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Lagardère Services Presentation of the Group


Corporate presentation A specialized international Group 2 avenues of growth Key figures Key dates Lagardère Media


A specialized international Group With operations in 20 countries, Lagardère Services is a company dedicated to marketing media products and convenience services to its customers all over the world   Its mission is to facilitate access to everyone, everywhere, to a wide diversity of ideas and cultures.   Lagardère Services operates the largest international network of media and entertainment stores. Lagardère Services is the world leader in press distribution.


A specialized international Group The Group is structured around a number of leading companies across the world operating in the distribution and sales of media and entertainment products and services. The Group’s decentralized operations enable its entities to stay attuned to the expectations of their clients – publishers, landlords and customers. In 2006, the Group, with 12,000 employees in 20 countries, achieved a €4.8 billion turnover*. * Managed sales


A Group with global reach Almost 70% of Group sales are made outside France North America: Sales 2006 : 18.1% France : Sales 2006 : 31.7% Europe (excl France) : Sales 2006 : 47.8% Asia Pacific : Sales 2006 : 2.4%


The Management Team Jean-Louis NACHURY Lagardère Services President, Chief Executive Officer Louis DE BOURGOING Chief Operating Officer Strategy & Development Frédéric CHEVALIER Vice President Strategy & Development Jean-Noel REINHARDT Virgin/VirginMega President, CEO Pierre COURSIERES Le furet du Nord Managing Director Scott RAISIN HDS Retail Asia Pacific Chief Executive Officer Frieda LAM HDS Retail Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Jong Lee TAN Times Newslink General Manager François GUES Chief Operating Officer Corporate Functions Philippe HAUTRIVE Executive Vice President Business Operations Emmanuel GAUDIN Manager Projects Dag Inge RASMUSSEN Chief Operating Officer Area 1 Vincent ROMET Executive Vice President Area 1 Thomas WIESEL HDS Retail Deutschland Managing Director Richard KALHOUS HDS Retail Czech Republic General Manager Petr CUCE CZ Press General Manager Emmanuel DE PLACE HDS Inmedio Managing Director Andjela MILOSEVIC Global Press General Manager Nickolay STOYANOV Bulgarpress Managing Director Juraj BACIGAL Interpress Slovakia General Manager Alex WILLIAMS Press Shop Chief Executive Officer Bruno COPPE AMP General Manager Jean-Luc CHASSIGNEUX Relay Travel Ltd General Manager Péter BOSZNAY Lapker President, Chief Executive Officer Andrezj KACPERSKI HDS Polska President, Chief Executive Officer Louis DE ROSTOLAN Chief Operating Officer Area 2 Michel PEROL Aelia President, Chief Executive Officer Louis DE ROSTOLAN Relais H Chief Executive Officer Jean-Baptiste MORIN HDS RNA/HDS Canada President, Chief Executive Officer Dirk VAN DEN HAUTE LMPI Vice President, Chief Executive Officer Joseph WALSH Curtis Circulation Company Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Enrique VALLES SGEL Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marie LEBEC Payot Naville Distribution Chief Executive Officer Patrice FEHLMANN OLF General Manager Pascal VANDENBERGHE Payot Libraire General Manager Frédéric RENAULT Vice President Human Resources & Communication Gilles BELMONT Vice President, Commercial Business Operations


2 avenues of growth : Retail and Press Distribution 4 segments in Retail News & Gift travel retail Press stores in travel locations (airports, train stations) Specialty and duty free travel retail Retail of liquor, perfume, tobacco (duty free or duty paid) and specialty products (luxury items, fashion, gourmet food,…) in travel locations Newsstands High-street or shopping mall press stores Media entertainment products High-street and shopping-mall retailing of books, music, video and multimedia products 2 segments in Press driven Distribution National distribution Sales development and promotion, relationships with publishers, monitoring of wholesalers Press wholesale Reliable and cost-effective distribution of press, monitoring and development of press retail network


Retail 3675 stores in 16 countries 197 77 2 992 185 9 66 465** 58 283 201 129 55 909* 11 5 10 3296 * Including 586 kiosks ** Including 46 kiosks


Retail Launched in 1852 with the opening of the first ‘railway station bookstall’ at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, travel retail has traditionally been one of the Group’s avenues of growth.   With more than 1,100 press retail and travel service shops in 16 countries and more than 1 million customers per day, RELAY is the no. 1 international network of retail outlets in travel centres (airports, underground and train stations). RELAY development continued in 2007 : the Group opened new RELAY outlets in Australia, in Hong Kong, in Taïwan, in Romania and in Serbia. 155 years later, Lagardère Services is the world leader of the travel retail market. Paris Montparnasse railway station (France)


Retail Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France) RELAY : more than 1,100 press retail and travel service shops 1 million customers per day Wiesbaden Railway Station (Germany)


Retail Sunny Days store Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (France) Thanks to its subsidiary Aelia, a company that has an experience of more than 30 years in the duty-free business, the Group operates a portfolio of brands that are adaptable to the expectations of travelers and airport retail-space developers:   Directly-owned brands, such as Virgin Megastore (music, books, small electronic devices), Cosmopole (travel items), French Days (fashion, lifestyle), Beauty Unlimited (perfume products), The Gourmet Shop (luxury food items), Sunny Days (sunglasses), Pure&Rare (alcohol&tobacco) Franchised brands, such as Hermès, RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux), L’Occitane, Fauchon, Bijoux Terner. Aelia is the leading player in France and the fourth largest player in the world in the airport retail market.


Retail INMEDIO store (Romania) NAVILLE store (Switzerland) BDP store (Spain) INMEDIO store (Poland) Lagardère Services operates a network of high street and shopping mall press stores, designed to fit the needs of customers outside transportation areas. In 2007, the Group continued to modernize and expand this network of stores, notably NAVILLE in Switzerland, BDP in Spain, PRESS SHOP in Belgium, and INMEDIO in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia.


Retail Virgin Stores SA, operates 35 Virgin Megastores in France, and develops a network of international franchises (currently 14 stores in the Middle-East). Virgin brand benefits from a very high awareness rate and conveys values like dynamism, modernity, fun, accessibility, diversity, provocation, innovation.


Retail Through its web site, the banner became the first downloading platform, offering the catalogs of the 5 Majors in France and other independent publishers, while respecting the rights of artists. 2nd on-line music service in terms of audience and sales in France 1 million tracks available Click d’Or 2005 2nd best e-commerce website Promotions, partnerships Digital prepaid cards Monthly downloads (thousands of downloads)


Press Distribution Lagardère Services is the world’s number 1 international press importer. What gives the Group the competitive edge ? Its international network and ability to provide its publisher clients with services that meet their individual needs.


Press Distribution A wholesaler in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Spain, in Hungary and in Poland, the Group supplies every day 50,000 points of sales. It provides the downstream network (the points of sales) and the upstream network (national distributors and publishers) with an optimum quality of service, in terms of logistics and information. In addition to press distribution, the Group offers a complete range of services, such as the distribution of phone cards, of books, or the distribution of mail-ordered products…


Press Distribution Lagardère Services has developed press subscriptions activities in many markets, like Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Romania. More than 700.000 subscribers are offered a high quality service by our companies. Express Mag is the leading subscriptions agency for imported French and English press in Canada. Recruiting subscribers on-line is a fast developing business in Romania and Canada. In Switzerland, ADLPartner and Lagardère Services set up a JV company to develop the open-ended susbcription service through marketing partnership with department stores, credit card operators and airlines.


Key Figures Total sales*: € 4.8 billion Operating profit: € 118.5 million Up 7.8 % compared to 2005. Consolidated Net Income: € 88.9 million Up 13.6 % compared to 2005. Sustained growth in earnings during financial year 2006 * Managed sales


Key Figures Breakdown of sales for 2005 by geographic area Europe (except France) : 47.8% France : 31.7% North America : 18.1% Asia Pacific : 2.4% Sales 2006*: € 4.8 billion * Managed sales


Key Figures Breakdown of sales for 2005 by activity Sales 2006*: € 4.8 billion Retail: 54 % Press Distribution: 46 % * Managed sales


Key Figures AMP, Naville and Lapker command more than 95% market share in single copy sales of magazines respectively in Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland and Hungary. In Spain, Sgel distributes more than 40% of magazines. In Switzerland and Hungary, about 4 copies out of 10 are distributed by our retail chains, whereas our stores do have a market share of 9% in France and Belgium. Lagardère Services companies account for more than 65% of total export of French press. Leading positions in key distribution markets


Key Figures Consolidated balance sheet – 2006 In million euros Fixed Assets 587.0 Working Capital (482.9) Net Cash 259.4 Net Equity 365.5


Key Figures Income statement In million euros 2005 2006 Sales* 4 845.3 4 840.9 Recurring EBIT before associates 109.9 118.5 Income before financial expenses and taxes 112.2 124.5 Income tax (30.7) (31.2) Consolidated net income 100% 78.2 88.9 * Managed sales


Key Figures


Key dates 1852  Opening of the first railway station bookstore in Paris (France) 1913/15  Establishment of press distribution activities in Belgium (AMP) and in Spain (SGEL) 1968 Foundation of LMPI (Canada) 1986 Acquisition of Curtis Circulation Company (USA) 1990 Acquisition of Payot Naville Distribution (Switzerland) 1991 Development of international press distributors in Central, Eastern Europe and Russia 1995 Acquisition of UCS (Canada) to become HDS Retail North America 1998 Acquisition of Lapker in Hungary after privatization 1999 Purchase of Le Furet du Nord, a chain of bookstores in northern France Development of retail operations in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic 2000 International launch of RELAY, the leading international brand in travel retail 2001 Acquisition of DFA/Saresco and creation of Aelia by merger with Aeroboutique Acquisition of Virgin Megastore France and exclusive licence rights Acquisition of Newslink (Australia and Singapore) 2003 Creation of SDA between Aelia (51%) and Aéroport de Paris (49%) 2004 Acquisition of WHSmith Singapore 2005 Acquisition of the ex WH Smith Travel Businesses in Hong Kong and Australia 2006 Creation of HDS Digital, the first digital press kiosk targeting the Internet generation 2007 Opening of the first RELAY stores in Taïwan and in mainland China


Lagardère Media Lagardère Services is the retail and distribution branch of Lagardère Media (listed on the Paris Stock Exchange / Euronext).   For further information:

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