Are you looking for reliable personal injury lawyer in Perth?

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Trewin Norman & Co is renowned for being the best personal injury lawyer in Perth. We are specialised in offering legal advice and representation in all areas of personal injury law including motor vehicle accidents, criminal injury, car accidents and workers compensation. Visit for more details.


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Are You Looking For A Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer In Perth?:

Are You Looking For A Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer In Perth?


Are you tired of dealing with the legal aftermath of a personal injury? Don’t worry; Get the individual attention your case needs with the help of Trewin Norman & Co!


Trewin Norman & Co provides strong representation and expert advice in the area of personal injury in Perth. We provide exceptional legal service in the areas of compensation claims and personal injury.


The area of personal injury law can be stressful without a proper guidance. With expertise and knowledge, our friendly lawyers will be happy to assist you at every stage of legal process.


LEGAL SERVICES Our experienced and dedicated lawyers are specialised in the following areas: Motor vehicle accidents Workers compensation Criminal injury Public liability Super claims


WHY HIRE US? Experience - We have been standing up for the rights of Australians for more than three decades and satisfied many personal injury and worker’s compensation clients. Assistance – Unlike other law firms, we walk with you in every stage of the legal process and assist you in understanding the claim process to ensure that you receive your legal right to compensation. Honest & Unbiased – We will work with you, guide you through the legal process and keep you fully informed about your claim. Maximum Compensation – Our injury lawyers will strive hard to maximise your claim payout. Excellent service – You will receive outstanding legal service from our dedicated personal injury lawyers.


AFFORDABLE LEGAL SERVICE We do not charge for initial consultation If no compensation is paid we do not collect legal fee for your claim Legal fees will be claimed only at the time of settlement, if you receive the compensation


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