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Hand washing is an important part of hygiene, and so an effective method of drying the hands is necessary. For that Velo offer a wide variety of paper towel dispenser, to satisfy and maintain the hygienic environment. Our dispensers are designed for easy wall mounting to give you reliable and durable experience.


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Dry Smarter with Velo


About Velo Hand Dryers Online Store Velo hand dryers is a leading importer and distributor of high quality Europeans hand dryers. We have over 25 years of experience in providing commercial hand dryers for variety of environments across Australia. Our business has been built up on providing superior quality and the best customer services .


Our Range Of Hand Dryers To Suit Wide Variety Of Environment Kai Hand Dryers Energy Efficient Hand Dryers Blade Hand Dryers


Kai Hand Dryers The Velo Kai hand dryer is a beautifully designed Hand Dryer Quiet, low cost machine with incredible energy efficiency Suitable for a wide variety of low - medium traffic situations


Energy Efficient Hand Dryers The Velo Fuga is one of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world. It's ideal for high traffic areas including airports, clubs and universities. It has a modern European design and extremely competitively priced.


Velo Veltia Tri Blade Hand Dryers The Velo Veltia Tri blade  like the V-Jet is the most exclusive hand dryer in the Velo product range It's super fast, extremely energy efficient and quiet compared with other competitors. It consumes up to 85% less energy than other hand dryers. Estimated hand drying time is between 10-15 seconds


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