Advantages of Choosing Budget-Friendly Hotels in Gokarna


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Gokarna is a small and beautiful town located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. The town is home to many beaches like the Gokarna beach, Om beach, Kudle beach, Honalgadde beach, Kagal beach, Half moon beach, Small hell beach, Heaven beach, God’s own beach, Mystery Cave beach and many more. It is better to choose any budget hotels in Gokarna rather than some high-end resorts. This will offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay at an affordable cost. There are even many other advantages of choosing these affordable cottages in Gokarna.


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A D V A N T A G E S O F C H O O S I N G B U D G E T - F R I E N D L Y H O T E L S I N G O K A R N A

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Gokarna  Gokarna is considered as the epitome of natural beauty and serenity in South India. Gokarna has something in store for everyone including nature lovers architecture enthusiasts devotees adrenaline junkies etc. Choose any budget hotels in Gokarna enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay at an affordable cost. There are many advantages of choosing these affordable cottages in Gokarna.

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Why Choose Budget- Friendly Hotels in Gokarna Affordable Rent Savings Good Amenities Food Better Room Area

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1 . A f f o r d a b l e R e n t You can save your bucks to a great extent if you choose a budget hotel. That is you can stay for seven days in a low- priced hotel at the same expense that you would have to spend for a two-day stay at any high-priced one. You can also utilize this money to explore many other beautiful places in Gokarna and make your trip more memorable and exciting.

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2. Savings You can spend the savings that you got from booking rooms in low budget hotels on other things such as funfairs food drinks etc. This will help you to create more beautiful memories than with any high-end and posh resorts. Furthermore you will only need to spend just a few hours in your room as Gokarna is more of an outdoor place. Hence it is a sheer waste to spend big amounts for a luxury of mere hours.

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3. Good Amenities Choosing budget hotels does not mean that you will have to compromise on the services. Most of the budget hotels in Gokarna offer amenities like TV morning breakfast tea and coffee machines bars etc. Some of these hotels also provide facilities like swimming pools and spa for their customers.

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4. Food In Budget Food in budget hotels is very reasonably priced. This will save you from spending a lion share of your holiday expenses on snacks and beverages. Additionally most of these hotels provide complimentary breakfast as well. However do not forget to try the special thali meals and seafood when in Gokarna.

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5. Better Room Area With the same money that you spend on a small room in any five-star hotels you can choose a super deluxe room in budget-friendly hotel in Gokarna. Furthermore try to choose hotel rooms that will allow you to have the benefit of a stunning sea view as that would surely take your stay to the next level.

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T R E K A R N A Explore off beat trekking and holidays at Gokarna and enjoy the sun and sand while relaxing at the beautiful beaches. w w w . t r e k a r n a . c o m

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