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Toshikatsu Saito | Rights Blockchain Dapp ICO Toshikatsu Saito

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Born ​in 1968 TOSHIKATSU SAITO is a Business Strategy Advisor for RIGHTS . ​Toshikatsu Saito ​ firmly believes in that the "100-year era of life" will cease and if the way of working "adviser" spreads it will support the Japanese economy . After serving as a salaried worker for 23 years he became an advisor to a major IT company and since then he has been involved in about 140 companies as advisors . As most Japanese companies are small and medium enterprises and the talent shortage is getting worse the needs of "consultants" that solve problems of companies are rapidly expanding in the industry . He thinks that working way of "adviser" who contributes to society and earn a consideration by his own good thing is a possible way of working because it is a generation capable of graduating from serving the organization . In 2016 he founded the "Association of Professional Advisers R General Association Professional Association" that only persons who received the recommendation of three or more companies can join and was appointed as a Representative Director . The association develops educational programs and seminars including "advisory juku" and contributes to the development of the advisory industry . Before he has served as a Representative Director of Professional Adviser R Association of General Association President and Representative Director STeam Corporation . Later he switched his career into Sony Corporations movies games and music subsidiaries and became independent in 2012 . He served as an advisor for more than 140 companies as a consultant including Rakuten Co . Ltd . and UUUM Co . Ltd He is also a President and Representative Director of STeam Corporation . It is an Avex EYE member which advises corporations in Japan and overseas . Toshikatsu Saito holds varying expertise in numerous sectors of organizations such as Project Management Strategic Planning Program Management Business Analysis Strategy Business Process Improvement Marketing Strategy Business Development Business Planning Management Consulting Business Strategy Change Management . The various expertise held by him has earned him a Business Strategy Advisor for RIGHTS . Rights Blockchain Based ICO

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RIGHTS is a platform that aims at providing a modern platform where artists and fans can interact and discover exciting work . Koji Machi and his team have put all their efforts in developing RIGHTS to make sure that all the aspects of the platform such as it’s backend interface and features are entirely user-friendly and secure . The blockchain technology and several of its features form the backend of the RIGHTS platform . Smart Contracts ensure that both parties involved in the agreement fulfill the terms and conditions of a contract . Rights ​Blockchain Based ICO ​ public ledger is maintained featuring all the transactions that are done within the platform to ensure transparency and security .

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