Engineered Non-stick Coating Solution for Industries

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Non stick industrial coatings are one of the most effective methods of preventing metal failure to protect the surface with a coating. This state of the art coating process uses high temperature and precise techniques to help chemical and process industries run smoother with lower production and replacement costs. The purpose of coating is to lubricate and protect equipment parts which are exposed to corrosive elements and high temperatures. Visit our website and email us to know more details.


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Engineered Non-Stick Coating Solutions for Industrial Equipment:

Engineered Non-Stick Coating Solutions for Industrial Equipment

Why Teflon Coatings:

Why Teflon Coatings This coating creates a suitable and non-stick exterior. Non-stick layer makes a product more attractive. Teflon layer is waterproof and heat resistant. Its exterior part can be easily cleaned to eliminate trash. For the most part, teflon coatings are not affected by the atmospheric substances. Using high quality coatings will boost the qualities and abilities of your items.

Teflon Properties:

Teflon Properties Apart from its non-stick properties, Teflon is best known for a number of other useful properties. It is a great choice for a range of components and applications. It can add unique attributes to stainless steel, brass, magnesium, carbon steel, steel alloys along with non-metallic surfaces, like plastics, rubber materials and fiberglass. It has a density of 2200 kg/m3, a melting point of 600 K, Yield strength of 23 MPa , Dielectric strength (1 MHz) 60 MV/m and Bulk resistivity of 1016  Ω·m .


Advantages Teflon coating has many more uses throughout different industries. When it comes to various frequencies, Teflon is the best sealant. It has dielectric strength. Teflon coatings save items from hazardous chemicals. It can withstand both blazing hot and freezing cold temperatures. In case of PTFE or Teflon Coating, the coefficient of friction is low

Our Coatings Expertise:

Our Coatings Expertise We have more than 3 decades of experience in serving non-stick industries. We specialize in high performance Teflon or PTFE, industrial coatings. We are independently owned and operated since 1993.

Can We Help You?:

Can We Help You? We help industrial manufacturers reduce or eliminate costly downtime and maintenance costs by providing a protective barrier to components used with their process equipment. We provide the most technologically advanced coatings available to protect metal components from wear, corrosion, and friction while providing outstanding release (non stick) properties .

Contact Us:

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