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Unit Two Listening Course (1): 

Unit TwoListening Course (1)

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Section One Tactics for Listening

Training Focus:: 

Training Focus: 1. Phonetics: Weak forms, link-ups and contractions 2. Note-taking Selecting Key Words

Part I: Phonetics : 

Part I: Phonetics Key to exercise: 1. make up 2. Would you 3. will it 4. It’ll 5. I’ll 6. Shall I 7. Later’ll

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Key to exercise Where they are now __? Cinema ___ Bright street ____ Station ___    

Section Two Listening Comprehension: 

Section Two Listening Comprehension Part 1 Dialogues Dialogue 1 Where Are you Living Now? Notes: Hampstead is an area in the London Borough of Camden. It is known for its intellectual, artistic, and literary associations and for the large and hilly parkland. It is also home to some of the most expensive and most beautiful houses in the Greater London area.

Part 2 Listen and Note-taking: 

Part 2 Listen and Note-taking

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Section Two Listening Comprehension

Part I Dialogues : 

Part I Dialogues Focus: 1. Note-taking 2. Selecting specific information Instruction:

Dialogue 1 Where Are You Living Now?: 

Dialogue 1 Where Are You Living Now? Exercise A: Listen to the interview and decide whether the following statements are true or false. 1. The man lives in Hampstead now. F The man used to live in Hampstead 2. The man has changed his job. T He worked for an advertising agency five years ago but now he works for a newspaper .

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3. The place where the man lives now is about 15 miles away from London. F The nearest station is rather far, about 15 miles away, but the village is fairly close to London, about 40 miles.)

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Ex. B: Listen to the interview again and answer the following questions. 1. Why did the man move out of London? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ 2. Where does he live now? ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 3. How did he go to work? ____________________________________ Because he finds that London is so dirty and there’s so much stress. He lives in a village in the country, about 40 miles away from London. He used to go to work by bicycle.

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4. How does he go to work now? Most likely he goes to work by car now because he said it takes him less than an hour and a half, door to door, to get to work. 5. Where does he work now? He works for a newspaper.

Dialogue 2 Have you ever lived abroad?: 

Dialogue 2 Have you ever lived abroad? Questionaire Name: ________ Nationality: ________ Being abroad: Yes: _______ No: _______ If has been abroad: Country: ________ Length of stay: _________ Where were his family during his stay in that country: ___________________. Advantages of living in that country: _____________________________________ Time when he returned home: ____________ Phyllis British  Australia 12 years They were with him good climate; relaxed at work as well as socially. 10 years ago

Part 2 Passages: 

Part 2 Passages Focus: 1. Recognizing specific information 2. Having an idea of entertainment in London

Passage 1 Welcome to London!: 

Passage 1 Welcome to London! Discussion: If you travel to London, what would you like to see there? Royal Palaces; Big Ben; London Bridge; Westminster;

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Buckingham Palace Guards

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London Bridge Trafalgar Square

Notes: : 

Notes: 1. Barbican or Barbican center: (See BI) 2. jostle: push against s.o. We were jostled by the crowd. 我们与人群摩肩接踵。

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pageantry: splendid, colourful and very expensive ceremonies She loved the pageantry and tradition of the Royal Family. aristocratic: like an aristocrat Argentina: 阿根廷

Passage 2 Entertainments in London: 

Passage 2 Entertainments in London Discussion: 1. What comes to your mind when talking about entertainment in London? Theatre Concert

Key to exercise:: 

Key to exercise: 1. A 2. A 3. D 4. D 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. B

Slide 24: 

Notes: Swinging London is a term applied to a variety of dynamic cultural trends in the UK (centred in London) in the1960s. West End is the part of west central London containing the main entertainment and shopping areas Greenwich: a borough of Greater London on the Thames; zero degrees of longitude runs through Greenwich; time is measured relative to Greenwich Mean Time

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era: a period of time that is marked by particular events or stages of development We are living in the computer era. 我们正生活在计算机时代。 illusion: an idea or belief which is not true He cherished the illusion that she loved him, but he was wrong. 他抱有她爱他的幻觉,但他错了

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sophisticated: complicated wicked: slightly immoral or bad for you, but in an attractive way: wicked grin a wicked sense of humour

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1. C 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. D 6. C 7. B 8. D

Part 3 News: 

Part 3 News Focus: International Talks 1. Place names 2. Names of Offices and Posts in the government 3. News Summary

News Item 1: 

News Item 1 Notes: 1. Belgium: 比利时 Moscow: 莫斯科 Cairo: (埃及) 开罗 2. Foreign Minister 外交部长 Defense Minister (美)国防部长 Secretary of State (美)国务卿 State Department (美)国务院

Slide 30: 

Ex. A: Summarize the news This news item is about the meeting between Russia Foreign Minister and American Secretary of State on February 24th in Cairo

Ex. B Discuss with your classmates why you think the statements are true or false. : 

Ex. B Discuss with your classmates why you think the statements are true or false. F 1. (Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov will meet American Secretary of Sate Colin Powell on February 24th in Cairo) F 2. (The meeting will be the first face-to-face talks between the two officials)

Slide 32: 

___ 3. (Mr. Ivanov says Russian opposition to President Bush’s plan to build a missile defense system will be discussed during the meeting.) ___ 4. (The announcement of the meeting followed the talks between Russian President Valdimir Putin and German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.) ___ 5. (Mr Fischer was in Moscow to discuss arms issues.) T T F

News Item 2: 

News Item 2 Notes: 1. Colin Powell: Secretary of State under President George W. Bush 2. comment: a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief e.g. The Prime Minister was not available for comment. 首相无暇作出评论。

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defense: 防御 missile: a rocket carrying a warhead of conventional or nuclear explosives

Slide 35: 

Ex. A: Summarize the news This news item is about Russia’s calling for more talks about the United States’ missile defense policy .

Slide 36: 

Ex. B Complete the following passage Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov has called for (1) _________________________________. Mr Ivanov is to meet with (2) ________________________ Colin Powell in Cairo Saturday. He told (3) _________________ that the time has come for (4) ___________ on the several issues affecting (5) _____________________________________ He said China and Europe should be included (6) ___________. President Bush says that Mr Ivanov’s (7) _________ show that Russia understands (8) _________ to world security require (9)___________. Russia is opposed to Mr. Bush’s proposal to build (10) __________________ more talks about missile defense policy American Secretary of State reporters in Moscow serious talks relations between Russia and the United Staes. in the talks comments new threats new defenses a missile defense system.

News Item 3: 

News Item 3 Notes: 1. NATO: See BG P.15 Vocabulary evident: capable of being seen or noticed oppose: be against; express opposition to

Slide 38: 

alliance: a group of countries who have agreed to work together because of shared interests or aims Ex. A Complete the news summary This news is about Russia’s proposal for a European Missile Defense System. Ex. B Choose the best answer. 1. _C_ 2. _B_ 3. _A_ 4. _A_ 5. _B_ 6. _C_

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