

Children in poor areas What are they wearing? odd socks


muddy playground on the way to school


People are busy building a new school. Get more information here: http://club.yninfo.com/read.asp?ArticleID=3471010&ForumID=35


In China, some children in poor areas cannot go to school. What can we do to help?


donate books / paper to them raise money for them ….

Useful words and expressions: 

Useful words and expressions India, Indian film, movie direct, director play the lead role be busy doing sth. decide to do sth.

BrE. and AmE.: 

BrE. and AmE.

Can you find more?: 

Can you find more?


Zhang Yimou will direct the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games. He is busy preparing.

be busy doing sth.: 

be busy doing sth. He is now busy preparing for his next film. What are the women busy doing? They are busy training for the 2008 Olympic Games.


decide The kids decide to fly with Peter Pan to Neverland. When I heard that, I felt bad and decided to write a story about their lives.


The NPC deputies (人大代表)decide on the leaders of the Chinese government. US students have a lot of freedom to decide how much they should work. 21-year-old swimming hero Michael from the US is thinking ahead to the Beijing Olympics. The 2008 games will decide who is the best in the world.

Additional information: 

Additional information Q: What was the result of the release of Care of Footpath? Was it any help to street kids? A: The film has been running for 95 days, certainly it was of help. I met a group of street kids who were studying in a tent school. They promised me that they would not beg, they would work hard and study well. Many organizations held charity shows when they screened the movie. Many parents reported that their children started studying seriously after seeing it. I think every child who sees the movie will change.

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