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The Hong Kong tourist sim card allows you to use your mobile phone to receive and make calls, send emails and messages. so here, we are sharing some Rechargeable SIM Cards in Hong Kong.


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Hong Kong Tourist Rechargeable SIM Cards :

Hong Kong Tourist Rechargeable SIM Cards As you set foot on Hong Kong, the  Hong Kong tourist sim card  allows you to use your mobile phone to receive and make calls, send receive messages and go as far as accessing your email and internet while on the go. The  Hong Kong data sim  card can be used by overseas travelers, and those headed into mainland china. If you are a tourist headed to mainland China, then you have three Hong Kong data sims to pick from. For those who will be visiting Thailand, you will need the sim card Thailand for you to have a great stay. 1 . The 10 Day 4G / 3G Prepaid Sim Card   This is a Hong Kong Data Sim Card that operates on a 4G platform in mainland china. They come with a 1.5GB data limit usage that is applicable only within the mainland or Hong Kong. To use this sim card beyond its 10 day limit you will have to top up with a card to extend its validity. Supports iPhone 6 and above, Samsung Note 5 or Galaxy A9 as well LG phones.

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2. The Single SIM Card With 2 Numbers Prepaid Hong Kong Sim Card   This is a sim card with two mobile numbers attached to it. It is usable in 4G networks within mainland China and as far as Hong Kong and its environs. Calling from the mainland goes for as low as $0.6 (Hong Kong dollars) a minute. You can use this card for roaming while in china as you enjoy a special package called the china and Hong Kong data package. Every time you refill this sim are you get a bonus discount of 33% and a free ring back tone. Porting numbers from other networks is also available. 3. China Hong Kong 1-Card-2-Number This is an easy to use China Hong Kong tourist sim card because you can manage calls in the two areas on a single sim card. There is a guaranteed 20 voice call minutes every month if used within Beijing and shanghai. The sim card supports mobile roaming data services within China. 4. The Inbound Tourists   For a tourist who has intentions of spending most of his time into the mainland, several affordable traveler tourist sim card options are available.

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6. The Tourist Mobile or Fixed Talk Prepaid SIM   With a reach of over 31 destination countries, it is an excellent choice for roaming. There is the option of having it as a fixed line or on mobile. It is divided into a 1 day / 7days or 30 days’ data packages. 7. Buying a Sim Card Thailand   Lots of travelers look forward to stay connected on a phone network that is reliable and works with the phones they are already using . Getting hold on to a   Sim  Card Thailand  is rather a straight forward and an affordable process. They are readily available on any utility shop within the airports. You only need to present your passport so that you can have your details registered. Many phones come with the latest technology of using a micro sim . If your phone still uses the nano sim , you can buy a Hong Kong adapter for use with your phone instead of buying another phone. 5 . The Individual Traveler Prepaid SIM Card   This is recommended for anyone who uses a 4G / 3G handset and wants to 3G lite Data package. The first 5 days you get an upwards of 1.5GB data with calls within mainland China costing up to $0.25 per minute.

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