5 Reasons to use Auto LPG in Vehicles

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There are many reasons to use Auto LPG in our vehicles. It is cheaper than any other fuel. It is eco-friendly fuel so it has less effects on environment. It emits less co2 in environment. Most of the companies now manufacturing their vehicle with auto LPG kit


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5 Reasons to use Auto LPG in Vehicles There are many vehicle users across all the world which makes environment polluted. Pollution increases as number of vehicles increase. Because when petrol or diesel burns in engine it emits carbon dioxide which is having extremely adverse effects on environment. Now a day’s people are concern about pollution and surrounding environment. They all know about its adverse effects on health. So now people are turning towards the LPG vehicles so that it can help to reduce the pollution. Auto LPG is now popular around the world as people know the advantage of using LPG. In current situation there are about 21 million auto gas vehicles worldwide. In India number of auto gas station are growing fast with more than 425 cities already covered with 1000+ stations. There are number of auto gas stations in Nagpur Maharashtra already established. Now number of auto gas vehicles also increasing there. Reasons Why Auto LPG might be a good choice for you 1. Healthier for the Environment as Compared to Petrol and Diesel – Better for environment and this is the best point of Auto LPG. LPG offers many environmental benefits. It gives clean air amount of carbon dioxide emission is decreased. And particulate emission is also less. With auto gas there is reduction of CO2 is up to 15 compared to petrol vehicles. 80 of particulates are eliminated by replacing a diesel engine with LPG engine. At the time of LPG filling tank is completely sealed so it is also beneficial during refueling. When we fill petrol or diesel chemical vapors also leak into the environment and it can also be inhaled at the time of respiration. But with Autogas this will not happen.

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2. Reduce fuel cost Auto LPG is cheaper than petrol or diesel. It has low running cost. It gives cost saving of between 50 to 65 cents per lit. With auto LPG you can save fuel cost. Converting to LPG will generally deliver a cost saving of between 50 to 65 cents per liter. This means that over the lifetime of your car you would end up with impressive savings on your fuel costs. This type of saving is made LPG conversion popular. 3. No Adverse Effect On Health Fumes and gas emitted by diesel burning is said to be Group 1 carcinogen with asbestos smoking and other harmful gases. Even experts says that the diesel exhaust are more carcinogenic than second-hand cigarette smoke. Diesel exhaust has increased the risk of lung and bladder cancer in human. These fine particles goes into the deepest part of the lungs and can cause asthma attacks bronchitis emphysema heart disease and cancer. 4. Autogas reduced maintenance cost of vehicles This fuel is more efficient for engines. Autogas burns very clean and there are no deposition in engine. With petrol and diesel deposits can build over time reducing efficiency of engines. This deposits leads to high maintenance

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cost. Spark plugs and Engine oils get less damaged by auto gas so no need to change it frequently. It totally increase engine life and lower the maintenance cost. 5. Safety Auto LPG is safer than any other fuels. LPG system is installed with innumerable of safety device and designs. Heavy gauge steel tank is the safety characteristic of autogas. LPG tank has no issue of hole in tanks as it is made up of steel. Petrol tanks are plastic tank so it can be get puncture at any time. All this reasons makes Autogas safer and efficient. Transwell Automall Private Limited’s Essay Petroleum is auto LPG station in Nagpur providing clean auto LPG for vehicles. It is best LPG pump in Nagpur at Bagadganj Road Wardhaman nagar.

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