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Animals By ----: 

Animals By ---- Mohit Jain. Kartikay Desai. Ayush Gangwal. Pulkit Chhabra.

Importance Of Reproduction.: 

Importance Of Reproduction. Reproduction is important because if living being do not reproduce , the specie will become extinct like dodoes.

Types Of Reproduction : 

Types Of Reproduction There are 2 types of reproduction. They are ------- When animals & birds lay eggs and baby bird comes out. Ex – Kea Parrot. When animals, birds, human being give birth to young ones (directly without laying eggs).Ex – horse.

Kinds Of Mammals. : 

Kinds Of Mammals. Terrestrial mammals live on land. Ex – Polar Bear. Aquatic mammals live in water. Ex – Blue Whale . Amphibians live both in water& land. Ex – Toads. Arboreal mammals live & eat on trees. Ex – Monkey. Aerial mammals spent lot of time flying. Ex – Bat .

Life Cycle Of A Frog.: 

Life Cycle Of A Frog. Frogs lay many eggs at a time. The black dot inside the jelly like egg becomes a tadpole. A tadpole has a tail & legs growing. The legs become longer & the tail become shorter. The young frog looks like its parent. Ti has has a small tail . It has become an adult frog and lives on land . It also reproduce after few years.

Extinct Animals.: 

Extinct Animals. Extinct animals means extinguished dead. The two Extinct Animals are ------ Dodos . They are extinct because animals like Hogs escaped to the woods , multiplied , and destroyed many of the dodoes eggs. This is why Dodoes are ‘ Extinct Animals. Archaeopteryx ------ Archaeopteryx are fathered dino. They are extinct before one million years ago.   

Endanger Species.: 

Endanger Species. Some people hunt wild animals just for fun . Others kill them to sell their body parts. In this way their number becomes less, lesser, and least. That is why they are called ‘Endanger Species’ Some endanger species are------ Tiger Deer Python Elephant Yak .

Wild Life Sanctuaries.: 

Wild Life Sanctuaries. Kaziranga National Park.{Assam}. It is famous for its ‘01 Horned Rihnosaures.’. Bandhipur National Park.{Karnataka}. It is famous for its ‘Pretty Birds’ Gid Forest. {Gujarat}. It is famous for its ‘Beautiful Manned Lion.’ Sundarban National Park. { West Bengal.} It is famous for its ‘ Beautifully Striped Tigers’ .

Adaptation : 

Adaptation Special changes in the body of a living thing or it’s lifestyle so that it can survive in it’s habitat.

Adaptation according to ‘Environment: 

Terrestrial ---- Terrestrial animals live on land. They have legs to move with. Their breathing system takes oxygen in from the air.Their sense organs and nervous system are very well developed so they can sense any change around them. This helps them to find and escape from enemies . Adaptation according to ‘Environment


Arboreal Arboreal animals spend a lot of time on trees . They also sleep and eat there .E.g Monkey .


Aquatic Aquatic animals have adaptations so that they are able to live in or near water. These animals have to move about in water and often breathe underwater too .They can swim well with the help of their boat-shaped body ,their fins and their tails.

Collective noun and Similes.: 

Collective noun and Similes. A swarm of bees were sucking nectar near my house. A gaggle of geese where eating corn in the farm . A pride of lions were seen in the jungle . My friend was as cunning as a fox. The hero was as brave as a lion .

Application of knowledge: 

Application of knowledge Science ---- A life cycle of frog , butterfly. Study of animals . Geography -----Location of animal sanctuaries and reserves. History----Study of extinct animals.e.g black rhino. e.v.s----Developments of forests.Strict band of hunting. English lit----Self made poem on national animal or bird. Eng Lang----Similes.

Fascinating Facts.: 

Fascinating Facts. All mammals except man & monkey are color blind Wasps makes paper. The only mammal that have shell is Pangolin. Termites make nests which are bigger than a man.

Did You Know ?: 

Did You Know ? The Asian grasshopper can jump up to 15 feet. A camel stores fat, not water , in its Hump. Eel is a snake – like fish. It has jaws ,small sharp teeth and no ventral fins. The tusks of an elephant are the incisors of its upper jaws.


Acknowledgement Ms.H.Prasad Enjoying science—4 M.S.Encarta--2000

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