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Faith Based Organizations and CTC’s: 

Faith Based Organizations and CTC’s Andrew Sears Association of Christian Community Computer Centers CTCNet Conference June 16, 2001


Outline Background and history of faith-based CTC’s What makes faith-based CTC’s unique? Overview of activities of faith-based CTC’s Overview of the Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4) CTC’s partnering with faith-based organizations Strategies of Faith Based CTC’s

Faith Based Groups Addressing the Digital Divide: 

Faith Based Groups Addressing the Digital Divide Association of Gospel Rescue Missions Founded in 1913 and is a group of 265 Christian homeless shelters which serve several million people each year and have over 100,000 volunteers Many of these centers provide job training with focus on using computers for Adult Basic Education and GED classes Jewish Vocational Services Founded in 1939 and has served over 16 million people (currently 350,000 each year) Has 24 centers providing job training in the US and many focus on technology Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4) New organization for some of the 60+ Christian CTC’s Others may include Salvation Army, YMCA, Christian Community Development Association

Historical Background: 

Historical Background Books Basic Literacy Computers Computer Literacy The term “Sunday School” originated from a major literacy drive by Christians several hundred years ago

Funds and Faith Based Organizations: 

Funds and Faith Based Organizations From “Giving and Volunteering in the United States” 1999 national survey from the Independent Sector

Discussion 1: Question: 

Discussion 1: Question What makes faith based CTC’s unique? What can they do particularly well?

Discussion 2: Questions for Faith Based CTC’s: 

Discussion 2: Questions for Faith Based CTC’s What services does your CTC you offer and what are your strengths? What is your relation to faith-based groups? How does faith integrate with what you do? What issues do you face?


Faith Based Community Technology Centers

Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4): 

Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4) Currently have 60+ CTC’s on our list Join for free now, but may have a fee in the future Web: www.acccc.org or www.techmission.org E-mail: info@acccc.org “Computer Skills to Make a Living and A Spiritual Foundation to Make a Life”

The Need for AC4: 

The Need for AC4 There is a need to help enable the Christian community to embrace the CTC movement Many churches and individuals will provided resources to CTC’s if they have faith-based character Faith-based CTC’s have unique strengths and challenges, so communication and community is helpful Not attempting to duplicate any efforts by other organizations like CTCNet, etc. Philosophy is to serve all people regardless their religious beliefs

AC4 Goals: 

AC4 Goals Develop community and communication among C4’s Web site, E-mail lists, conference calls and regional conferences Promote the concept of community technology within the Christian community by speaking at conferences and educating others through the Christian media Promote TechMission Model: Assist C4’s in starting metro area partnerships of “Computer Ministries” and Computer Centers Develop an international distribution network for refurbished computers

Recruiting Volunteers from Faith- Based Organization to CTC’s: 

Recruiting Volunteers from Faith- Based Organization to CTC’s Participant recruitment (easy) flyers, announcement in service, bulletin Volunteer recruitment (medium) announcement to E-mail lists, flyers, announcement in service, bulletin helpful to to know someone in the church Formal Partnership (difficult) Need to feel like it is not just people volunteering at someone else’s program Computer ministry

Computer Ministries: 

Computer Ministries Computer Ministry Computer ministries are teams of volunteers or staff that support community computer centers Many churches can have “Computer Ministries” without having computer centers (good ratio is three computer ministries to one computer center) Establishing Computer Ministries within churches provides a great opportunity for teens and adults to volunteer Great partnership opportunity for suburban and urban churches Classes provide good opportunity for volunteers Volunteers often need some structure and classes help provide that

TechMission Model: Forming Metro Area Partnerships: 

TechMission Model: Forming Metro Area Partnerships Suburban Churches (Computer Ministry) Urban Churches (Computer Ministry) Churches (Independent Volunteers) CTC’s (in urban churches) CTC’s (Christian non-profit) Other CTC’s Resources Volunteers Tech Expertise Community Connection Wealth of Experience Physical Location TechMission In Boston, we have about 15 churches, 10 Christian CTC’s and 100 volunteers in early stages of developing a partnership.

Computer Ministry Organizational Ideas: 

Computer Ministry Organizational Ideas Ministry Leader (either staff or very committed volunteer) Leadership team/planning committee Instructors (if you are teaching classes) Need significant expertise in subject matter Primary responsibility for class falls on instructor Tech Professional in subject area who volunteers (or staff instructor) Assistants who have demonstrated their commitment and expertise Assistants/Mentors/Lab Monitors Assistants only need basic knowledge of subject matter Many students can return following semester to assist and continue learning Serve as “instructor in training” for new volunteers and provides ability to try it out to determine commitment level Help reduce the student-teacher ratio (need at least 1:5)

Example Student Development Plan: 

Program Areas Goals Student Advancement Example Student Development Plan

Example Faith-Based CTC Budget: 

Example Faith-Based CTC Budget * Numbers taken from PREP Community Computer Center in Bruce Wall Ministries



Getting Grants: 

Getting Grants PowerUP (www.powerup.org) Get 20 new gateway computers with software Get $20-40k in funding over 3 years Looking to partner with faith-based groups with after-school & teen programs (awarding thousands of grants targeting youth) Deadline: August 15, 2001 Requires that you have 2 full-time staff that can help with lab (but do not have to spend all their time on the lab) Application at: www.powerup.org/program_application.pdf

Getting Equipment & Software through Gifts-in-Kind & Compumentor: 

Getting Equipment & Software through Gifts-in-Kind & Compumentor Register with Gifts in Kind International (www.giftsinkind.com) Cost $125 and must be Non profit 501(c)(3) and use software for service to community Cost $225 for 5 used computers 486 & above laptops/desktops Network hubs for $50 Get copies of most major software for $30 (Windows, Office 2000, Adobe products, etc) Provide great discounts (90% off) on office products, projectors, clothes, etc. Use Compumentor for software discounts (www.compumentor.com) Most major software for only $30 and no registration fee

Getting Equipment & Software: 

Getting Equipment & Software Make announcements in churches that you are looking for computer donations from individuals and companies relational method works best Suburban churches may have many people in companies with computers to donate Specify minimum requirements and types of computers We use Jumpstart software with kids Get 20 new Gateway computers by joining PowerUP (see grants section)

Getting Grants: 

Getting Grants CTCNET AmeriCorps/VISTA Grant Provides full time staff positions for a year for $2,000 To apply must first pay $100 to join CTCNet (www.ctcnet.org) Have some restrictions on these staff “leading religious services” during paid time, but one of the most open gov’t programs toward faith-based groups, and you select the staff Should open application process around Feb, 2001 Contact Peter Miller of CTCNet at peterm@igc.org or 617.287.7371 or visit www.cpcs.umb.edu/newvista/ Get list of technology grants Directory of Computer and High Technology Grants ($53) from Research Grant Guides, Inc. (order on Amazon.com) HUD Neighborhood Networks Initiative will fund centers in housing projects (which Christian groups could run)

Integrating Tech with Other Programs: 

Integrating Tech with Other Programs PREP Computer Program Other Programs And Activities Project 21 After School Program After School Tech Curriculum Pre-Teen Camp Ozioma Tech Time at Camp Local Community

General Tech Tips for Churches: 

General Tech Tips for Churches Microsoft Software Licensing Get copies of Microsoft Office 2000 Professional for $65 for your church through Microsoft non-profit licensing (normally cost over $500) Licenses for community computer centers only cost $30 at www.computmentor.org and at www.giftsinkind.org Order at www.ccbministries.com (select store and Microsoft non-profit licensing) Worship Songs Get digital text of songs for printing and displaying overheads CCLI’s SongSelect: provides text of over 7,500 worship songs on one CD at www.ccli.com Church Management Software Provides integrated ability to track church members, donations, etc. More advanced option that making your own basic database Church E-mail Lists Easy to set up at groups.yahoo.com Have sign up for list in church service

PREP: How You Can Help (Sample Church Announcement): 

PREP: How You Can Help (Sample Church Announcement) Teach, assist or be a guess speaker with a class or take a class Provide Tech Support Attend Computer Ministry Training on Sat. January 20 from 9:30-2:30 at Dorchester Temple Help serve lunch to students on Saturdays (small groups!) Provide a referral to our Web design business Donate a computer or get your company to donate their old computers For more information sign up at table in back after church or Contact Andrew Sears at info@preptraining.org or 876-2981

Take or Help With A Class (Sample Church Announcement): 

Take or Help With A Class (Sample Church Announcement) For those with Business Interests Entrepreneurship For those with Artistic Interests Graphics Design Video Production Digital Music Studio For those with Computer Interests Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Graphic Design Web Page Design Databases

Office Track Classes: 

Office Track Classes Intro to Computers Intro to the Internet Basics 1. An arrow indicates a prerequisite of either taking the class or good subject knowledge. 2. Students are encouraged to take other classes on this track in future semesters. Typing

Multimedia Track Classes: 

Multimedia Track Classes 1. Students are encouraged to take other classes on this track in future semesters. Basics Digital Music Studio

Web Site Filtering Software: 

Web Site Filtering Software CleanWeb (www.cleanweb.net) CyberPatrol (www.microsys.com) Cybersitter (www.solidoak.com) CyberSnoop (www.pearlsw.com) Net Nanny (www.netnanny.com) Net Shepherd (www.netshepherd.com) Safesurf (www.safesurf.com) Watchdog (www.sarna.com) We Blocker (free at www.we-blocker.com) X-Stop (www.xstop.com)

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