Track IV Longhorn Reinvents the Windows Experience

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What’s new in .NET and Windows Development: 

What’s new in .NET and Windows Development

What is Longhorn?: 

What is Longhorn? It’s touted as the biggest change to Windows since Windows 95 and the 32 bit computing model It’s .NET built into the operating system It’s a whole new set of types in addition to those supplied by the .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1

Longhorn SDK Roadmap: 

Longhorn SDK Roadmap Platform SDK content consumed in Longhorn SDK Platform SDK available as ‘frozen’ download for down level platforms “Vegas” becomes primary SDK distribution vehicle 1980 1990 2000 Win32 COM MFC Platform SDK .NET Framework SDK Longhorn Server SDK Longhorn SDK “Vegas” 2002 2006 200?

Upcoming Products: 

Upcoming Products Parts of Longhorn will be available in Windows XP in 2006 We have a Community preview of “Microsoft WinFX SDK” Beta 1 to be released summer or fall of 2005 Longhorn (The next edition of Windows) Somewhere between 2006 and 2008 Microsoft is presently saying 2006 or 2007 for the client release Some trade info says as late as 2008 Orcas (It’s .NET for Longhorn) Server technologies to follow but no announcement dates as yet

The Longhorn SDK Complexity: 

The Longhorn SDK Complexity

Introduction to Longhorn: 

Introduction to Longhorn User view Presentation layer (Avalon) is (mostly) 3-D Requires powerful graphics hardware Presentation layer blurs the distinction between the Web and desktop Network layer provides communications infrastructure A new content centric file system (WinFS) will be released after the initial Longhorn release

The Longhorn Programmer View: 

The Longhorn Programmer View WinFX is the term for the new Longhorn programming model Three components Avalon (The presentation layer) Indigo (The networking Web services layer) WinFS (The storage layer) Not included with the first Longhorn client release


WinFX Communication Avalon WinFS Indigo Windows Forms ASP.NET ObjectSpaces DataSet SQL XML Providers Framework Services Schemas Data Model ADO.NET Connectivity Synchronization (WinFS, Win32..) InfoAgent (PreferenceRules..) FileSystem Services (MetaDataHandlers..) Calendar Media Document … Items Relationships Extensions Communications Manager (Port) Messaging Services Transport Channels (IPC, HTTP, TCP…) Channels (Datagram, Reliable, Peer, …) Policy Engine Message Encoder Channel Security Transaction Desktop Services Desktop Window Manager Presentation Object Manager Desktop Composition Engine Animation and Composition Media Services Hardware Rendering Media Processing Capture and Sourcing Software Rendering and Sinks Adaptive UI Engine Page/Site Composition Personalization and Profiling Services Membership and Security Services Designer Services Controls Interop Engine Controls Windows Forms Application Services People Group Collaboration People and Groups Collaboration History Real-Time Activities Signaling Federation System Services Transactions Storage Protocols Network Services Kernel Mode Base Class Libraries Memory Manager Hosting Layer Code Execution Loader Security Serialization Lightweight Transactions Transaction Coordinator Kernel Transaction Manager Logging Service Kernel Hardware Abstraction Layer Process Manager Security Reference Monitor LPC Facility Memory Manager Power Manager Config Manager Plug and Play Transacted NTFS Cache Manager Universal Data Format Filter Engine TCP, UDP IPV4, IPV6 IPSEC QOS HTTP Listener Internet Connection Firewall Demand Activation and Protocol Health PNRP Native WiFi SIP TCP Listener UDP Listener IPC Listener Network Class Library GDI/GDI+ Window Manager Global Audio Engine Direct 3D Graphics Graphics drivers DDI Input Manager Audio Drivers DirectX Graphics Mini port Redirectors SCSI/FC 802.3 802.11 .. Device Drivers Management Services (Event Logs, Tracing, Probes, Auto Update, Admin) IO Manager Application Deployment Engine (Click-Once) Identity & Security System FAT 16/32 Filter Manager Distributed File System Virtual Shadow Copy Service File Replication Service Virtual Disk Service Models Service Object T/SQL XML Document UI Media CLR Presentation Data Communication Base Operating System Services Avalon WinFS Indigo

Avalon Introduction: 

Avalon Introduction It’s the presentation layer for Longhorn Avalon integrates: Documents Media UI elements It’s certainly not code complete at this time

Avalon Architecture: 

Avalon Architecture

Avalon Architecture (Document): 

Avalon Architecture (Document) Supplies “Top Notch” Document viewing Pagination is supplied through the PageViewer control Advanced page layout and formatting are supplied which adapt to the container Fixed, Flow, and Adaptive layouts are supported Page navigation is supplied through the Document

Avalon Document (Illustration): 

Avalon Document (Illustration)

Avalon (Media): 

Avalon (Media) Integrates Both 2-D and 3-D graphics are supported Seamless management of audio files Integration with Windows Media Player Features to play video Controls and other visual elements can be animated

Avalon (UI Elements): 

Avalon (UI Elements) Fixed flow and adaptive layouts Pagination Printing

Avalon (Creating the UI): 

Avalon (Creating the UI) Forms and their control instances are created with an XML-based markup language (XAML) XAML separates markup and code Presently, no there is no Visual Studio tool to create XAML Limited support with Visual Studio 2005 and Windows XP It supplies 3-D rendering OpenGL anyone Rendering is based on vector graphics instead of raster graphics Better upgrade your graphics card

XAML (Introduction): 

XAML (Introduction) It’s the Extensible Application Markup Language It corresponds to the underlying .NET object model Designed to factor markup and code Designers design and developers develop XAML can be displayed directly in a browser if it contains no code The browser better be Internet Explorer XAML must be compiled if it does contain code

XAML (The Model): 

XAML (The Model) It’s really just XML with a defined schema Tags correspond to objects Attributes correspond to properties XAML applications get compiled into partial classes These are really no different than the classes created by a Designer

XAML (Hello World): 

XAML (Hello World) Everybody’s favorite Hello World <DockPanel xmlns=""> <Text>Hello World</Text> </DockPanel>

XAML (Functional Categories): 

XAML (Functional Categories) Panels handle page layout Panels are containers for other controls Controls handle user interaction Documents handle document presentation Shapes are used to perform vector graphics operations

Avalon Integrates Documents, UI, Media: 

Avalon Integrates Documents, UI, Media


Characteristics Vector-based composition Markup language for UI (XAML) Separation of markup and code.


WinFS It’s the new file system for Longhorn Content-based rather than file based It’s won’t be available in the first Longhorn release Legal issues? Technical issues?

WinFS (Overview): 

WinFS (Overview) WinFS lives on top of NTFS SQL engine is used to search and catalog files Types are similar to .NET Framework CLR types Types have properties and methods Types are extensible through the .NET single inheritance model Files (types) can have relationships based on content

WinFS (Organization): 

WinFS (Organization)


Indigo It’s the new networking model for WinFS Indigo promises to unify ASP Remoting Enterprise and Web services

Indigo Architecture: 

Indigo Architecture Connector Communications Manager (Port) Transport Channels (IPC, HTTP, TCP…) Channels (Datagram, Reliable, Peer, …) Policy Engine Message Encoder Channel Security Service Model Hosting Environments Messaging Services System Services Queuing Routing Eventing … Transaction Federation …

Developing Longhorn Applications (Orcas): 

Developing Longhorn Applications (Orcas) Orcas to be released shortly after Longhorn Supplies the full programmatic model to WinFX This development environment does not even exist yet Today all we have is: A command line compiler into the WINFX SDK And the Avalon CTP that stitches into Visual Studio 2005 Note the SDK must be installed to build Longhorn applications



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