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Welcome This is a joint presentation by Vicente Velazquez and Jeanne Semilia. We have worked together in several classes and feel our different roles and involvement in education at different levels has brought a good mix of perspectives into our projects. Vicente Jeanne

What were we thinking?:

What were we thinking? For another class, we developed a web-based learning system: College Ready ( In doing research for our WBLS, we found many students are underprepared as they leave high school and try to enter higher learning.

Whys (on the student side of things)::

No motivation Family issues (financial, emotional, etc.) Time Learning style is unknown Whys (on the student side of things):

Whys (on the teacher side of things):

Whys (on the teacher side of things) Does not engage with student to identify and address concerns Does not use technology to keep the interest of 21 st century learners Is not available if student needs help Does not present content in ways to accommodate all learning styles

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Why ThingLink ? Our WBLS is a site about self-awareness and it contains many resources for students to find out more about themselves. ThingLink is something we wanted to learn more about and possibly add to our site as another tool to help students discover their learning style.

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What is ThingLink ThingLink is a platform for creating interactive images and videos for different channels: Web Social Advertising Educational

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ThingLink for all learning styles Many educators agree that over 60% of learners are visual. We feel ThingLink has the capability to keep the interest of this large group by providing plenty for them to look at, while addressing the needs of other types of learners. Music and videos with sound can be included for audio learners. Reading/writing preference learners will enjoy adding and reading text for the hotspots or nubbins. Tactile learners can be included by allowing them to click on the hotspots.

ThingLink delivers information in a creative and fun way :

ThingLink delivers information in a creative and fun way Content for websites, blogs, and lessons can come alive… Video Text Images Music The app can be used for iPhone and iPad

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Using ThingLink

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Sign up for the service Sign up

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Enter your information

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Once you have an account, log in

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The dashboard is the first screen you’ll see

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Begin with an image

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Add content and links

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Share your image

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Sample Lesson The Impact of Learning Styles & Preference to the Success of a Student:

Sample Lesson The Impact of Learning Styles & Preference to the Success of a Student

Pedagogical Considerations for ThingLink Technology:

Pedagogical Considerations for ThingLink Technology

More fun with Thinglink:

More fun with Thinglink


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Where to purchase:

Where to purchase

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