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TrigasDM offers most trusted, advanced and state-of-the-art built liquid flow measurement technology suited for various cost effective, industry niche operations. The liquid flowmeters that we offer are carefully calibrated and best in accuracy. Get in touch with today and let us deliver you best accessories and solutions custom designed for your special measurement tasks. Interested individuals can dial +49 8165 9999300 for instant query soling and quotation. Also, visit our website for more product details. Visit us:-https://www.trigasdm.com/en/produkte/liquid-flowmeters/


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Performance & Specification Guide of Liquid Flowmeters :

Performance & Specification Guide of Liquid Flowmeters Liquid flowmeters’ performance can be expressed in several ways and within the industry there is some imaginative specification writing. What is meant by performance? What does full scale deflection linearity really mean? Is a repeatable liquid flowmeter ever any use? What about discrimination, uncertainty and range ability? Check out the performance and specification list of liquid flowmeters available in today’s mainstream market.

Calibration Uncertainty :

Calibration Uncertainty How good liquid flowmeters’ calibration uncertainty is forms the basis of all the performance claims. It is a figure rarely quoted other than by certified calibration houses. No calibration, even fully traceable ones, can be absolute as there is an uncertainty on every single measurement all the way back to the national standards.


Liquid flowmeter is a complicated product depending on a large number of variables including pressure, temperature, density, compressibility etc. Each of these measurements has an effect on the ultimate calibration result. The very best calibration houses claim an uncertainty of ±0.02% but more typical is ±0.1%. This is the base value on which all the other accuracy statements are founded. If the uncertainty quoted is ±0.02% the meter cannot be specified as being more accurate than that even if the repeatability and linearity are less than ±0.1% - the basic calibration uncertainty is the overriding number

Repeatability :

Repeatability The ability of a liquid flowmeter to give the same result on repeated runs under the same operating conditions should not be confused with accuracy or linearity. Without excellent repeatability a flowmeter can’t have good performance. Normally, multiple points are taken at each calibration point to check the repeatability although these are not always reported on the calibration certificate. A highly repeatable liquid flowmeter can be calibrated in-situ may be perfect for situations like batching application where any offset can be reliably accounted for.

Linearity :

Linearity The linearity of a liquid flowmeter is the ability of the device to remain within defined limits over its entire specified flow range. The standard way of expressing linearity is off reading this is where the percentage error at every flow rate within the operating range is specified. An alternative linearity definition, used in some sections of the industry, is percentage of full scale deflection or FSD linearity.

Discrimination :

Discrimination This term is the same as resolution. The liquid flowmeters ’ quoted discrimination determines how small a measurement can be made. Quoted discrimination has nothing to do with accuracy. For example a liquid flowmeter which only gives 1 pulse per liter may do it between 0.999 and 1.001 liters for every pulse 0.1% accuracy but poor discrimination. Whereas another liquid flowmeter may give 100 pulses per liter but only within 1% accuracy i.e. 99 to 101 pulses for each liter the discrimination is better but the accuracy is not.


Liquid Flowmeter Range Ability: This is the ratio of minimum to maximum flow and is usually dependent on the flowmeter technology used, the flow rate and the application. Some liquid flowmeters in a production process may be required to measure flow very accurately at almost constant flow. In this case the range of the meter may only be 4:1 but the accuracy over that range could be ±0.2%. By comparison liquid flowmeters for use on pilot plant, or as general tools in research, may require a 100.1 range but only ±0.1% accuracy.

TrigasDM – Your Right Choice for Buying Liquid Flowmeters :

TrigasDM – Your Right Choice for Buying Liquid Flowmeters With years of experience in flowmeters ’ development and calibration, the company – TrigasDM – now offers you the state-of-the-art flow measurement technology from its own production house. TrigasDM provides a selection of selected accessories to offer you the solution for your measuring task from a single source. Together we will find the perfect solution for your special measuring task. Convince yourself of our individual customer service – call us. We are looking forward to your measuring task and to you. Use the below information to get in touch with TrigasDM Trigas DM GmbH Erdinger Str 2b, D-85375 Neufahrn , Germany Telephone: +49-8165-9999-300 Fax: +49-8165-9999-369 Email: lampros.michail@trigasdm.com Website: www.trigasdm.com

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