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INTRODUCTION TO TABULATION DEFINITION According to Tuttle, “A statistical table is the logical listing of related quantitative data in vertical columns and horizontal rows of numbers, with sufficient explanatory and qualifying words, phrases and statements in the form of titles, heading and footnotes to make clear the full meaning of the data and their origin”

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OBJECTIVES OF TABULATION To simplify the complex data To economize space To facilitate comparison To facilitate statistical analysis To save time To depict trend To help reference

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Components Of Table Table number Title of the table Caption / Box head Stub Body / Field Head note Foot note Source data

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Foot note : Source note:

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REQUIREMENTS OF GOOD STATISTICAL TABLES Suit the purpose Scientifically prepared Clarity Manageable size Columns and rows should be numbered Suitably approximated Attractive get-up Units Average and totals Logical arrangement of items Proper lettering

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Types of tables Simple and Complex tables. General purpose and special purpose tables. Original and derived table.

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Advantages of classification and tabulation Clarifies the object Simplifies the complex data Economic space Facilitates the comparison It helps in references Depict the trend

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Disadvantages of classification and tabulation Complicated process Every data can not be put into tables Lack of flexibility

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