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. The landscaping will be designed and implemented by a Landscaping Contractor nominated by the Seller;


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Welcome Package Landscaping, Fencing and Technology :

Welcome Package Landscaping, Fencing and Technology Welcome Package Landscaping, Fencing and Technology

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The aim of the Capricorn Welcome Package is to help improve the quality of living within Capricorn by the provision of fencing, landscaping and access to the latest communication technology. This package adds to the integrated theme created by the Capricorn Design Guidelines. Front Yard Landscaper north london Package Capricorn is a water wise development with a strong sustainability agenda. As such, the Front Yard Landscaping Package has been designed to include a water wise landscape design using mainly native, water wise plants and only a limited amount of turf. Capricorn will provide the landscaping package according to the following Capricorn Landscape Policy:

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The landscape design shall comply with the design principles outlined in the Design Guidelines. The final design of the front yard and front verge landscape shall be consistent in theme with an overall streetscape to be implemented at the discretion of the Capricorn Town Architect. Plants provided as part of the package will be species that are either local to Yanchep , otherwise native to Australia and water wise. In particular, high water use species such as palms are not permitted. Front yards (front building line to front boundary) will be landscaped with local and water wise plant species, irrigation, mulch and a maximum of 30% turf. All garden and no turf is also an acceptable water wise choice. Gardens beds shall be curved and free form and where possible blend with adjoining neighbouring properties. Angular, island or free standing garden beds are not permitted. Front road verges (front boundary to road kerb) will be landscaped with local plant species, irrigation, mulch and a maximum of 30% turf. As part of the overall streetscape design, the front verge landscaping may include a street tree. Where street trees are provided they shall not be removed. The location and species will be determined at the discretion of the Capricorn Town Architect.

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Side verges (for corner lots) will be landscaped with local and waterwise plant species, irrigation and mulch only (no turf). Where turf is provided it will be soft leaf buffalo. Variations to the Capricorn Landscape Policy may only occur with the agreement of the Capricorn Town Architect. Boundary Fencing Package The intention of the garden fencing north london Package is to ensure that there is a consistent and high quality provision of fencing throughout the estate and to manage the installation by the nominated contractor through the Seller.

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Provision of Boundary Fencing The Seller agrees to provide, at the Seller’s expense, Timber lap fencing, or other fencing nominated by the Seller, to the side and rear boundaries (not including return fencing from the house to the side fence) of the lot, subject to the following conditions: 1 The provision of the fencing package is dependent on the Buyer complying with the Capricorn Design Guidelines, Restrictive Covenants and any other conditions referred to in the Contract for Sale (this contract), including but not limited to ensuring that house plans are submitted to and approved by the Seller prior to commencement of construction of a residence on the land; The Buyer must contact the Seller’s nominated contractor at least two months prior to the date that the fencing is required, to arrange the installation of the fencing package;

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3 The allowance for fencing shall be determined by the Seller whose decision shall be final; 4 the fence shall be constructed by a Fencing Contractor nominated by the Seller; 5 The fence will not extend forward of the front building line. Where a parapet wall is incorporated, no fencing will extend forward of the parapet wall; Where there is a retaining wall along a boundary of the land which is to be fenced, the fence will be erected at the top of the retaining wall and may not be exactly on the boundary of the land. There is no compensation available for any loss of amenity or usable land in this regard; It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the area of the land to be fenced is clear of obstructions;

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The Buyer is to ensure that all survey pegs are in the correct positions and the Seller is not responsible for the replacement of any missing survey pegs; 9 The Seller will install fences only once. Any need to repair, replace, modify, move, remove or realign fences to enable building or due to any damage cause in any manner will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer; The Seller takes no responsibility to any damage, loss or theft of any parts of the fencing caused after construction of the fencing has commenced. As such, the Buyer is encouraged to comprehensively insure the fences constructed on the land under this Boundary Fencing Package and such insurance should commence from on or before the date construction of the fencing commences; and This fencing package is a contract between the Seller and original Buyer and not transferable to subsequent Buyers without written permission from the Seller. For more information about Garden Fencing North London visit on our website :

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