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A. Expressions: to work on an enormous project to be in love with to approve of to be dedicated to come up with an idea to refashion the doll into the most famous figure on the planet to rise to fame to capture the world’s attention to stand alongside 11. there was no doubt 12. to pose for the portrait 13. the fame she gained from 14. to save her from a very boring life 15. to go against tradition 16. to liberate...from... 17. to earn a reputation for 18. to sign a contract with sb. 19. to be short for 20. to evolve from Back


A. Compatible Expressions 1.设计一个大项目  to work on an enormous project (L. 2) 全世界的科学家正在致力于揭开SARS之谜。 活学活用 Scientists around the world are working hard on the mystery of SARS. Back 下一页 上一页


2.爱上某人  to be in love with sb. (L. 4) 那些热爱生活的人都乐于去爱人或者被人爱。 活学活用 Those in love with life are ready to give or receive love. 下一页 上一页 Back


3.赞成  to approve of (L. 5) 如果我的计划得不到委员会的批准,我的功夫就都白费了。 活学活用 If my plan isn’t approved of by the Committee, all my work will come to nothing. 下一页 上一页 Back


4.(自由女神像)在纽约湾北部落成  (the Statue of Liberty) to be dedicated on an island in Upper New York Bay (L. 11) 那些为国家和人民献身的人将永远活在我们心中。 活学活用 Those who have dedicated their lives to their country and people will live in our memory for ever. 下一页 上一页 Back


5.想到一个主意  to come up with an idea (L. 19) 幸福是什么?对这个问题人们有各种各样的答案。 活学活用 What is happiness? People have come up with various answers to this question. 下一页 上一页 Back


6.把这个娃娃改造成······ to refashion the doll into … (L. 23) 这条河流荒芜的两岸已经被改造成一个当地居民休闲娱乐的场所。 活学活用 The deserted banks of the river have been refashioned into a place for the local residents to take rest and leisure. 下一页 上一页 Back


7.世界上最著名的人物 the most famous…figure on the planet (L. 30) 世界上最高的山峰—珠穆朗玛峰已经被人类多次登顶。 活学活用 The Everest, the highest mountain on the planet, has been topped by human beings for many times. 下一页 上一页 Back


8.成名  to rise to fame (L. 35) 面对困难不能打退堂鼓,而要接受挑战。 活学活用 Faced with any difficulty, one should never choose to beat a retreat, but rise to the challenge. Back 下一页 上一页


9.令世界瞩目  to capture the world’s attention (L. 39) 哈里波特的故事一进入中国就引起了孩子们极大的兴趣。 活学活用 When introduced into China, the story of Harry Potter immediately captured children’s interest. Back 下一页 上一页


10.(站)在······旁边  to stand alongside (L. 41) 我非常喜欢这个女孩,以至于只要和她站在一起我就感到紧张。 活学活用 So strong was my love for the girl that whenever I stood alongside her I felt nervous. 下一页 上一页 Back


11.毫无疑问  there was no doubt (that)…(L. 42) 毫无疑问,计算机科学正在全方位改变我们的生活。 活学活用 There is no doubt that computer science is changing our life in all dimensions. 下一页 上一页 Back


12.摆好姿势······  to pose for the portrait (L. 42) 这位影星人气极旺,经常很合作地摆姿势和影迷合影。 活学活用 The film star is very popular and she often cooperatively poses for a photograph with her fans. 下一页 上一页 Back


13. ······带给她名誉  the fame she gained from …(L. 43) 在过去20年中,中国积极参与各种国际事务,赢得了尊重,结交了朋友。 活学活用 From its active involvement in various international affairs, China has gained much respect and many friends in the past 20 years. 下一页 上一页 Back


14.使她摆脱了一种乏味的生活  to save her from a very boring life (L. 43) 这起事件进一步证实,诚实不仅让他保住了饭碗,还得到了晋升。 活学活用 This incident confirmed that his honesty not only saved him from being dismissed, but got him a promotion as well. 下一页 上一页 Back


15.反传统而行  to go against tradition (L. 51) 任何有悖自然规律的事情都会遭到大自然的严厉惩罚。 活学活用 Anything that goes against the law of nature will receive severe punishment from it. 下一页 上一页 Back


16.把 ······ 从 ······ 中解放出来 to liberate…from…(L. 59) 二十世纪六、七十年代的女权运动在一定程度上把妇女从家庭中解放了出来。 活学活用 The Women’s Movement in 1960’s and 70’s has liberated them from kitchen and housework to a certain degree. 下一页 上一页 Back


17.因为人诚实、工作勤奋而赢得声誉 to earn a reputation for being honest and hard working (L. 60) 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。 活学活用 He who has endured the hardest lot can earn himself the best chance to rise above all others. 下一页 上一页 Back


18.与某人签订一份合同  to sign a contract with sb. (L. 63) 婚姻是男女之间签订的一份合约,双方都必须忠实地履行它。 活学活用 Marriage is a contract signed between a man and a woman, which must be faithfully fulfilled. 下一页 上一页 Back


19.是······的缩写  to be short for… (L. 67) SARS是“重症急性呼吸道综合症”的缩写,但是乐观者把它解释成“微笑,并保持微笑”。 活学活用 SARS is short for ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome’, but optimists interpret it as ‘Smile And Remain Smile’. Back 下一页 上一页


20.从 ······ 进化而来  to evolve from (L. 70) 2008年奥运会会徽中的人型来自于汉字“京”,指“北京”。 活学活用 The human figure in the Emblem of 2008 Olympic Games evolved from the Chinese character “Jing”(京), referring to Beijing. Back 上一页


原句:It is said that he had used his wife’s arm as the model, but felt her face was too beautiful for the statue. (L. 8) III. Expressions & Patterns 1. Typical patterns for reporting sth. It is said / reported that sb. does (did) sth. / sth. happens(ed). 据说 / 据报道,某人做(了)某事 / 某事发生(了)。 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Back 据说,他用了妻子的手臂为模本,但又觉得她的脸太漂亮,不适合做神像。


应用: a. 据说,埃及的金字塔是外星人建造的。 It is said that the pyramids in Egypt were constructed by ET (extraterrestrials). III. Expressions & Patterns 应用: b. 据报道,在理想的状况下人可以活到150岁。 It is reported that man is able to live up to 150 years under ideal conditions. 上一页 下一页 Back


2) According to sb. / a report / a story / a survey / a legend, sth. happened/sb. did sth. 据某人说/据报道/传说 / 据调查/传说, 发生了某事 / 某人做过某事。 原句: According to one story, when a government official visited the plant and asked about the letters, a creative employee told him “US” was short for “Uncle Sam” Wilson. (L. 65) 句型提炼 III. Expressions & Patterns 下一页 上一页 Back 传说有一回,有个政府官员来参观加工厂,问及这些字母的含义,一个想像丰富的雇员告诉他,“US”是“山姆大叔”威尔逊的缩写。


应用:a. 关于宇宙的诞生问题,在不同的文化中有不同的说法。有一种说法是,宇宙是上帝创造的。 For the birth of the universe, there are different versions in different cultures. According to one story, it was created by God. III. Expressions & Patterns 上一页 下一页 Back


应用:b. 据白金汉宫的消息说,女王对那些有关皇室的传闻感到很难过。 The Queen was very distressed at those rumors about the royal family, according to sources in Buckingham Palace. III. Expressions & Patterns 上一页 下一页 Back


原句:While white people had previously been used as models for most American coins, famed artist James Earle Fraser went against tradition by using three actual American Indians as models for his creation. (L. 50) III. Expressions & Patterns 2. Typical patterns for contrast: While people tend to do sth., someone goes against tradition / conventionality by doing something else. 尽管人们习惯于做某事,另有人却反传统/常规而行之,做了别的事。 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Back 尽管此前一直是白人被用作美国硬币上的模特,而著名艺术家詹姆斯  厄尔 弗雷泽却反传统而行之,启用了三名真正的美洲印第安人作为自己创作的原型。


应用:几乎所有的花儿都在春天开,但是梅花却违背常规在深冬绽放,它因不畏严寒而赢得盛誉。 III. Expressions & Patterns 上一页 While almost all flowers come into blossom in spring, the plums go against the conventionality by flowering in deep winter, thus earning a reputation for being fearless of severe cold. Back 下一页


原句:His mother could not approve of her son’s affection for a woman she had never met, but Bartholdi went ahead and married his love in 1876. (L. 5) III. Expressions & Patterns 3. Typical patterns for showing one’s persistence in doing sth. Some people object to/are opposed to/put obstacles in the way of/don’t approve of sb.’s doing sth., but sb. goes ahead and … 一些人反对/阻拦/不同意某人做某事,但某人不为所动,仍······ 句型提炼 下一页 上一页 Back 他母亲不赞成自己的儿子和一个她没有见过的女子恋爱,然而巴托尔迪不为所动,依然和心中所爱于1876年结为伉俪。


应用:a. 在十九世纪五十年代,包括一些自然学家在内的许多人反对达尔文对物种进化的探索,然而达尔文不为所动,仍于1859年11月24日出版了他的巨著《物种起源》。 III. Expressions & Patterns 上一页 In 1850s, many people, including some naturalists, objected to Darwin’s exploration of the evolution of species, but he went ahead and on November 24, 1859 published his great work The Origin of Species. Back 下一页


应用:b. 爱因斯坦的母亲极力反对他爱上了一个他全家非常不喜欢的女孩,但爱因斯坦不为所动,毅然和他心爱的人于1903年1月结为伉俪。 III. Expressions & Patterns 上一页 Back Einstein’s mother was bitterly opposed to his love with a girl his whole family had a strong dislike for, but he went ahead and married his love in January 1903.

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