02 Things every Christian should know: The origins of the name Jesus.


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In this video, we will discover something that has been kept away from the masses for ages. Video URL: http://youtu.be/_CF3fOeMXOw We discover the origins of the name Jesus. We discover the J-mutation in the biblical names We discover the original name. What was Jesus's name originally ? How do we know this? How did we get there? Do we have any books that remain faithful to that name? We use: Hebrew, Greek and Arabic to discover the real name! Shocking news. Must see! Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him, Son of Mary, God’s word, A spirit from God, the one who will return just before the day of judgement. Slides URL: http://www.slideshare.net/TruthSeekerWorldWide/origins-of-the-name-jesus-peace-be-upon-him If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch! Please visit our channel and get in touch God willing! Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SeekingTheTruthWorld?feature=watch Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/truthseekerworldwide/videos Twitter: https://twitter.com/seekingthetrut2 Email:  seekingthetruthworldwide@gmail.com Tags God,Allah,Jesus,Isa,son,mary,origins,name,greek,ISOS,Iesos,iesus,ΙΗΣΟΥΣ,ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ,IC XC,ISSA,Eissa,EISA,Bible,Quran


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The origins of the name JESUS Peace be upon him:

The origins of the name JESUS Peace be upon him

Video URL:

The video accompanying these slides can be found on: http://youtu.be/ _CF3fOeMXOw Video URL


Jesus Christ, Son of Mary Peace be upon them How did we get the name Jesus and what was his name originally Jesus

The J-Mutation:

Y or I becomes J The J-Mutation

The J-Mutation:

Latinised versions of biblical names often convert the letter I/Y to J Example: Yoḥanan in Hebrew Ioḥanan in Aramaic Becomes John in English https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ John_the_Baptist The J-Mutation

The J-Mutation:

The J- Mutation Closest I know of in European languages is Johann in German – Pronounced Yohann Example: Johann Sebastian Bach – The famous composer How to Pronounce Johann Sebastian Bach – By the German Channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= abBbG39BNeE

Other j-names:

Wikipedia: Jacob and Joseph (given name ) Other j-names Latin name Original name Jacob Yaʿakov (Standard Hebrew) Yaaqob / Yaʿăqōḇ ( Tiberian ) Yaaqob (Arabic) Joseph Yossef (Standard Hebrew) Yôsēp ( Tiberian Hebrew & Aramaic) Yūsuf , Youssef, Yussef , Yousuf (Arabic)

The J-Mutation:

What about Jesus?? The J-Mutation

Reverse the mutation:

We need to reverse the mutation of the name. Return the Y or I where it belongs. Reverse the mutation

Reverse the mutation:

J  I/Y Reverse the mutation

Reverse the mutation:

Jesus becomes Iesus Or Yesus Reverse the mutation

Tracking the name:

Is there anything similar to those names? Tracking the name

It’s all Greek to me:

Greek name: ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ Sometimes shortened to IC XC With lines above them indicating an abbreviation Google: ICXC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Christogram It’s all Greek to me

It’s all Greek to me:

What does ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ S ay ? It’s pronounced Isos Ikhristos Jesus Christ http://translate.google.com It’s all Greek to me


The manuscripts of the New Testament (Gospels) we have are in Greek! This explains a lot. Bingo

Where does Isos come from?:

Where does The name ISOS Come from ? Where does I sos come from?

Greek naming system:

Greek names: ‘OS suffix for male names Example. George  Γεώργιος ( Georgeos ) George+OS ‘INA suffix for female names Georg(e)+Ina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_(given_name ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgina_(name ) Greek naming system

Reverse the mutation:

 We discover that the ‘OS In ISOS Is an addition that’s not included in the original name Reverse the mutation

What do we have now?:

IS’ The apostrophe indicates a missing letter. Is it A? O? E? What do we have now?

We have the answer :

In Arabic  We have the answer

What’s his name?:

His name is ISA Or ISSA Depends on how you want to spell it! What’s his name?

IS The quran truthful to the name?:

Is the Quran the only book that remained truthful to the name of ISA! The Messiah ? Son of Mary? The word of God? A spirit from God? Peace be upon him IS The quran truthful to the name?

Read the Quran and find out:

I suggest chapter 19 Chapter of Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ) Peace be upon them both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=- bNV2hBIUZA Read the Quran and find out

The Quran:

Quran: Free by post (Pay for postage) Free PDF Download http:/ /www.quranproject.org/ The Quran


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