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Six Pack In A Week. Don’t be fooled or put-off by the name - can you get a six pack in a week? I explain all in this proven plan of action for getting six pack abs. Don’t count on pills, loitions or poitions. I didn’t and you can see very clearly the results I got.


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Six Pack In A Week:

Six Pack In A Week How to get a six pack the lazy way By Tom Richards Steroids not included,  leave them to the weak.

Houston we have a situation...:

Houston we have a situation... Before we get started on how you are going to get those six pack abs your searching for, and address the issue of 'six pack in a week'. Let me show the results I've got – that way your going to be mega pumped about doing the work (yes, I said that word 'work' but is it ever hard work when pursuing your goals? Personally, I don't think so but then I've always been a bit of a freak.) So, without further ado – welcome to the guns show ladies ;-) and gentleman. Yargh, dat tis me (that's my attempt at a Schwarzenegger impression) to the left. Just one a few photo's I keep on facebook.

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... First of all to any women reading this, I'm sorry; Quick tip to picking-up boat loads of women. Get ripped. Shove all your best work-out photo's on facebook (or as I call it 'date-book') add all the hot women you meet or come across and let the facebook comments role in. Within no time you'll have women approaching you or you can message them with supreme confidence and power. The best part (and I don't mean to be a douche bag here, but you can guarantee your fitter that here last or even current boyfriend. The later being my preference. I like a taken girl. Anyway, I'm getting distracted.

Six Pack In A Week:

Six Pack In A Week Part 1: The 'Real' Truth About Six Pack Abs

Lies, Scams & Other Fun stuff...:

Lies, Scams & Other Fun stuff... I'm a body-builder. I'm big. I'm buff. I'm a power-hungry alpha male that is a winner. Okay, there I said it. But, I'm not your gym instructor, sales-man or doctor. Side note: check-out the medical warning below, please I ain't taking no responsibility for you doing anything stupid. Not that you can with what I'm teaching you, but you never know who will doing something so incredibly crazy and then lack the personal responsibility to then put the blame on you. Not good for either of us, especially if you die. But, here is something even more important.

Lies, Scams & Other Fun stuff - Cont'd:

Lies, Scams & Other Fun stuff - Cont'd I'm not a sales-man, gym instructor (though I'd be a shit-hot one if I wanted to be – I reckon. Excuse my 'arrogance') so this isn't some information to get you to buy the latest pill, lotion or potion, no soiree! I created this because I was so p*ssed off with the guys at the gym all saying that I had taken steroids, when actually it was two things. 1.) Good information. 2.) Good nutrition. Which I aim to supply to you today in this PDF and point you in the direction of the other good stuff.

IMPORTANT Medical Disclaimer from the author and publisher: :

IMPORTANT Medical Disclaimer from the author and publisher: The material in this book is for information purposes only. As each individual situation is unique, you should use proper discretion, in consultation with a health care practitioner, before undertaking the diet, exercises and techniques described in this book. The author and publisher expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information contained in this book.

The bull-shit to end all bull-shit. :

The bull-shit to end all bull-shit. The next information may come as a complete shock to you, for this I apologise. Firstly, Santa Claus/ Father Christmas isn't real. Sorry, kids. Secondly, 99.99% of people can not get a six pack in a week. Sorry, again. I hate being the bringer of a bad news. Sure, for some guys with low body-fat levels (below 12%) and good core strength, yeah it's possible. I've seen it done and in my early days I would dip-in and dip-out of having a six pack, based upon my body weight and exercise regime at the time. (I will show you how to get and keep your six pack abs, no worries here.)

The bull-shit to end all bull-shit... Cont'd.:

The bull-shit to end all bull-shit... Cont'd. But, there is some very good news. Most guys reading this will be able to use the very same strategy I am teaching and get a six pack within 3 – 6 weeks. This is something I am 100% confident off. For the bigger huskier guys this may take longer, I can't be sure without speaking to you. But, you can relax and rest-assured this is the most direct and therefore quickest way to get your ideal body. Are you ready, it's time to get started!

Six Pack In A Week:

Six Pack In A Week Part Two – The Mechanics of Muscle

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'Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, stop, pause and reflect.' Mark Twain

Six Pack Exercises? The Only Two You Will Ever Need. Right here. :

Six Pack Exercises? The Only Two You Will Ever Need. Right here. Most of what is popular is wrong, most of what you've been conditioned into thinking on how to get a six pack by definition is wrong. A bold statement, one that will probably get me extradited from the body builder arena. Why, do I say then? Profit. It's easy to sell more magazines, more protein and more gym passes when things are slow, complicated and wrong. If they gave you the short-cuts or simply what works you wouldn't buy or have the stuff 'they' sell you. I've always struggled with six-pack abs, not getting them just keeping them. It wasn't till I used these exercises that I got consistent results and so will you, there is no doubt in my mind.

Six Pack Exercises? The Only Two You Will Ever Need. Right here. :

Six Pack Exercises? The Only Two You Will Ever Need. Right here. With the first exercise, poorly named (by guess who) 'the ab-dominator ' you will work the main transverse abdominals, this is where you will get your six pack from, it's the short-cut here guys. Because most people will teach you to train other smaller ab muscles you will see small gains if any. Work the transverse and you are guaranteed, and I mean guaranteed to literally make muscle.

Exercise 1: The Ab-dominator :

Exercise 1: The Ab-dominator Get on all fours - look either directly down or just raised slightly ahead of you. Either is fine here guys. WARNING: Don't arch your back or strain your neck. Now, force out all the air from your lungs until none is left and I mean force it out! How do you know if your forcing out properly? Simple. Your abs should be completely contracted by now. Next, hold your breath pulling your belly button up towards your spine as hard ass you can for 8 – 12 seconds. Cycle one set of rest breaths, i.e. in – out and then.... Repeat x 10 repetitions. Your done. Remember, you can get demo's of this exercise by going to the SIX Pack In A Week website or clicking here

Kill all cheese burgers :

Kill all cheese burgers Low body fat is necessary for six pack abs, well atleast if you want them on show and not under 20lbs of fat. And, if I'm thinking like your thinking you got these bad boys to have them out on show and not to be hidden away under your fat fetish lumps. This isn't weight loss advice, so I'm not going into the complexities of it here. This is a specific results driven proven plan to get you to success, if you need to lose a few pounds then do so by going here and signing up to this email list, I could recommend a better resource for losing weight. Then you can revisit this six pack short-cuts pdf in no time.

Kill all cheese burgers :

Kill all cheese burgers While we're on topic, this is where guys with low body fat and little or no excess weight have a competitive advantage and can pick-up a six pack quicker. But, not always. I've plenty of stories I could tell you about guys I've know that have followed strict six pack exercises with low body weight ( the skinny guy's) and still struggled. The take-away is diet is a determining factor but not the only factor. So, with that very important information out of the way let's get on to exercise two.

Exercise 2: Myotactic Crunch:

Exercise 2: Myotactic Crunch On a BOSU or medicine ball, lye your back against the ball in a horizontal position with the ball clearly situated on the floor and your ass ideally no more than 15cm from the ground. Next, bring your arms overheard stretching as far as you possibly can for extra extension and tension, while keeping your arms behind your ears the entire time. Now, lower your hands towards the floor very slowly for about 6 – 8 seconds. STOP! When your hands touch the floor. Remembering to extend your hands away from the ball as much as you can. Pause at the bottom for two seconds, aiming to again, stretch your arms out as far as humanly possible. Superhumanly possible is also accepted here ;-) Then you want to... rise and pause in the upper contracted position that you started in. Do this S-L-O-W-L-Y. Stop and hold this position when you have risen all the way up for 2 seconds. Repeat for 10 reps. If you begin to find this easy, add weight to your hands. Remember, you can get demo's of this exercise by going to the SIX Pack In A Week website or clicking here Remember, you can get demo's of this exercise by going to the SIX Pack In A Week website or clicking here

A Quick Note On The Theory... :

A Quick Note On The Theory... The thing is I've helped so many guys with the exercises and I know the questions that come up. Some of you reading this will be theorists. You want to know and understand the deepest parts of any information given to you. So, I will pander to you guys for a moment and explain the deal with why these exercises are just so killer and off-the-chain! Okay, get this in your head. Mostly, crunches are a waste of time. Well if you want to gain a six pack they are, and why else would you do them? Why... here's the theory part fellas... All the muscle in your abs/ six pack, which are technically called the rectus abdominus run vertically. The muscle we want to target to get the most beneficial gains in the quickest amount of time possible is the transverse abdominus; TVA for short. These two exercises, unlike the crunches work these muscles, and they do them more effectively then anything else I've experimented with. And trust me, that is a LOT.

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Faster! Faster Pussy cat! Kill! Kill! Okay, so I don't want to hold back on you. I want you to have the whole cake and eat it. If you want to speed up your results, this is what you need to do. For certain. The SECRET: Do these exercises as outlined twice a week, with a three day break in between for maximum rest-gain ratio after a set of kettle bell swings. Which if you want more information on click here.

That's all folks! :

That's all folks! Now, get of your ass and put these killer strategies in to  practise. It's time to pack on the muscle and go party! I can't keep all these girls to myself for too long ;-) Thanks for reading, – Your man Tom

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Remember: if you want more proven strategies on how to get the results you want in even less time than you thought imaginable, I fully recommend you click here now

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