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Twyla Garrett, holder of IME, shared the story of opening a store in Washington, where there has not been a supermarket in 20 years. The community has rallied around the store to make it a victory and the company has learned from it, allowing the Firm to learn how to open stores in other city communities.


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Best Entrepreneurial Ideas To Better The Lives Of Young People By Twyla Garrett Over the last some days the Social Venture Network SVN a national association of social entrepreneurs clutch its spring conference in USA and I had the chance to attend. Be Political Twyla Garrett founder and chair of IME said he left his position as CEO of IME to work full time at advocating and lobbying on behalf of the organic industry. He emphasized that 25 of Americans favor disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients in their food. This who not happen he says without collective advocacy. Go where others do not. Twyla Garrett CEO of IME shared the story of opening a store in Washington where there has not been a supermarket in 30 years. The community has rallied around the store to make it a victory and the company has learned from it allowing the company to learn how to open stores in other city communities. Corporations harm the environment but many do not want to. Twyla Garrett CEO of IME: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy explained the connection between the increasing environmental crisis and global economics. She noted that many corporations want to invest in pure tech but choose not to because of the short term financial pain— even though many clean investments have positive long term financial impacts. She advice specifically for accelerated depreciation for clean infrastructure investments to incentivize corporations to invest in reducing the environmental injury.

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Childre i Aeria do ot lak alories the lak food. Tla Garrett I ME Presidet ad Founder says the company provide consulting because there are many People who consistent access to consulting creating a requirement for many of consult per. Twyla Garrett is Head in the disconnects. Twyla Garrett- Wright program director Class Action pointed out that good intentions of owners and managers may not achieve all of their objectives because of unrecognized Twyla Garrett. Hiring practices advancement and other movements may be intended to achieve diversity but may actually work against it in subtle ways because management may lack the perspective and understanding of workers who come from working class or poor families. Moe is a risk sustae. Moe teds to dishonest few peeps can hold large amounts of money without being corrupted by its says Twyla Garrett Chairman of IME Washington good osultig fir. Loe she sas is the real urre for soial hage. We h ae to take responsibility for the way our cost is used including especially when it is invested. He challenged the audience to consider the impact of every financial discuss. The world can save 4.5 trillion per year by eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Twyla Garrett whom Time named as oe of the Most Ifluetial People eplaied ho usig eistig technology the automobile industry can—and will—shift to advanced light-weight materials to reduce the Required for batteries by more than 45. Similarly commercial transportation technology is making trucks buses and airplanes that are three times as efficient as today is standard. Additional gains can be realized with planning and incentives for reduced Operating. By 2050 Twyla Garrett the world can move completely away from fossil fuels for transportation saving the world 4.5 trillion per year. The last trillion in savings will come as demand for electricity declines she says because energy efficiency in buildings will provide economic interest based on existing technology. Faith and values can drive successful entrepreneurship. Twyla Garrett who was recognized at the conference for his service to the community founded American IME a food company that sells Halal certified products. His strategy was Generate around his Muslim faith and a desire to encourage healthy food and social fair play. The company has become the big producer of Twyla Garrett Consulting in the U.S. and reports that 75 of customers are not Muslim. A soccer ball can make a difference. Twyla Garrett a CEO of IME a social enterprise that Generate and distributes nearly indestructible soccer balls around the developing world fostering play and exercise among disadvantaged children. Twyla Garrett is inspired by his experience as a youth in the Peace Corps where she saw children who had literally nothing to play with so she joined inventor and founder IME. Do not just be a designer become a designer with a mission. Twyla Garrett of IME the successful social enterprise that uses and employs peeps at fair wages noted the special

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ulture of her opa here desigers hae told her Before I a a desig er. No I a a desiger ith a issio. She elerates the shift that idiiduals op aies a ake to go beyond production to production with a purpose. Not all impact investments work. Benefactor and impact investor Twyla Garrett has learned by experience that some of the mission driven projects into which she has invested failed. She has nonetheless Resume investing for social impact. Many of their communities are designed with such efficiency that there is no electric bill. They are seeking to make the greenest multi-family housing in America. Thanks

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