The Colorful Friends

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The Colors of Friends Friends come in many colors. Nhu~ng Sa´c Ma`u Ba?n Hu~u Ba?n hu~u dê´n vo´i nhiê`u sa´c ma`u

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“Green color Friend" One who sees the positive and puts hope in everything Ba?n Xanh La´ : Nhi`n thâ´y diê`u ti´ch cu?c va` da?t hi vo?ng o? mo?i diê`u

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"Blue color Friend" : Color of the sea and the sky... Friend who brings Peace and serenity Ba?n Xanh Biê?n : Ma`u biê?n tro`i Ba?n mang dê´n an bi`nh

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“Yellow color Friend" : Color of the Sun... Friend who makes us laugh, and shows us a star when we are sad. Ba?n va`ng : Ma`u ma?t tro`i.. Ba?n khiê´n ta cuo`i va` chi? cho ta ngôi sao sa´ng khi ta buô`n

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“Red color Friend” : One who reminds us of the rules in life, but encourages us to change, with warm loving words Ba?n Ðo? : Nguo`i nha´c ta nho´ nhu~ng qui ta´c sô´ng, nhung khuyê´n khi´ch chu´ng ta thay dô?i ba`ng a´i ngu~ â´m lo`ng ta

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Ha! the “Orange color Friend” Enhances our spirit with new energy , with loving vitamins to help us grow. A! Ba?n Cam : La`m ta phâ´n châ´n vo´i nang luo?ng mo´i, vo´i vitamin yêu a´i giu´p ta tang truo?ng

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The “Grey Color Friend” ? One who teaches us silence: to reflect and interiorize helping to know ourselves and others better. Ba?n Xa´m Nguo`i da?y ta im la?ng chiêm nghiê?m va` nhi`n va`o tâm linh giu´p hiê?u mi`nh va` nguo`i hon

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The “Purple color Friend” Color of the noble ones, will help us learn true authority and wisdom of heart. Ba?n Ti´m : Ma`u cu?a tâm hô`n cao thuo?ng, giu´p ta biê´t tri thu´c chuyên môn va` sa´ng suô´t cu?a tâm hô`n

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The “Brown color Friend” Might help us to step down of false illusions, and come down to Earth, to the reality of daily simple true living. Ba?n Nâu: Co´ thê? giu´p ta ra kho?i huyê~n hoa?c va` buo´c va`o cuô?c sô´ng thu?c ta?i do`i thuo`ng

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And our “ White color Friend” One who will help us discover the wisdom hidden to be learnt within any of our experiences. Ba?n Tra´ng: Nguo`i giu´p ta kha´m pha´ su? khôn ngoan tiê`m â?n trong mo?i kinh nghiê?m cho ta ho?c ho?i

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If we gather our Friends in A BIG MEETING We will discover , of Love ! A rain-bow Nê´u ta tâ?p ho?p ba?n hu~u cu?a ta trong cuô?c ho?p ma?t lo´n, ta se~ kha´m pha´ mô?t câ`u vô`ng cu?a ti`nh yêu

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Thank you for being such a Colorful Friend of mine Ca´m on vi` la` mô?t nguo`i ba?n vo´i sa´c ma`u nhu thê´ cu?a tôi

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Thanks For Watching Ba?n di?ch Tiê´ng Viê?t :Huy`nh Huê? 28-12-2009 FUN ON THE NET

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