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The Sahara and Kalahari : 

The Sahara and Kalahari By Ari and Vanessa


Desert A desert is a very dry place where it rarely rains. Deserts can be found in hot or cold places. Deserts have little vegetation and animals that can survive with limited water resources.


Sahara The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. The Sahara is in northern Africa. The Sahara is in Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Algeria and Niger.

Sand Dunes in the Sahara: 

Sand Dunes in the Sahara Sand dunes can be created by whirlwinds, which are common in the Sahara.

Saharan Palm Trees: 

Saharan Palm Trees Palm trees in an oasis, a place in the desert with water. Date palms provide food for people who live in the Sahara.

In A Tent: 

In A Tent People are eating dinner in a tent in Libya, perhaps they’re eating dates from a date palm!

The Kalahari: 

The Kalahari The Kalahari Desert is located in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

The Hot Kalahari: 

The Hot Kalahari San men walking through the driest place in the Kalahari. The San have created a culture and lifestyle that can survive with the limited water resources of the Kalahari.

Water in the Kalahari: 

Water in the Kalahari The Kalahari Desert is part of a sand basin, where a lion might live or die if it can get to a water hole.

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