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Hosted Offering With Microsoft Solutions: 

Hosted Offering With Microsoft Solutions [Presenter’s Name] [Title] Microsoft Corporation Date: October 2005


Agenda SaaS Overview Solution for Hosting Application Case Study Resources

Software As A Service?: 

Software As A Service? One to many delivery Shared Public Infrastructure Not deployed in-house Little customization One Price Licensing and hosting fee Not Differentiated Source: IDC, June 2005 SaaS

The Market Opportunity: 

The Market Opportunity Source: IDC, 2005 U.S. Software On-Demand Delivery Model 2005-2009 Forecast (IDC #33493, June 2005)

Adoption Status: 

Adoption Status Q. Which statement best reflects your company’s current status with respect to software that is managed by an external service provider and provided to you as a service that you access over the Internet or a private network? 1. Unweighted n=512 Note: Data are weighted; Responses shown do not include “Don’t Know” Source: IDC Software as a Service Adoption Study, 2005 (% Respondents) 79% Now Purchasing and/or Reviewing SaaS Offering 2. Unweighted N = 468 Note: Data are weighted; Responses shown do not include “Don’t Know” Source: IDC Software as a Service Adoption Study, 2005 Q. Which of the following events prompted your company to purchase software as a service or to review this as an option for software acquisition?

What It Means For You?: 

What It Means For You? Different Business Model Revenue Spread over time Different Sales Force Compensation Service Level Agreements (SLAs) New Core Competencies Operational Support Data Center Management (For Self-Hosters) 7x24 Operations Capital Costs

Considerations For SaaS: 

Considerations For SaaS Application Layer Multi-tenancy Remote Presentation Technology Scalability Administration Provisioning (Users, Admins, Services) Management Billing and Metering Monitoring and Reporting Infrastructure Server Purposing Capacity Planning Monitoring and Reporting

Causes of Application Downtime: 

Causes of Application Downtime 40% of Downtime Caused By Human Error With Tools and Automation Policies can be enforced and tracked consistently across the network

Self Host vs. Outsource: 

Self Host vs. Outsource

Windows-based Hosting Solution: 

Windows-based Hosting Solution Deploy What You Need: Integrated Modular Components Centralized and Automated Management Infrastructure

Solution Benefits: 

Solution Benefits Increase Revenue Address New Market Needs Up-sell with Value-Added Services Higher Quality Service Flexible & Modular – Lower TCO Reduce Operation Costs Enforce Best Practices Eliminate Manual Errors (Misconfiguration, Consistent Policy Enforcement) Audit Trails Maximize Operational Efficiency Fast and easy to deploy Extensive community support

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: 

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership Simplified deployment and provisioning Easy to deploy, configure, operate, and support. Self-Provisioning & Delegated Administration: Provision Users & Groups Integrated, centralized management to reduce cost and effort of maintaining and growing your service. Automation and Management Tools Reduce IT Costs Through Automating Management and Monitoring Scalable Hosted Applications Support Scale With Demand Changes Extensible Monitoring And Reporting

High Customer Satisfaction: 

High Customer Satisfaction Positive customer experience – Pay As They Need Quickly Respond to increased demand Empower Customers To Self Provision Services Proactive monitoring Discover Problems Before Customers Define and Manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Solution Overview: 

Solution Overview Solution Components Infrastructure Server Purposing Centralized Management Update Management Monitoring and Reporting Service Provisioning Hosted Services Custom and 3rd Party Application Windows SharePoint Services Data Hosting Web Hosting Hosted Messaging and Collaboration

Solution Features: 

Solution Features Server Purposing Automate installation Multi-Server Builds Image-based installation Centralized Management Single Point Management for Servers, Users, Policies, & Services Delegate Administration Update Management Deploy And Maintain Software Distribute Service Packs, Fixes, & Security Patchs Scheduled Distribution, Logging, History Tracking Monitoring & Reporting Proactive Monitoring and Alerting Reporting and Trend Analysis, Resolution Knowledge Base Service Provisioning Automate provisioning & change management Delegated administration of end customer tasks Transactional rollback To Last Known Good Image API to integrate into existing environments

Solution Benefits: 

Solution Benefits Server Purposing Centralized Management Update Management Monitoring & Reporting Service Provisioning Reduce server deployment times Consistent Quality and Security Consistent Security & Policy Administration More Server Managed Per Admin Reduced Support Calls Operational Efficiency Quickly & Effectively Address Security Vulnerabilities Maintain Stable Production Environment Faster Resolution And Better Visibility into App Health Meet and Manage SLA Capacity Planning and Performance Monitoring Faster time to market of new services Reduced Support calls

Network Architecture: 

Network Architecture 3rd Party Apps

SP License Agreement: 

SP License Agreement Overview Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Licensing Program For Delivering Hosted Services Available To: Microsoft Web Hoster Program and Microsoft Certified Partner Benefits to ISVs No Up-Front Cost Price Includes Software Assurance Costs restricted to usage (VERIFY IF ANY UPFRONT COST) Pricing Flexibility: Per Processor or Per Subscriber Pricing1 Change Participation As Needed On-line Standardized Reporting 1. Check each product for pricing option


Resources ISV Hosting Starter Kit Business & Technical Presentation White paper on hosting using Windows-based Hosting SPLA information ISV Case Study On-line ISV resources Solution Demo On-line Self-guided, Online Demo Videos on advanced topics All Components of WbH Solution Hosting Community Windows Hosting Forum On-Line hostingforums/ Free Technical Assistance From Hosting Experts Fast, Anonymous Answers To Technical Questions

Additional Information: 

Additional Information Hosting Information for ISVs Service Provider Licensing Agreement Solution for Windows-Based Hosting Referrals To Application Service Providers


Conclusion Microsoft Committed To Your Success Microsoft Hosting Partner Program Great Opportunity For ISVs


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