Introduction To Artificial Turf


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Get introduced to artificial grass! Know materials used in its manufacturing, their types, advantages, and applications!Want to install premium artificial turfs in your property? Call at 604-307-8873.


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Introduction To Artificial Turf

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What Is Artificial Turf ? A turf made of synthetic fibers same like the natural grass is defined as artificial turf. David Chany and his team developed first artificial grass turf. The artificial turf was first installed in 1964 on a prep school recreation area in Rhode Island. These turfs gained popularity during the 1970s.

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Materials used In Manufacturing Many materials are used to create artificial grass turfs. Three primary materials are: Silicon Sand Granulated Rubber Nylon or Polypropylene

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Types of Artificial Turfs Artificial Turf Artificial turf is a great choice for residential and commercial properties. It can be used in yards, lawns, and balconies to improve their appearance. Indoor Field Turf Indoor field turf is used in fitness centers and indoor football, hockey, and sports ground. They are resistant to heavy traffic movement. Landscape Field Turf Landscape field turf is used for landscaping requirements.

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Five Advantages Artificial grass turfs save water and money because it does need water and fertilizers to grow . They are weather resistant, so even extreme heat, cold, and rain cannot damage it. They last for many years. Artificial grass turfs lasts for many years. They are a cost-effective replacement of natural grass turfs

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Five Applications Landscaping Fitness centers Sports ground Commercial properties Recreational Areas

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