The History Of Freshwater Pearl Necklace


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Pearls, to me, express love, nature, and art. If you love the bond between you and your loved ones


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LIFE OF PALACE EDISON PEARL NECKLACE $239.00 Pearl Size: 12-13mm Pearl Type: Edison (Freshwater) Grade: AA+ Colour: White Lustre: High lustre Pearl Shape: Baroque Gemstone: Zircon

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SPRING STATEMENT PEARL NECKLACE $49.00 The subtle tones of these multicoloured pearls – gathered with colourful pearls and crystalline beads – hint at warm spring temperatures and the coming of summer. This necklace, with its elegant clusters, is sufficiently bold to complement floaty fabrics.

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TURQUOISE & PEARL NECKLACE $39.00 White baroque pearls with scattered turquoise stones give this necklace an irregular beauty, like the coarse sand of a coral beach or hay bales scattered in a field. A perfect complement to windblown hair and summer dresses.

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SHINING BUTTERFLY DOUBLE PEARLS 36″ ADJUSTABLE NECKLACE $199.00 A symbol of change, joy and color , let this exquisite butterfly flutter into your life.  Pearl Size: 12-13mm Pearl Type: Edison Grade: AA+ Color : White, Natural Luster : High luster

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In ancient times, rubies surpassed all other gems in value, even diamonds. The ruby has long been a symbol of passion and prosperity ,  RED CRYSTAL PEARL NECKLACE $39.00

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TIMELESS RIVER OF PEARLS NECKLACE A contemporary version of a 1930s classic, this necklace is a river of pearls strung delicately together and fastened with 18K white plated gold.  $299.00

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