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MTJ Paint & Body Shop 4510 NW 32nd Ave., Miami, FL 33142 (305) 632-1914 MTJ Paint and Body Shop was established in 1998 and we strive and meet all of our customers needs. Our policies and standards are designed in order to provide prompt and professional service to our customers. No one likes to be involved in an accident, but our staff will help make the experience as easy as possible. We are fully equipped with the latest estimating systems and equipment required for repairs and to help with insurance estimates. Whether your car needs a fresh new look, or you were involved in a car accident and need repairs on your car we will restore your vehicle to factory specifications.


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Miami Paint and Body Shop Offer Fresh Coat for Your Automotive Miami paint and body shop comes the rescue of the car owners when the vehicle paint starts to lose its luster. This indicates the need for fresh paint coat to increase the value and the looks of your car give it new like shine. Exposure to the elements and other factors take a toll on the appearance of the vehicles so the auto shops offer services like touch ups and paint matching to restore richness of paint. Miami Paint and Body Shop use advanced avant-garde equipment for the painting process with services like wheel alignment and collision repair. Some of the common benefits of the services available from them include the following. Covering the imperfections Regular use of the car means that it has to face rough conditions of the road fury of the elements and other hazards that are part of daily driving. It leads to unsightly dents scratches dings rusting fading of the paint and even peeling. Wear and tear of the body parts and the surface is a natural consequence of aging. This means that the paint starts to appear dull and ugly as the paint gloss naturally fades. Waxing does help but still you need to take it to Miami paint and body shop for complete overhauling of the looks and functioning. The shop fixes the surface imperfections does repair as required and apply fresh paint coat so that the vehicle has a shiny and smooth finish all over again. The function of the shop is to restore the showroom like look of the vehicle and help retain the resale value with their work. Their job gives added protection to the paint as they use both wax and sealant to give a sleek finish. This layer works as protective barrier against various contaminants. It remains shielded from any further damage with the work done by Miami paint and body shop professionals. Moisture UV rays pollution corrosion and dust take their toll on the looks and the functioning of the car so the work by the body shop reverses such negative effects completely. For this reason car owners depend upon the professionals to help maintain the car in the best possible way. This of course increases the resale value of the vehicle as there are no scratches with smooth and beautiful finish. Repainting of the vehicle improves the appearance giving a brand new clean looks that you love. By sending your car to the Miami paint and body shop you gain peace of mind and increase the value of the vehicle as well. The most important thing is to take your car to the experts immediately in spite of small fender bender or bump with door of the neighboring vehicle.

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Body Shop in Aventura Help Identify Some Irregular Sounds that Signal Repair Needs Body shop in Aventura have car owners come to them complaining of some irregular sounds coming out from the car. This might indicate repair needs for your vehicles. Modern car is reliable but you have to go for time-to-time maintenance so that it works smoothly. One part of this is the sounds coming out from the car when it starts or is running. Everyone that drives their vehicle on a regular basis is familiar with the common sounds so when there is something unusual or new for a change you take it to body shop in Aventura. Louder and frequent noises signify that you need experts to examine this without fail as fast as possible. Here are some common noises that indicate some type of trouble. Screeching and squealing sound when you use the brake This might indicate need for brake pad replacement replacement or resurfacing of rotor. Such noises mostly signify wearing out of the brake hardware so that the pad does not release in a proper way. This leads to generation of excessive noise and heat. Vehicle manufacturers often build in indication system to help identify brake wear. This emits squealing noise and indicates replacement requirement for brake pads at body shop in Aventura. Installation of brake pads and rotors makes sure that the driver is able to stop quietly and safely so that there is no further vehicle damage. Grinding noises when you brake In case of grinding sound upon the application of pressure on the brake pedal the repair shop might suggest replacement of the pads. This might also indicate that something rubs against brake rotors in a wrong way. Brake pads might go beyond wear limit with uneven and rough contact to rotors. This can be something even more serious as grinding of the pistons or brake calipers against rotor. Such grinding noises often indicate absence of pads and the need to replace rotor according to experts at body shop in Aventura. Take it to the repair shop without wasting time because any delays lead to more danger and damage to the brake hydraulics or caliper. This might grind through rotor causing brake failure. Rattling rumbling or sputtering exhaust noises Such sounds coming out from under your car indicates presence of hole in the exhaust system. The repair involves reattachment of loose pipe attachment of new muffler or replacement of pipe section damaged due to corrosion. Catalytic converter that reduces the emission from polluting vehicles might need repair as well at the body shop in Aventura. When you hear rattling sound when the car stops at stop light this often signals bad catalytic converter. Similarly squealing or chirping noise from below the hood indicates that you need to replace the drive belt.

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Body Shop in Fort Lauderdale for Effective Car Servicing Some issues with the car might seem small but when you ignore these it often leads to huge repair bills. The small problems are warning signs that tell the owner that something is wrong with their car. Professional mechanics at body shop in Fort Lauderdale should service and inspect the car regularly to identify problems quickly and give you solutions. Unaddressed issues often shorten lifespan of the vehicle and compromise its safety. Grinding or squealing sounds when the car stops indicates problems related to rotors calipers or brake pads. These require immediate servicing by the experts. Presence of oil spots below the car indicates leaks and this undermines the lifespan of the vehicle. Proper lubrication is necessary for the car to run smoothly and this eventually comes to a halt as the engine locks up after a time. You have to take this to body shop in Fort Lauderdale as soon as you spot oil leaking. Leakage of green liquid or the radiant coolant is another serious issue. The function of the coolant is to maintain the temperature of the engine that the manufacturers dye green for safety. Coolant leaks lead to overheating of the engine and expensive repairs. Such leaking coolant is poisonous to the pets. If your car start slow this might indicate the presence of dying or dead battery so take it to the body shop Fort Lauderdale immediately. Excessive vibration as you drive signifies need for adjustment of tire alignment or replacement of the tires. Unusually loud noise when the car is running might mean that it requires new muffler and squealing noises with the starting of the car or A/C indicates problems with serpentine belt. This powers essential components as alternator water pump or power steering. The good thing these days is that the modern cars often tell the owners when there is a problem with any of its parts. This means you can take it to the body shop in Fort Lauderdale as soon as particular issues arise and this does not get a chance to turn serious. Check engine yellow light on the dashboard means that the vehicle requires immediate servicing of that part. Strange noises are common source of worry for the owners such as crunching gears. This indicates wear and tear of the gearbox with replacement need for various parts and fluids. As you change the gear if crunching noise is present go for car servicing. Metal to metal scraping sounds might mean that some broken part is scraping upon another part resulting in damage to both the parts. If there is steam or smoke from under car bonnet it often means problems or the overheating of the radiator. Steam has white color and when this happens let the experts at body shop in Fort Lauderdale check this.

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Will Car Painting in Miami Protect the Vehicle Body Car painting in Miami often is an expression of the personality of the owner. Its quality assures that the body of the car remains protected from the various environmental influences. Rusting is a big worry as this compromise with the appearance of your vehicle as this led to peeling of the surface in worst situation. Automotive paint prevents rust that originates once at electrolyte cathode and anode. Bodywork of the car works as cathode or anode water and even rainwater serves as electrolyte. Once there are levels off for the automotive car painting in Miami or this gets scratch there is loss of protective car paint. There is corrosion due to electrochemical process. Manufactures use different types of steel to design car body rust is visible as different types of iron oxides deposit. With the damage to the protective car layer and the formation of the rust progress occurs without you even realizing until it becomes too late. Painting the body of the car is most important to keep up appearances and get the maximum possible resale values. Car paint is present in multiple layers and every layer is few micrometers thick. Auto painting in Miami might involve 20 stages in the overall process as cleaning drying and degreasing. Here are some of the involved steps.  Preparation: this involves cleaning and thorough degreasing of the body. The detail shop applies the first coat of phosphate as corrosion protector. Later this works as crucial layer that facilitates the bonding of the paint.  Electro-coating: this is the second part where there is deposition of paint particles in solid for on the chassis with the electrophoresis.  Spray process: this involve the use of spray booth for the application of primer. This primer works as protective and leveling layer.  Base coat spray: the technicians now spray base coat on car body. Final finish for auto painting in Miami as part of the base coat can be either metallic or solid. Solid gives easier process ability. Application of the metallic base coats is somewhat difficult because it is necessary to align this in single direction in order to obtain smooth surfaces.  Clear coat application: this tends to be the final step in the painting process and this protects the body of the car made of steel material in most cases. This protects from damage against ultra violet rays and abrasion. Most cars tend to have a glossy shiny clear and reflective appearance but these days the trend is matte finish. With the matte finish the owners have somewhat hazy appearance. Rotational rheometer supports the application of the paint on the car. The car painting process in Miami involves knowledge to paint viscosity and this leads to long lasting effects. Rheometer facilitates perfect finish and process ability.

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