7 Tips for Creating an Effective Nonprofit Annual Report


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https://donorbox.org/nonprofit-blog/nonprofit-annual-report-tips/ The best nonprofit annual reports provide customers, investors, boards of directors, and employees with the information necessary to assess progress. Learn how to write a great nonprofit annual report. Best practices by veterans in the industry.


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7 Tips for Creating an Effective Nonprofit Annual Report

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DONORBOX’S tips on how to create an ENGAGING ANNUAL REPORT as well as some of our favorite examples of nonprofits who did it best

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How To Create Non Profit Organizations Annual Reports

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Use visuals 1 Convey the impact your nonprofit has had through pictures or infographics or a combination of the two

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WHO DID IT BEST Boys Girls Clubs of America https://www.bgca.org/

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Make it personal 2 Tell individuals’ stories. Humanize the success that is the result of your fundraising and hard work

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WHO DID IT BEST Boys Girls Clubs of Cleveland http://www.clevekids.org/

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Be Transparent 3 Be honest about your successes and the areas that you can and will improve in

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WHO DID IT BEST Watsi https://watsi.org/2016/

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Be Specific 4 Be specific about how donations were used and the ways in which your nonprofit created a real impact

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WHO DID IT BEST Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center http://www.dcac.org/

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Say “Thank You” 5 Convey gratitude throughout the annual report

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WHO DID IT BEST CalNonprofits http://www.calnonprofits.org/

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Inspire action 6 Tell your readers how they can continue to support your organization

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WHO DID IT BEST Charity: Water https://www.charitywater.org/

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Include the Financials 7 Include the financials in easy-to-understand graphs and charts

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WHO DID IT BEST Be the Match https://bethematch.org/

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Nonprofit Annual Report Templates

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To help you get started we’ve compiled a list of where to find templates for your nonprofit annual report Social Solutions’ Annual Report Template Instant Magazine’s Digital Reports Reach’s Four Nonprofit Annual Report Templates Domo’s Custom Reports Go here to download all templates https://donorbox.org/nonprofit- blog/nonprofit-annual-report-tips/

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We hope these tips were helpful for your nonprofit For more nonprofit news and tips follow us on Twitter Donorbox

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