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Bring Home the Fruit… Holding back the tears, accepting wisdom’s thought tomorrow is there then gone Balancing my years of unknown fears, just to return stronger and courageous Not excepting the no’s and don’ts; the closed doors; and unanswered questions I have always had the fire for a good fight, no void could stop me from being strategic Planning for better or worst, evolved and pressing forward without risk Exhale, breath, prayed-up and God minded, “O.K”… I am balanced and ready to achieve or bleed for my thirst of triumph In the end I won’t bend… In the end I cannot blame anyone for my failure… This is my chosen journey… This is the battle of choose… I know I did not get here on my own, got to make them proud This how I earned my blessings and why I have admiration for “Him”… I never gave up, I never settled for less, I never quit… I rather die than to give up on “Him”… He never gave up on me… He never gave me less… He never quit on me… He died for me… He saved me… Save you too… Written By Nice3000

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