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The Marble Champ

Genre: Realistic Fiction: 

Genre: Realistic Fiction Elements of realistic fiction The characters behave as people or animals do in real life. The setting of the story is a real place or could be a real place. The events of the story are based on a conflict or problem that could occur in real life.

About the Author: 

About the Author See page 44 for information about Gary Soto

Illustrator: Maren Scott: 

Illustrator: Maren Scott You can read about Maren Scott on page 44.

Competition and Cooperation: 

Competition and Cooperation Competing requires commitment and practice. It is important to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses when competing. You need to post a question, concept, word, illustration or object on the Concept/ Question Board this week. It needs to be about the Marble Champ or the idea of Competition or Cooperation. Be sure and put your name on the paper. If you find an article in the newspaper, bring that.

Word Knowledge Line 1: 

commotion racket disturbance hubbub Word Knowledge Line 1 These words are synonyms. What are synonyms? Journal Synonyms are words that have almost the same meanings.

Word Knowledge, line 2: 

whispers marbles muscles thumbs Word Knowledge, line 2 What do these words have in common? These words are regular plurals. Can you think of other words that are regular plurals? What is a regular plural? Regular plurals are simply made by adding s at the end of the word.

Word Knowledge line 3: 

knuckles knee knot know Word Knowledge line 3 What do these words have in common? These words contain the /n/ sound spelled kn. Can you give me tell me other words that begin with /n/ spelled kn.

Word Knowledge line 4: 

Word Knowledge line 4 treasure bedspread chess strengthen shelf What do these words have in common? The words contain the /e/ sound spelled e and ea.

Word Knowledge, Sentence 1-4 : 

The cheering fans created a racket and a hubbub. Word Knowledge, Sentence 1-4 Playing marbles can strengthen muscles in the hands. Isabelle will treasure the bedspread quilted for her by her grandmother. ID the synonyms in the sentence ID regular plurals in sentence. Change sentence to singular form. ID words that have /n/ spelled kn. ID words that contain the /e/ sound spelled e and ea. When I scraped my knees and knuckles, my mom made a fuss.

Prior Knowledge: 

Prior Knowledge Good readers create links between what they already know and what they are reading. What do you know about the game of marbles? What role did competition play in “Class President”? Is competition positive?


Marbles Background Information It is a game played with small, hard, round objects that may be made of stone, glass, steel, clay, or plastic. Players shoot a marble at other target marbles laced inside a circle drawn on the ground. Opponents’ marbles knocked out of the ring may be kept or scored as points. “Knuckle down” means to place the knuckle of their first finger on the ground. Then the player puts the marble in the joint of that finger and use their thumb to snap the marble at the opponents’ marbles. TRY THIS

Internet Information on Marbles: 

Internet Information on Marbles

Preview and Prepare: 

Preview and Prepare 1. Read aloud the title? and names of the author and illustrator. 2. Browse the 1st page or two of the story. Don’t spoil the ending! What do you think this story might have to do with cooperation and competition? 3. What is the focus question? Discuss it with the class.

What clues did you find that tell us something about the selection? : 

What clues did you find that tell us something about the selection?

What problems such as unfamiliar words or concepts, have you noticed while browsing.: 

What problems such as unfamiliar words or concepts, have you noticed while browsing.






Vocabulary Use Reading Transparency 3


Vocabulary contest pg 36 a competition athletic pg 38 having skill and strength in sports and other physical activities match pg 41 contest, competition, or race energy pg 42 what makes someone active in work and at play players pg 42 people who take part and play against each other in matches commotion pg 43 noise, excitement, disturbance

Reading Skills and Strategies: 

Reading Skills and Strategies Strategies Asking questions Making connections Visualizing Skills Making inferences


What enables Lupe to accomplish her goals? Must one have natural ability in order to become good at something? This story is called “The Marble Champ.” I wonder who is the marble champ. Will there be some kind of contest in this story? What are some of your questions about this story?

Let’s Enjoy the Story!!: 

Let’s Enjoy the Story!! Kids playing marbles

While we are reading: asking questions, making connections, visualizing: 

While we are reading: asking questions, making connections, visualizing Read page 36-37. It is important as you read to revisit the questions you asked so that you can see if they have been answered. I see that one of our questions has been answered. There is going to be a championship marble contest. Have any other questions been answered yet? If you come up with a question or an answer to a questions as we read, share it with the group.

While we are reading: Making connections: 

While we are reading: Making connections Page 38-39 I might better understand Lupe if I can connect her with something I know or have read about. Lupe must be serious about marbles if she’d rather practice than do her homework. After all, she is a straight-A student, and she has a whole shelf of awards from school. But I know how it can be when you start doing something new. I once started playing a computer game and I didn’t even notice how much time had passed while I was playing! As you are reading, be aware of how ideas or events in the story remind you of things that have happened to you. When you make such connections, tell the class about them.

Strategies we used as we read:: 

Strategies we used as we read: Did you ask questions as you read? Did you clarify confusing words or passages by reading further? Did you summarize as you read? Explain how using the strategies helped them to understand the selection better. How did you read effectively to find answers to the questions we asked as we set the purposes?

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