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Restrictions and Regulations For Hog Hunts In Georgia In many areas of the south there are some issues that need to be dealt with in regards to feral hogs. The fact of the matter is there are a lot of things that need to be looked at and sorted out in regards to how they need to be dealt with. In this article we’re going to share the state laws that you need to know before you can start even considering any sort of feral hog hunts in Georgia. Private Land Laws If you have feral hogs on your private land then you have absolutely no restrictions in relation to hunting feral hogs. You can use whatever weaponry and techniques that you wish and you can do what is necessary to get them off of your land. Licensing Requirements There are no restrictions as to how many hogs can be harvested by an individual because feral hogs are considered to be an invasive species. But it is important that you have the proper licensing so that you can hunt them on any land that is not yours. Licensing requirements are as follows: - Residents over the age of 16 – A hunting license from the state unless you’re on your own land or land owned by a relative. - Nonresidents – Get a nonresident hunting license from the state of Georgia - Exemptions – Farmers and other agricultural professionals talk to your local Game Management Office to see what your local requirements are. Information Regarding Weaponry As long as you are using weapons that are allowed in the area that you are hunting in you are allowed to utilize them for hunting feral hogs. State and federal forest lands may have additional restrictions that you need to consider before going hunting. There are additional considerations that need to be made if you are looking at hunting during a hunting season for another animal. A general rule of thumb that you want to remember is that you should use the weaponry that is currently “in season” for that other animal. For example primitive weapons are allowed during primitive deer hunting season archery is allowed during archery bear season and so on. Transportation Laws Transporting live feral hogs is a special situation and you want to be sure that you are following the law before you transport anything. You will need to contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture in order to get the appropriate licensing and permits to be able to do so. If the hogs are released in a space that they shouldn’t be you can be fined or lose your license.

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Concerns Related to Disease It is important to know that feral hogs have a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Because of this you always want to have gloves on whenever you field a feral hog that you’ve shot. Wash your hands well cook any meat thoroughly and avoid touching the blood or any of the reproductive organs without gloves on. Knowing and understanding these laws as well as visiting experienced hunting lodges in Georgia can help to prevent issues and ensure that your hog hunts in GA are conducted properly and carried out smoothly.

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