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Ergonomics System Administrator Meeting


Ergonomics: Also referred to as human engineering, erogonimics is concerned with helping people interact more comfortably and efficiently with their environment, whether at home, work or on the playing field.

What are CTDs?: 

What are CTDs? Subtle injuries that can affect the muscles, tendons and nerves at body joints, especially the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, back and knees. CTDs most frequently occur as a result of strain from performing the same task on a continuous basis. This strain can slowly build over time. The most common types of CTD injuries - RMI & CTS

Ergonomic Risk Factors:: 

Ergonomic Risk Factors: Repetitive Motion Excessive Force Awkward Posture

Other Risk Factors:: 

Other Risk Factors: Working with vibrating tools Working in cold environment Being in poor physical condition


Prevention: Analyze Minimize Neutralize

Your Workstation...: 

Your Workstation... Proper Height Don’t Overreach

Other Ergonomic Reminders...: 

Other Ergonomic Reminders... Use Material Handling Equipment Push don’t pull Avoid twisting Lift with your legs, never your back Store materials strategically Use Ergo-tools

Standing Tips...: 

Standing Tips... Try placing one foot on a low stool or similar object Change standing positions frequently Wear comfortable shoes and standing on a cushioned mat

Sitting... : 

Sitting... Select the right chair Sit close to your desk Phone headsets Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Suggestions for Computer Operators...: 

Ergonomic Suggestions for Computer Operators... Monitor Keyboard Document Holder Wristpads Glare Shields/VDT Shields

Physical Fitness...: 

Physical Fitness... Aerobic Exercise Micro Breaks

Ergonomic Quiz: 

Ergonomic Quiz

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