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Establishing BIPV Systems. In the context of changing building scenario. A TATA ~ BP Solar Presentation. A look at the role of Solar Power and its implications on long term economical and social benefit.


Why Buildings ??? 40% of our energy consumptions are a directly related to heating, cooling & lighting of buildings … Corresponding fig. for India is 26% with severe losses due to power theft !!! Global Average.


What Energy ??? … And 80% of energy supplies come from limited resources known for environmental pollution ! We are 4th largest producer of Coal & dependent on thermal power plants !!! Global Average.


Understanding Energy … Consider a 100 watt light bulb. 10 nos. x 100 watt = 1 Kw. 1 Kw x 1hour = 1Kwh. Now, 1Kwh = 1 Unit. 1 unit releases 1 kg of pure CO2 into air !!! India releases 400,000,000,000 kg of CO2 annually (3.5% of total world) !!!


Degrading Environment… Imagine the Earth to be a spaceship. Limited supply of air, water & energy. All thrash generated carried onboard. Increase population  Energy demand. Non-renewable resources to last 100 yrs. But long before that the pollution caused by use of fossil fuels will have caused a serious problem. Since 1900, 484 animal and 654 plant species have been recorded as extinct !!!


Environmental Impact … The Ozone hole has formed over Antarctica while most industrialized nations are situated in the Northern hemisphere… Global warming has raised temperatures by 1.5 deg in the last century and is expected to raise temperatures by 1.5-4.5 deg by 2050 !!! By 2050 sea-levels are expected to rise by 30 cm due to melting glaciers threatening coastal cities including Mumbai and New York… Acid rain has caused a slow poisoning of our farmlands and silently eaten into our heritage structures including the Taj!!! Global problems need global solutions… New Delhi ranks amongst the 10 most polluted cities of the world !!!


Pollution Solutions … Use energy efficient systems. Switch off when not required. REUSE, RECYCLE, REDUCE & RENEWABLES !!!    To date 150,000 hybrid vehicles have been commercially sold world wide !!!


Renewable Energy !!! Power generated adds ZERO CARBON into the atmosphere thus you leave the Earth a better place…  Examples: Sun, Wind, Hydro-electricity, Geothermal, Ocean currents, Biomass. Renewable energy = Green Electron ! India has a potential capacity of 20000 MW of energy through wind alone !!! Definition: Energy from sources that are ‘regenerative’ and for all practical purposes cannot be depleted.


Introducing SOLAR power … (Heat) (Light) Solar THERMAL SYSTEMS Solar PHOTO-VOLTAIC The Sun is a massive energy source of: The solar radiation reaching Earth is 15,000 times our present needs !!!


Commercial Solar Products Solar Photo-Voltaic. Solar Thermal Systems. Solar Cookers Solar Water Heaters Swimming Pool/Bathing Standard Products Non-Standard Products Lighting Road Safety Miscellaneous Power Projects BIPV Power Packs Water Pumps/Refrigerators PV Modules Product Classification… Bombay saw one of the earliest commercial application of solar cookers !!!


BIPV ??? Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic. What is PV ? ‘Photon’ = light ‘Voltaic’ = electricity. Photo-voltaic or ‘PV’ means electricity generated from the sun. Integration of PV systems into the building structure. The largest BIPV installation of 1Mw is enough to light a small neighborhood !!! Cell: Thin silicon wafers that are either mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline. Module: No. of individual cells arranged between a layer of glass and film.


Working of PV Cells… Wafer in cross-section consists of 2 regions, the ‘n’ and ‘p’ type. The discovery of PV effect laid the foundation for modern photography ! The n-type has excess of electrons and p-types are deficient hence ‘holes’. ‘Photon’ excites these free electrons which gets attracted towards the holes. This movement of electrons causes ‘electricity’ to flow via an external circuit.


Replace glazed areas or opaque walls on vertical surfaces. Building integration… Germany and Japan are world leaders in installation of BIPV systems !!! In place of pergolas, atrium roofing, fins, ‘chajjas’ on horizontal surfaces. Fixed in place of parapet walls or over existing building facades.


Ideally BIPV is most efficient on south façade with suitable tilt in elevation. Design Considerations… Ideal tilt for PV is equal to the angle of latitude formed with the horizontal !!! Careful co-ordination between clients, designers and consultants can provide ideal GREEN BUILDING DESIGN. Necessary space should be allotted for housing batteries and electronics. Structure should be designed to carry the necessary loads of BIPV modules. The building facades should not be shaded by neighboring structures.


Green Building Rating … LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Promoted by: US Green Building Council (USGBC). Objective: A consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance sustainable buildings. THE INDIAN CONTEXT: Promoted by: CII-Sohrabji Godrej GBC at Hyderabad. Objective: Promote 'green' concepts leading to higher efficiency, equitable growth and sustainable development. Highlight: Aims to ‘Indianize’ the rating system by increasing the weightage on India specific problems, Ex. water scarcity. India has a market potential of Rs 750 crores in Green Buildings !!!


The LEED Rating … Prerequisites: Sustainable Site Development. (14 pts) Water Efficiency. (5 pts) Material and Resources. (13 pts) Indoor Environmental Quality. (15 pts) Innovation in Design. (5 pts) ENERGY and Atmosphere. (17 pts) Grading System: Design must comply with all categories. Highest priority for energy usage. Ranking awarded based on total points achieved: Certified (26+), Silver (33+), Gold (39+), Platinum (52+) TOTAL POINTS: 69 CII-GBC has been awarded the highest ‘platinum’ rating by LEED !!!


Advantage ~ Green Power … 10-25% of building energy expected to be supplied through on-site renewables. TERI (Delhi), also working on a green rating system. CII-GBC generates 22% of net building energy requirements through solar. ITC, Godrej, Tata, ICICI, Dr Reddy’s Lab actively involved. Backing of CII. The Solar panels generate about 100 units of power everyday !!!


Energy Payback… Embodied energy is the total energy required to manufacture a system from scratch. Payback period for PV today is around 3.5 yrs without adding any CO2 into the atmosphere. NOW, COMPARE THIS WITH OTHER ENERGY SOURCES !!! Green building seeks to encourage a wider understanding of ecosystem !!!


The cross-section in BIPV modules can be customized as per requirements: Single glass: Basic PV module with high transmissivity toughened glass. BIPV glazing have low iron content and light transmissivity of over 95% !!! Glass-glass type: BIPV consists of a 2nd glass laminated for greater strength. Triple glass: with a vacuum layer for maximum thermal & acoustic insulation. Note: The aluminium framing and the 2nd/3rd glass layer can be manufactured to required specification. Glazing Types …


BIPV from Tata-BP Solar comes 2 types: 80 Wp BIPV: (12 volts). 160 Wp BIPV: (24 volts). Note: The module size can be custom designed as per user requirements. Custom Built … The largest BIPV module built by Tata-BP Solar measures 6’ by 4’ !!!


BIPV has one significant advantage over normal glazing: The ability to control the quantity and quality of light entering through them. This can be achieved by controlling the spacing of the solar cells in the module. The spacing can be adjusted from 1-20 mm for required level of illumination. Amount of natural light entering can be further increased by using BIPV modules in conjunction to normal glazing. And, there was light … A normal 5 mm spacing between cells offers 18.5% light transmission !!!


You have the power !!! Can help meet ‘peak demand’ during afternoons when loads are maximum. Can help provide ‘power by night’ and recharge itself by day. The ideal way to have ‘power back-up’ system which is reliable and quiet. Total energy consumed by California alone is equivalent to that of India !!! Has no moving parts and hence is virtually maintenance free.


Thermal Modeling … PV blocks radiation. Lower heat gain. Lower AC loads  = MONEY SAVED = MONEY EARNED ! PV Double Single Murphy’s law: Why is it in India most glazed facades always face South !!!


FAQs… Will solar work in my location? BIPV systems will work anywhere but some locations are better then others. Solar insolation: 5Kwh/sqm/day How much will the system cost ? Unfortunately a rate per sqft cannot be applied to this system as it depends on daily energy usage, location of site, orientation, period for back-up, etc. It is advisable that you discuss the project with us and we can give you an estimate after consultation with our ‘Systems Design’ team. The Deccan plateau has been identified as one of world’s ideal solar sites !!!


More FAQs … What are the other components ? A ‘charge controller’ helps regulate to current flow, a ‘battery’ to store and an ‘inverter’ to convert from DC to AC. What services does TATA-BP Solar provide ? Apart from manufacturing the complete BIPV modules we provide end-to-end solution right from conceptual design to final installation and maintenance. Conventional car batteries do not serve the purpose of solar batteries !!!


FAQs cont’d … What projects has Tata-BP done ? IOC Office Building in Delhi (36.1 Kw). Atrium at IIT Kanpur (10 Kw). Dr Padmanabhan’s home, B,lore (1.8Kw) TBP is India’s largest ‘complete’ solar company with a national presence !!! What else does Tata-BP provide ? BIPV forms a crucial segment of whole range of solar products – both solar thermal and PV that we manufacture. Our network of over 116 dealerships from Leh to Guwahati right up to deep south shall help with all your requirements.


Solar Hot Water Systems … Provides water of 60˚C. Designed for any capacity. Thermo-siphon action. PAYBACK PERIOD : 1.6 yrs !!! 80% Tax Depreciation. Thumb rule = 25 LPD/person, geysers consume 1 unit for heating 25 lts !!!


Solar Lighting Systems … Ready packages for garden/street/home lighting. Customized solutions for any load requirements. Dusk-to-dawn/emergency/timed choice of operation. The highest cyber café in the world (5300 m) was powered by us !!!


Road Safety Systems … Complete traffic lighting system. Flashers, indicators, road studs… Can be sponsored at junctions Useful for privately owned sites. LED lights = excellent life. Dozen installations in B’lore. We have supplied over 5000 solar lanterns in remote parts of Leh !!!


Solar is clean & green energy, available in plentiful. Not dependent on local conditions like wind/water. Fossil fuel has its inherent problems like pollution, dependency on global oil prices, problems that are bound to increase in the coming future. Builds a responsible ‘GREEN’ image for the owner. No recurring fuel cost, can be grid/battery connected. No moving parts therefore negligible maintenance. Avail 80 % tax depreciation for any solar product. RENEWABLES ARE THE FUTURE… So why use SOLAR ENERGY … The world’s largest ‘renewable’ companies are oil companies !!!


Where can you find us ??? For all BIPV related information, please contact: Arindam Basu (ext 301) TATA – BP Solar India Ltd. No. 78, Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore Ph: 080 – 2852 1016 Fax: 080 – 2852 0972 Web: www.tatabpsolar.com


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