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Phi Alpha Delta, International Charles Hughes Chapter University of Denver Sturm College of Law: 

Phi Alpha Delta, International Charles Hughes Chapter University of Denver Sturm College of Law Proposal for Pro-Bono Legal Research Clinic Prepared By Terry Wyles (

PAD Chronic Issues:: 

PAD Chronic Issues: Improving Visibility Improving Recruitment Improving Member Participation Engaging Alumni Members Improving Fundraising Meeting the Four Goals of PAD’s Motto

Phi Alpha Delta’s Motto:: 

Phi Alpha Delta’s Motto: Service to the Student Service to the School Service to the Profession Service to the Community Historically, the Charles Hughes Chapter at DU has been involved in blood drives, Habitat for Humanity, and burrito sales. However, while laudable, these activities do not do much to develop the student member, nor are they effective fundraisers for the Chapter. Each of these four prongs of PAD’s motto needn’t be viewed or treated discretely from the other prongs.


GOAL: Create Phi-Alpha-Delta activities at DU that simultaneously address the four prongs of our motto.

New Idea: Issue: 

New Idea: Issue Many attorneys along the front range perform occasional pro bono work in various areas. Often, the reality is that a pro bono case is only going to get so much investment in time and money by a firm, especially a small shop. Consequently, in-depth, time-consuming, and expensive legal research may suffer for such charity cases – it’s just an economic reality.


New Idea: What to do about it? Leverage our assets — Conduct a pro-bono case legal-research exercise or clinic with the cooperation of an electronic legal-research firm such as Lexis-Nexis, WestLaw, or LoisLaw: “The Phi-Alpha-Delta Pro-Bono Legal-Research Clinic” Lexis-Nexis has already shown some initial interest.


New Idea: General Concept PAD would advertise/solicit attorneys along Colorado’s front range to buy pro-bono case legal-research time from PAD student members in 15-minute slots, 30 minutes, minimum buy.  The pricing structure TBD. DU PAD student members would meet with each participating attorney to gather their research requirements, as well as to get the attorney to sign an agreement that states that they are only using our services for charitable/pro-bono work. This would not violate the DU contract with Lexis-Nexis, as the work is both for educational purposes and pro-bono. DU PAD students will conduct the necessary electronic research, gathering resultant electronic docs for transmittal to the subscribing attorney and writing a summary memorandum. Each DU PAD student will keep a log of time spent for both billing reasons as well as application toward his or her 50-hour Public-Service requirement to graduate from DU Law. All attorney contact information and engagement agreements will be copied to Lexis-Nexis for marketing purposes.


New Idea: 7 Advantages Gives quality opportunities to DU PAD student members to work with/network with attorneys along Colorado’s front range. Gives DU PAD student members more opportunities to hone their electronic-research skills for the benefit of actual cases. May raise significant funds for PAD, as compared to the usual fund-raising schemes employed by DU Law School student organizations. Pro-bono clients get a heightened quality of case handling as a result of the research that otherwise may not have been performed. Promotes PAD’s profile at DU and in the community, and will help get PAD alumni attorneys involved with PAD again. DU PAD students will have a quality activity to apply toward his or her 50-hour Public-Service requirement to graduate from DU Law. C.R.C.P. § 260.8 attorneys who work on pro bono cases or mentor law students working on pro bono cases can receive up to four CLE credits per three-year period.


New Idea: Meets Four Goals: Service to the Student Our student members will have a practical educational exercise for each case worked, will have opportunities to network with area attorneys, and will have a meaningful way to meet their public-service requirement. Service to the School The DU Law School gains another quality outreach to the community and our profession. Also, PAD’s DU Chapter will likely realize enhanced recruitment, member involvement, and fund-raising to support other student and charitable activities. Service to the Profession Area attorneys will have an incentive to provide enhanced pro-bono services for low cost, plus the added benefit of interfacing with potential interns as well as earning CLE credits. Service to the Community Underprivileged pro-bono legal clients will receive a higher-quality of case handling from their pro-bono attorneys.

Pro-Bono Legal-Research Clinic: 

Pro-Bono Legal-Research Clinic Please e-mail Terry Wyles at or call him at 303-880-0884 with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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