5 Benefits of Being an Certified Electrician


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Electricians who are certified have higher chances of being hired as a qualified supervisor. Electrician who wants to be registers themselves as a licensed electrician in Australia, must register with Callfixie.com


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Benefits of being a certified electrician • Job Security and Opportunities: • According to the bureau of labor statistics the demand for qualified electrician will increase in the coming years. Electrician who are certified have higher chances of being hired as a qualified supervisor managers and superintendents

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Average Wages By Trades

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• On the job training: Advantage of having certification as an electrician guaranteed you to learn and earn. • Higher Salaries: In recent survey it is found that certified electrician get higher salaries as compared to professional in the same field. On average a certified electrician make over 48000 a year. • Respected Profession: All trades skills especially electrician are well respected and considered as one of the respected profession. Being certified electrician provides immense scope and opportunity. • Better Job Opportunity :There is a huge demand of skilled tradesmen especially for electrician. • Demand for electrician: There is huge demand of certified electrician all over the world. Recent development in technology also created higher demands for electrician.

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How To Get Certified • Callfixie Register As Fixie : callfixie.com Register : Building your Fixie profile is quick and easy Get Certified : After registering you will be declared qualified by us after you provide relevant certificates and documentation

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• View Jobs: Find Jobs related to yours trades skills provide quotes for jobs Provide Quotes: Browsing through the job details you can provide your quote. Complete Job: Once the details have been shared you can contact the customer to arrange a time to complete the job.

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About CallFixie : CallFixie Emergency Plumbing Home Improvement Services in Australia CallFixie is providing a solution connecting the customers and Fixies. Our aim is to simplify this entire process of finding a Fixie and getting a job done as much as possible. We aim at helping the Fixies too in finding jobs all ‘round the year.

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