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DISCOVER REAL FITNESS AT THIS BOXING GYM IN DOCKLANDS INTRODUCTION Boxing gym is a fitness extension to Boxing/Kickboxing. It is a high intensity exercise routine with simple instructions which makes this routine wonderful It proves to be an exciting and fast- paced boxing training in a controlled environment that will definitely get you adrenalized. It is strongly recommended for everyone across all age groups. FITNESS BOXING AND IT’S BENEFITS Fitness boxing provides the benefits of a conventional boxing without the risks of compelling punches or suffering head trauma. Thus it has various kinds of health benefits because it constantly necessitates you to reason alter your position and change your posture. It boosts strength and stamina by engaging your arms moving the muscles of your wrist and shoulders working up your core muscles back thighs and legs. Stronger muscles definitely make it easier to get the daily chores done and improve longevity. Fitness boxing is an efficient aerobic exercise as well. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure heart disease stroke and diabetes. It tends to strengthen the bones burn more calories and brighten up your mood. It also boosts endurance levels.

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Apart from that aerobic exercise is accompanied with improvement in a number of brain functions. Boxing specifically is known for improving eye-hand coordination and possibly makes you feel more alert and attentive. Another benefit of the Boxing Gym in Melbourne is offering better balance. The more you keep changing your position and challenging your balance. the better your balance reaction becomes. It helps maintaining the right posture. TRIBUTE BOXING TRAINING MELBOURNE Tribute Boxing and Fitness is a boxing gym in Docklands. It was initiated to revolutionize people’s bodies and restrictive beliefs by introducing such workout routines and encourage it worldwide for athletes to unite and inspire or be inspired by. They not only offer boxing training and functional exercises but also one on one sessions. These classes are managed and administered by former World Boxing Champion Will Tomlinson an Australian super featherweight boxer and well known coach Jay Milford-Robertson. They claim to be a real gym for real people and building everyday champions. According to them the pain we feel today is the strength we feel tomorrow. Their sessions are run by a team of qualified trainers who don’t just sell a workout but also self-belief confidence mental toughness discipline courage and resilience. Furnished with state of the art gym equipment offers the most efficient boxing training and functional fitness exercise in Collins Square. The most loved feature of is that the trainees can set their own timetable by choosing the sessions at their own convenience using the centre’s mobile application. The fitness centre also offers a

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variety of membership packages to choose from. They organize various boxing championships called ‘Fight Nights’ to encourage sportsmanship and create challenging environments. Thus at one can enjoy the fitness and challenges of boxing a safe and fun- filled environment without having to face the punches. Hence making them the best Boxing Training in Melbourne. Tribute Boxing Website :

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