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Northwest Coast: 

Northwest Coast By… Alondra Antonio William Castillo Alisha Cox Jaylyn Finley

Location : 

Location They lived along the Pacific coast from Washington State to Alaska. They had moderate climate that was cool in the summer and not too cold in the winter.


Food They ate fish, bear, deer and whale. They caught their fish by fishing. They went hunting to get the bear and deer. They had a special way to catch whale. They used two boats and when they got close enough to the whale, they speared it. They would drag it back to land. They caught enough salmon to last the whole winter.


Homes Chinook pit house were made of split wood. A Chinook did the pit house. I think the Chinook has family. They lived in a Chinook house.


Tribes Some of the tribes in this area are” Bella Chinook Haida Klikit Nootka Quileute Cayuse Chief Five Crows Chief Joseph

Other Information: 

Other Information They went barefoot, except for on long journeys. The men wore basketry or fur hats, as did the women. They wore fiber rain capes and skin robes. The men wore breech clouts. Daily living practices They carved and painted wooden masks, which were used in celebrations. Potlatch A totem pole in front of an Indian's home would show the generations and social rank of that family. They had slaves because slaves were a sign of wealth. They believed in unseen forces and divine power.

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